Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko Churchill | October 31, 2008

Clause 39

Yesterday the British library in a somber opening unveilled the Taking Liberties exhibition with a quiet group of intellectuals, parliamentarians and freedom advocates in attendance.

Unusually, the Prime Minister came to speak in this schizophrenic exhibition of Liberties long gone and celebrated….  almost as antiques now.

1,000 full years of  struggle for  Magna Carta to be trashed in today’s show of Politicians trying to fool people into  believing that the risks of Life can be removed by their deafening loss of Liberty…

Disenfranchising people further and incarcerating them for 42 days without any charge is how this British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sweet talked and strong armed by hook and crook the House of Commons about the Liberties he has taken consistently in his perverting war on Liberty misnamed as war on terror…

Perhaps the invisible enemy is terror itself or perhaps the enemy is the thief of Liberties.

The man who along with Tony Blair and the Iraq war Pinochios brought us the 28 day unlawful detention and who now actively fights for the 42 day extension of Detention, had the gall to speak about ancient liberties. What a crock of shit…

When Mr Brown started speaking, I simply very visibly walked away.  I went to see alone the exhibit and pray in front of the Magna  Carta…

The reverence I felt in front of that tightly written small text document was immense.

It wasd written in certain hand and deciphering it is unbearable. Yet it wields a mystical power as the fountain of the Rights of Man.  The first human Rights Accord. The Bible of Humanism…

Chills raced through me when I read Clause 39…

The most relevant clause for Human Liberties today is clause 39 stating unequivocally that No man shall be imprisoned without Due Process of Law and without direct Recourse to a Magistrate and a speedy trial among his peers.

Liberty is what is at stake today in Britain and most elsewhere…

May the Magna Carta give us strength to fight the good fight and support the Dignity and Freedom of Man.

The Rumsfelds and Bushes and Cheneys; the Blairs and Browns of this world are rat droppings and excrements of History in light of the frail old document that prohibits torture and illegal incarceration by any and all sovereign and lackey alike. 

The day will come when the usurpers of Liberty on both sides of the Atlanmtic will have to face the judge and jury for their crimes of torture and their crimes against humanity; and it is this little sovereign document written in tiny script full of big ideas; that will be their prosecutor.

Magna Carta also shows that the more people become involved, and confront the totalitarian regime, the farther freedom advances.

Yet the final sections of the Liberty exhibition show that this process has been reversed greatly with 3,000 unique cases of various rights being taken away since 9/11. Issues of liberty are once again becoming an internal debate among elites, not the barons and kings of 1215, but the human-rights lawyers, lobbyists and lords who argued over the Government’s proposal to extend detention without charge for terror suspects to 42 days. The House of Lords brought some sense to the debate but the threat is on more than ever. 

Even when the liberty advocates may have celebrated retaining the 28-day limit as an historic triumph, they are being fed poison in wine glasses.

I don’t recall seeing the demand for “only” four weeks detention without charge being made by the Levellers or Chartists or Mill or Paine.

The old lady Magna Carta nowhere does it allow for any length of Imprisonment without a charge. We can be safe in her bossom again, only if we have the guts to be in her company in earnest…

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