Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 21, 2011

Climate Week UK is the Greenwash Week of the Year

Why is Climate Week UK, Greenwash Week?

Having a week in which everyone takes climate action is of course a Good Thing. Every week should be like that. But if you invite RBS, Tesco, BP and EDF to sponsor it and then plaster their logos over every piece of material you send into schools, businesses and communities, what kind of message does that send to the children about the causes and solutions to a warming planet and climate change?

At the very least, it confuses the hell out of people. A misleading message, definitely. And methinks a dangerous one. We really think so. RBS is responsible for more carbon emissions than any other UK bank. It is one of the leading financers of Coal, coal thermal electricity power plants and fossil fuel projects around the world, and to top it all that is the leading global financier of tar sands companies and the lead syndicator of such earth warming, environment changing and atmosphere polluting dirty fuel extraction projects. Unavoidably and as a result of these dubious actions, RBS reputation has taken a beating lately.

So the smart folks at RBS decided to spend a bit of the loot on PR. And for that Climate Week is the ideal venue for RBS to buy itself a new image. A bit of colour. A better green and a brand new reputation on the cheap, whilst still continuing to destroy the planet.

Well, we’ve noticed this audacious move, and so have lots of other people…

Tsk tsk tsk…

Therefore we award the prestigious ‘Greenwash of the Year 2011 award’ to Royal Bank of Scotland.

Congrats — You morons.

Kudos for a job well done.

You are the greenest of the green.

RBS earned the ”Greenwash 2011 Award” full on.

They earned it with their smart as fox PR, and with their CANADIAN TAR SANDS INVESTMENTS and above all with their hard working banker-wanker drones who feel they deserve a bonus above and beyond the losses they create for the publicly owned bank. The more they lose the more they get…

Isn’t that the definition of a major loser?

And we plan to share the good news with them too.

As April sees both BP’s and RBS’s Annual General Meetings, and we plan to be at both, there is a whole series of events and actions you can get involved in, but here are a few definite dates for your busy diaries:

Express Shareholder Activism and Industrial Direct Action clearly:

14th April – BP — British Petroleum Annual General Meeting at Excel Centre, London.

BP’s Annual General Meeting, takes place on Thursday, 14 April 2011 @ 11.30 am in ExCeL London

Lots of long time typical investors, institutional investors as well as new people who have bought shares as a form of protest and are planning to voice their concerns are joining this meeting. We believe that investors clearly can influence the course of business of a company and that is why we need t vote our shares. We’ll further co-ordinate what we’re going to be doing inside during the meeting and how best to vote and share your views.

Still. it’s not too late for you to join us. If you want to buy BP shares, go do so over the web or if just want one share, email and they will connect you with their broker…

Further, there will be a strong London groups presence outside the AGM – so even if you don’t have a share but would like to join us there, Go ahead.

15th April – CETA International Day of Action

We will be taking action in London simultaneously with actions in Canada and, Brussels, to stop the tar sands trade talks. Keep the day free if you can and watch this space for more info. Lobby Brussels, stop CETA and sent Ottawa packing back into the Alberta tar sands.

19th April – RBS — Royal Bank of Scotland Annual General Meeting will be held at 2:00pm on Tuesday 19th April at the RBS Conference Centre, RBS Gogarburn, Edinburgh EH12 1HQ

We are working with a group of organisations including WDM Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland to organise a ‘people’s AGM’ in advance of the official AGM. Get in touch if you can help organise things up in Edinburgh.

And lastly please sign up here:

CETA needs beating back  – take action now – Europe must be free of tar sands

We really need to network this and spread it through social media and the social networks like FB, Orkut, Ushi and LinkedIn, because tar sands threats are rearing up from many different directions. If you haven’t taken action to keep Europe out of the Tar Sands, please do so now.

Go here:

It only takes a minute and it’s really important. Thank you!



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