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Best to Not Limit Love, Success, or Wealth

If we limit the love we give to just one or two people or to just those in our families — it will eventually gets smaller and smaller.

Much like Success, if we limit it — it will eventually go stale.

But if you learn to create love inside your heart and share this with everyone you meet — a feast of love will grace every corner of your life.


Dr Kroko

Remember, Love, like Success, and Wealth — isn’t a pie with only a few slices.

It’s an infinite moveable feast where the more food you have, the more appears on the table, for everyone to share.

That’s the attitude of Abundance, we share because we can inspire all others to improve our Lives around this…

How is that for Innovation from China?

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How to stop Fear from ruining your Life

Fear stops us from genuinely connecting with others, and that in turn keeps us from achieving our success and reaching our happiness.

Fear is what keeps us from connecting with others.

Fear is what stops our Success.

Fear is what prevents us from reaching our own happiness.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

But what is it that we can do about it…

Thousands of yeas of development of psychological mindfulness have been invested in Buddhist Thought and here we can borrow from the words of one of the foremost practitioners who lived and understood the repercussions of it in the Western Societies.

As a discipline of Thought and Practice nothing comes close to making you Fearless like the pure State of Zen emanating from Buddhism.

The deep understanding of the ideas of impermanence and transience of Life, are enough to lead us to non attachment.

The idea of mental constructs, and the practice of emotional observance, towards the operatic theatre of daily Life easily lead you to pure Observant status.

Gradually You can understand the uselessness of Fear as an emotion.

And then having Fear as a guide to Life preservation becomes it’s only function all over again.

But it takes a whole lot of training to get there…

So for Westerners, here is what You can easily do to transcend Fear in it’s uglies manifestations.

At least this is what Pema Chodron counsels us all to practice…

So when I feel fear creeping in, and dragging my thoughts along with it, I found these words of Pema Chödrön’s so inspiring, that I would like to share them with You, in the hope that they can be of benefit in your own pursuit of Happiness:

“Once there was a young warrior. Her teacher told her that she had to do battle with fear. She didn’t want to do that. It seemed too aggressive; it was scary; it seemed unfriendly. But the teacher said she had to do it and gave her the instructions for the battle. The day arrived. The student warrior stood on one side, and fear stood on the other. The warrior was feeling very small, and fear was looking big and wrathful. They both had their weapons. The young warrior roused herself and went toward fear, prostrated three times, and asked, “May I have permission to go into battle with you?”

Fear said, “Thank you for showing me so much respect that you ask permission.”

Then the young warrior said: “How can I defeat you?”

Fear replied: “My weapons are that I talk fast, and I get very close to your face. Then you get completely unnerved, and you do whatever I say. If you don’t do what I tell you, I have no power. You can listen to me, and you can have respect for me. You can even be convinced by me. But if you don’t do what I say, I have no power.”

In that way, the student warrior learned how to defeat fear. ”

~Pema Chödrön: When Things Fall Apart: “Heart Advice for Difficult Times”



That’s the Secret…

And Now You Know.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 11, 2015

An All Too British Conundrum

The Tories were the big victors in Britain this last election, securing 331 seats and an outright majority in the House of Commons.

The other significant winner was the Scottish National Party and its leader, Nicola Sturgeon. SNP is a regional party which actively campaigns for Scottish independence, so its big night—winning 56 seats out of the 59 contested in Scotland—may come as no surprise.

Still, it is shocking that SNP’s massive showing comes on the heels of a Scottish independence referendum in September which saw Scots vote decisively to remain part of the United Kingdom. SNP’s strong performance and insistence on greater Scottish independence opens the door for another Scottish referendum for Independence down the road.

And down the road we have the British referendum about the EU because prime Minister David Cameron had pledged to hold a referendum on EU membership by 2017 if the Tories remained in power. PM Cameron floated the “Brexit,” or British exit, scenario in a bid to win over voters trending towards UKIP and he succeeded.

