Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 15, 2010

Conference on Human Rights in the Age of Climate Speakers and Program: May 21st Berkeley California.


– The Birth of a Movement

– Leadership Conference on creating a new Civil Rights Movement

This is the Earth Campaign and the launch of the book: ”Human Rights in the Age of Climate” by Pano Kroko (Photo at Right).

Bay Area – San Francisco US – Friday, May 21st 2010 @ 4 pm. At the Ella Baker Center, 344 40th Street, Oakland, CA [ Near the MacArthur BART station ] FOR PRESS INQUIRIES T: (510) 428-3939 A panel of distinguished Environmentalists, Climate, Social Change and Civil Rights leaders come together to discuss and debate the ideas of “Human Rights in the Age of Climate”as the basis for a new Civil Rights movement. This conference is supported by the Environmental Parliament as well as the Metta Center for Nonviolence and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

The speakers are all Leaders of their respected fields in the Environment and Social Justice Movements.

1) Pano Kroko (Photo at Right) – Chairman of the global Environmental Parliament and author of the book ”Human Rights in the Age of Climate” as well as several other activist handbooks on the Environment and the Carbonomics manual. He is a Political and Environmental Media personality from London UK and is also the inventor and chief organizer for the Earth Campaign as well as the creator of the most succesful ever environmental campaign for emissions reductions. The bipartisan 10:10 campaign that the New UK government just adopted as government policy. Pano Kroko will speak and also moderate the conference and will donate one hundred books to the first hundred people to sign up for the Bleeding Edge Blog and attend the conference @

2) Joanna Macy – Environmental activist, author, scholar of Buddhism, Thinker on the general systems theory, and Supporter of deep ecology. Social Change and Thought leader on Ecological Sustainability.

3) Rabbi Michael Lerner – President of Tikkun Centre, Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives and learned author and interfaith leader.

4) Ian Kim – Director of the Ella Baker Centre, Human rights and Political and Environmental Activist and host of the Conference

5) Michael Nagler – Director of the Metta Centre and author of several books, such as ”America Without Violence” and ”The Upanishads”. Michael’s most recent book, ”Is There No Other Way: The Search for a Nonviolent Future” received an American Book Award.

6) Reverend Philip Lawson – Civil Rights Leader, author, public speaker and activist for Equality and Civil Rights and Interfaith Program Director for the East Bay Housing Organizations

7) Evelyn Rangel Medina, of the Ella Baker Centre who will speak on the global economic, political, spiritual and ecological crises. She will present her visions of a borderless and envirolicious word. Evelyn is an up-and-coming spiritual warrior, immigrant rights leader, and green economy visionary and the Policy Director for the Green-Collar Jobs Campaign at the Ella Baker Center.

This Environmental Parliament Town Hall discussion will cover the issues of human Rights and Justice in the time of a warming Climate and Planet and the various climate forcings for humanity. They will discuss how to get from the present ‘crisis’ to an ‘opportunity’ and ways to reach a sustainable future for all while fighting hard to avoid the nightmare scenarios of gloom and doom so prevalent in the everyday reality of our world. Q&A with Audience discussion and refreshments to follow.

This panel is jointly sponsored by the Environmental Parliament [] , the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights [], and the Metta Center for Nonviolence []

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