Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 11, 2010

Happy Earth Mother Day to you all

This Sunday being Mother’s Day – in the Environmental Parliament – we celebrate Mother Earth.

The Mother Earth, or Gaia, or Yemanja, or Pacha Mama, or Madonna, or St Mary, or Quen Yin, or Demeter, or what You choose and want to call your Mother is worthy of respect and support if not outright reverence…

And You can do this in your country and the patch of Earth between your feet that you call home.

Little things matter the most here, and that is where the celebration of Mother Earth Day means the most…

Much like you telephone your mother or send her flowers, or kiss her with gratitude or just think of her fondly with Love; we also like to share and Thank, the bigger Mother of us all.

But it gets increasingly difficult to live up to our responsibility to care for our Mother…

As our representative leaders fail to offer succour to the Earth and allow the BP madmen to ”bleed her to death” and pollute all in their path, and then set her on Fire and still heat her up further – it becomes increasingly obvious – they aren’t good caretakers. 

We ought to take matters in our own hands.

It’s the least we can do and we owe it to our Mother. Really we do.

Since the ecological disaster due to BP’s negligence towards safety, in the Gulf of Mexico – and until last Friday – between 27 to 30 federal United States government waivers have been granted to BP by the Obama administration; and to other oil and gas companies…    To continue offshore oil exploration work.  

Since the massive oil pollution spill started in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th, it seems that the federal government has not yet learned from its huge failure in oversight and critical error in granting a federal waiver to BP  in spite – of repeated and multiple – problems with engineering, equipment failures, maintainance, testing and most importantly: environmental and worker safety issues. Without that crucial US federal government, waiver the BP oil disaster would certainly not have happened…

As always it takes two to tango. The government is complicit to the disaster with BP and it’s complete disregard for the safety of the Gulf Ecosystem and the wider repercussions to the Ecology of the marine and coastal environment of the five states already affected and the people living and working there.

Think of it and most importantly talk of it, with the your representatives in government and the oil companies that supply our Energy needs. Both sides of the Atlantic need to create a rigorous Scientific, Engineering, Ecological / Environmental,  Social and Economic vigilance towards oversight of the Energy generation process and it’s real costs. The insurmountable costs of Environmental catastrophe have to be factored into this…

There has to be an actual moratorium on offshore drilling, and that should relate to any stage of oil exploration, whether the Oil companies, have been granted drilling approval or not.

It’s time to step back from offshore oil extraction not only until we have a systematic way to keep disasters from happening, but more importantly, until we know how to cope quickly when they do.

Talk to your representatives and organize a boycott of BP now until  they clean up their act.  

Divest from the toxic stock.

Keep a share only to entitle you to attend the public shareholders meeting and question the leadership.

They only respond to economic and investor pressures alone.

BP made its ”Greenwash name” synonymous with nasty PR and marketing calling itself “Beyond Petroleum”

BP re- branding itself as a company that sees a future past our dependence on fossil fuels is a good thing, if the company chooses instead of just greenwashing to walk the talk…

So far the opposite is true. The reality is that they rape the environment wantonly and with full depravity rape the Earth…

Let’s just help them to Change that Reality for the good of us all.

Because right now we are in pain and our Mother is miserable too.


We need to do better than this.

We need to end our addiction to oil, and call for a new change in our energy approach.

Network this. It’s the Mother’s Day postcard every Mother should see.




Please take action.

TAKE ACTION, by urging President Obama to fully reinstate the moratorium on offshore drilling, and ask him to fully consider energy alternatives instead of taking on even more of  polluting “clean coal” and  disaster prone “nuclear energy” as a solution to our energy problems.  Natural and RENEWABLE energy resources are the answer. Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Wave and all traditional forms of low carbon and low impact energy generation methods. 

We need Renewable and Low Carbon Energy now. That is the only way to work with Nature that provides plenty of what we need without harming anyone else.

If You are a US citizen – You can call your US Representatives and Senators at (202) 224-3121, and ask them to support the reinstatement of the ban on offshore drilling. The climate bill must also be changed to strike any provisions relating to offshore drilling.

If you are a UK citizen, You can call the House of Commons MPs at Direct dial: 18001 020 7219 4272 and ask your new representatives to vote for Oil companies oversight and offshore oil ban. For the House of Lords You can call and reach them at: 020 7219 3107

If You are a European Union Citizen, You can call the MPs of European Parliament at Brussels Tel (32-2) 284 2111  and speak to your country MP and ask for a similar offshore oil ban and boycott of oil produced offshore.

If you are in New Orleans, come and attend the meetings of the Environmental Court holding hearings on the makings of the Disaster and the real culpability of the main actors. We’ll be here till the end of next week and collecting all the evidence for a long term adjudication of the issues. The Environmental Court can be found at the Town hall meeting spaces. 

 Wednesday evening I will be speaking at the Town Hall from 7 pm on, about the role of the Environmental Court and it’s testimonies from Oil industry executives speaking candidly about the Evil they so unwittingly unleashed. This becomes part of the Record and the Environmental Court will seek to address and adjudicate the effects of the Oil spill as it affects Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Yes in case You have forgotten – Earth has Rights too – as does your Mother…

Soon we’ll be starting the Campaign for the Earth.

Come join us and also seek out actions from the Environmental Parliament in your country.

But most important is to activate yourself.

Act by simple calling and following on with your Representatives.

Reach out to them and support them in their struggle between conscience and campaign Finance.  Talk to them as an informed Citizen participant and help tilt the balance towards public interest and re-election potential; since the oil disaster will keep them aware – for NOW.

Don’t allow the legacy of the Oil Patch White House of Cheney-Bush-Halliburton; make a nightmare of our Future on this planet. Halliburton is just as responsible as BP for this oil spill having done the faulty engineering… in the well. Yet their polluting legacy as managers of the White House for eight long years will surely haunt us for decades to come…

Now am sure you knew that and of course you are already divested from that Toxic stock but Cheney has got to hear the message too.

Make sure You follow up with email and telephone communication with their office and establish a representative activist relationship with your elected leader for the Long term. Involved and Informed citizenry changes the World.

A concerted citizen action – NOW – will motivate the representative leaders to act  NOW.

Now, that the matter is still in the public eye. It is now that people care. Not tomorrow.

This is the biggest environmental disaster in US history. Let’s use the ominous opportunity to change the way Energy is being produced and used. It is a gigantic opportunity for change. This is the silver lining in an otherwise darkest cloud.

Because when the Gulf oil pollution is off the news – it is easily forgotten – and so it will be the effort to regulate this largely unregulated industry that can cause such a peril to our lives and that contributes daily and massively to global warming…

It’s time to stop using offshore oil, not only until we have a safe and certain way to keep disasters from happening, but more importantly, until we know how to cope quickly and thoroughly to stop the flow, when they do…




That is until we wean ourselves away from fossil fuels all together in an effort to please our Mom.

And until we finally grow up

in a Low Carbon Energy way.

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