But in the process, he opened some old wounds. The UK has had an uneasy relationship with the EU since it wisely rejected the Euro currency in 1991 to keep the Pound Sterling.

And unlike European heavyweights France and Germany, which both fully embraced the European project, the UK has spent decades hedging it’s bets and fence stradling position.

While the country pays billions into Brussels’ coffers each year, it also receives far more in trade and commercial market equity.

Britain has undoubtedly benefitted from its relationship with the EU, in particular its banking sector. In 2014 alone, financial and insurance services brought in from the rest of the European Union, $193.7 billion in gross value added. This is the GVA addition to the UK economy, (8% of the UK’s total GVA) because of her participation inside the EUropean Union.

Can we afford to give all that up for ideological polemic and rhetoric alone?

Dr Kroko


The British people have spoken—and they want the Conservative David Cameron to continue as Prime Minister.

But what we don’t know is if they want to remain part of the EU, or even part of their own United Kingdom.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 10, 2015


Reality Manifesto:

I’m in a permanent lifelong relationship with reality.

The whole universe is in front of me.

And I’m part of it.

I am a manifestation of the universe looking at itself.


Dr Kroko

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 10, 2015

Twit This

Twitter shared Love

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The Prime Minister has won… what exactly?

In the short term, Cameron’s win is the best outcome for business and the UK economy, as suggested by this morning’s sharp rally in the value of the pound.

Voters chose the safe pair of hands to guide Britain’s economy over what are certain to be several more difficult years.

But the next few years will require some deft and visionary handling by Cameron.

The PM is now obliged to carry through with his pledge to hold a referendum on whether the country should leave the EU by the end of 2017.

If the UK is to stay, he will have to lower expectations of how much EU reform he can deliver before the vote and defy much of his own party. At the same time, Cameron will need to rejuvenate the UK’s antiquated electoral system and constitution in such a way that Scots can be accommodated within it.

Cameron’s complicated new reality is partly a consequence of “first-past-the-post” elections that count only the votes of the winners. It disproportionately rewards parties whose votes are regionally concentrated — such as the SNP — and penalizes those whose supporters are more evenly distributed across the country, such as the UK Independence Party. UKIP won more than twice as many votes as the SNP but 1/56th the number of seats. Even within Scotland, the SNP won, not 95 percent of the vote as their representation at Westminster would suggest, but about half.

This system was tolerated when it supported a two-party system, but that no longer exists. Now that Britain’s parliamentary order relies on multiple parties, and the UK is becoming more a union of nations than a centralized state, this way of electing the legislature has become undemocratic and unsustainable for a UK that includes Scotland. Cameron’s majority government should make a priority of electoral reform — to introduce an element of proportional representation.

It will also need to devolve further powers to Scotland and begin a much broader constitutional change.

Dr Kroko


The prime minister has won, and won bigger than even he dared hope.

But he has his work cut out to deliver the political stability and continued economic recovery that he promised.

And make no mistake: His job just got much harder.

The politics of this campaign, combined with the vagaries of the U.K.’s electoral system, have complicated his efforts to address the two delicate political realities that threaten the very future of his country. The first concerns UK’s place in the European Union. The second concerns Scotland’s place in the UK.

Good Luck & God Speed

Angel Capital follows Risk

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British Election 2015

Latest Updates:
Resounding Victory for Cameron and the Conservatives
Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservatives won a resounding victory in the British general election, with results on Friday showing that the party had secured an overall majority of 12 seats in Parliament.

Conservatives won with 331 seats
Labour 232
Scottish National Party 56
Liberal Democrats 8
U.K. Independence Party 1
Green Party 1

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 8, 2015

Tom Hanks

My Friend Tom Hanks, sent me this letter today.

I read it eagerly same as everything else that he sends me, but this one is worth sharing with You.

So here it goes:

“”Chabot College is a rambling series of academic buildings situated on 94 acres in Hayward, California. It offers more than 100 associate degrees and certificates, an intercollegiate national championship-winning ultimate disc team, and parking for a couple thousand cars. It’s also my alma mater.

Chabot’s a community college — and in the early 1970s, it was all free, save for the effort you put into it and the price of used textbooks.

As a student there, I went to school alongside Vietnam vets, moms, and middle-aged men, as well as a few thousand young people like me who needed time to sort out our lives and our options. We were looking to get our general education requirements out of the way, to learn skill sets to improve our employment prospects, or to discover the road to new, unimagined careers. We all found a different home at Chabot, but it welcomed all of us.

Later today, the President is heading to Watertown, South Dakota to deliver the commencement address at another community college — called Lake Area Tech. (NOTE: If I had grown up in that part of South Dakota, my alma mater would be none other than Lake Area Tech.)

He’ll talk to students who, like those of us at Chabot all those years ago, are going to go out into the world and do great things. And they’ll owe it in part to an educational institution that ought to be an option for more Americans.

You should tune in and hear what he has to say — and then add your voice to a growing conversation about how we can make college a reality for more of us.

I drove past Chabot’s campus a few years ago with one of my kids and summed up my two years there this way: “That place made me what I am today.” Here’s why: Over the course of my career, I’ve only continued to reap the benefits of the classes I took there.

I produced the HBO mini-series “John Adams” with an outline format I learned from a pipe-smoking historian, James Coovelis, whose lectures were riveting.

Mary Lou Fitzgerald’s Studies in Shakespeare taught me how the five-act structures of “Richard III,” “The Tempest,” and “Othello” focused their themes.

In Herb Kennedy’s Drama in Performance, I read plays like “The Hot L Baltimore” and “Desire Under the Elms,” then saw their productions. I got to see the plays he taught, through student rush tickets at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Those plays filled my head with expanded dreams. (I also got an A.)

Here’s my bottom line, and it’s simple: More kids (and adults, for that matter) should have this chance. The President happens to agree, and he wants to make two years of community college free for up to 9 million Americans who are willing to work for it.

I hope that’s an idea that sticks. You can help make sure it does.

Add your voice to a growing conversation about how we can make college a reality for more Americans. Share what got you where you are today.

Then, stick around for the President’s remarks. He reminds me of a guy I had in a Public Speaking class at Chabot — the best in the room.””




Dr Kroko


And here is President Obama’s direction on going forward on making upper education affordable for all the young people in America.

And although am a Great Proponent of STEM education, am here to tell you that any education is wealth for our country.

Read this and Share:

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 8, 2015

Greeks vs Germans 1-0

The current dispute between the Greeks and the Germans is already determined…

It is written large…
Written on the walls of public buildings.
It’s written in the new Greek finance minister’s macho bluster.
It’s written in the new Greek prime minister’s condescending lectures to the German people.
It’s written in the unquenchable Greek thirst for magazine cartoons of German leaders in Nazi uniforms.
It’s written in all of the expressions of approval of this turn around of the country towards Self Determination.

It is heartening because you see the soul of the Independent and Fearless nation of Greek citizens finally coming through.

And it’s all right…

It’s only wrong that the source of Greek self-righteousness is obviously misplaced: The Greek people think the German people should feel shame for the sins of their past, and an obligation to expiate those sins — instead of understanding that they are truly the victims of a Banking Too Big To Fail economic snafu, and that they are called to pay for saving the German Banks really.

So it is today’s enemy they need to see clearly, and stop focusing on the German Nazis that their fathers and grandfathers defeated roundly and permanently, in the Second World War.

As if to illustrate the point, the Greek Ministry of Finance recently commissioned a study to determine how much Germany should pay Greece for the atrocities committed by Germans in World War II. (The number they came up with, 301 billion euros, was suspiciously close to Greece’s outstanding debt.) This study did not make it more likely that Germany would pay Greece reparations: just the reverse. It enraged the German politicians whose indulgence the Greek government now seeks. But it still served its purpose — to remind everyone that the Greek people still insist on their own righteousness.

The new Greek government is fighting to survive but at the same time it is fighting the systemic corruption at the highest levels of the Eurozone, the unwillingness of Greeks to pay taxes, the inside resistance to reform, and the general corruption, but it is making headway because of it’s vast popular mandate.

But never mind all that… they fight often flailing at windmills but they forget to address the real root cause of the economic problems of the country. They forget to identify and share with the people widely the knowledge that because the corrupt Barrosso administration obedient to Germany, along with the Eurozone’s ECB, chose to save the German Banks that were massively exposed to the Sovereign Bonds [non-prudent] by throwing the whole of Greece into the cauldron of fire [or rather the Spartan death pit named Keadas] — this whole Greek crisis came to being.

Saving the German banker-wankers who assumed that investing in Sovereign Bonds carried no risk is a delusion when we have to follow racists remarks and deformed ideas in order to collectively punish a People for the profligacy of the few. Even in bloody fighting war the Geneva Accords prohibit “Collective punishment” but in undeclared Economic war — who cares is this is a worrisome event…

Knowledge is power, and that “knowledge” has to be communicated to the new guard of Greece. Power unfortunately is not knowledge — and that has to be remembered by the New guard as well…

Change is slow in the making, and deep economic intelligence is in rather short supply, but one only hopes that Greeks will persevere.

But there is a spate of Good News in that the Greek people started dancing all over again. Hope and Happiness is now shared throughout.

Hope is everywhere you turn in Greece.

And you now see that ordinary feelings of self-preservation have been suspended.

That is a good signal of the Wisdom of the Crowds that better days are up ahead.

The willingness of the Greeks to vote into power an independent political party bent on antagonizing their creditors, and standing up for what’s right — is the most obvious example.

But there are others.

For instance, every week comes some report of Greek people pulling a few billions of euros out of their banks, presumably to move it to safer banks based in Germany and Switzerland. That isn’t surprising; what’s shocking is that there are still savings to withdraw from Greek banks.

On the face of it the decision is binary, except it isn’t.

Greeks understand that this is not a zero sum game. Not by a long shot…
Every Greek knows that there is a very real possibility that Greece will leave the euro. And they also know that if that happens, the euros in Greek bank accounts will become, overnight, new drachmas, and maybe worth half of what they were valued the day before. The risk is real — and yet there are, by last count, 140 billion or so euros ($160 billion) still on deposit with the Greek banks, earning roughly 1.5 percent annual interest.

The classical and yet faulty economic actor best interest Theory, would indicate that if Greece were to exit the euro zone tomorrow, roughly 70 billion euros of Greek savings that might have been preserved with a phone call, would go poof. But the collective wisdom says this is not the case. And that is News to most Eurozone bureaucrats and Frankfurt banker-wankers, but is not News to Greeks.

For them, the real news is that Greeks are dancing all over again…

Dancing and fighting back with their collective head held high.

Dr Kroko


It’s possible that these Greek savers know something the rest of the world doesn’t. It’s possible that they are too lazy or fatalistic to bother to prepare for the worst. But I’ll bet a lot of those euros still held in Greek banks are governed by the spirit that governs the behaviour of the nation.

It’s an “I dare you to do this to me” sentiment, hardened perhaps by seven years of Austerity and Sadness repeated in solemn rendition of the national anthem.

If you want to predict what people will do in most financial situations, then figure out what is in their narrow self-interest to do, and assume they will sooner or later figure it out, too.

But that doesn’t work when people’s behavior isn’t confined to the narrow channel of self-interest…

And we best remember that when the going gets tough, because as Winston Churchill said:

“It is not Greeks who fight like heroes but it’s the Heroes who fight like the Greeks”.

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