Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 26, 2011

A real War

Climate Change Supreme Court

There is a war out there and it’s got nothing to do with Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya…
Yet somehow the Feds are on the wrong side of this conflict.
They are squarely on the side of evil.
Because they are fighting, right next to the people killing the lot of us.
Killing the whole of our future, like the Power & Utility energy companies, the largest CO2 emitters responsible for upwards of 60% of all of our emissions globally, do.
Now why would Obama and Holder go play together in these nasty guys sandbox?
Weird. Isn’t it ?
But you might ask — Is that really so?
And I ask:
Is this really that weird?
Weird, yes.
But understandable when seen through the political and strategic lens.
Even a drunk observer can explain away this as a turf war.
But this won’t do.
Far too simplistic for my taste.
For war it is but of a different kind.
It’s a War for the submission of the immoral polluters, their sympathizers, the fringe tea partyers, the climate skeptics and climate deniers and their brethren.
A war against the assorted men wearing tights and cross dressing like some 18th century style dandee polluters with selfish interests and other old timers, who make up this Merry band of Climate thieves and Atmosphere crooks.
Really weird people harking back to the simple days of yore when you could pollute all you wanted and where the open sewers run in the middle of the streets,  in packed cities akin to ghettos. Cities, who were disease incubators and black death or bubonic plague breaking out any day of the week. Industrial era cities full of soot, pollution, CO2 and people rife with asthma, tuberculosis, all germs and viruses. All of the little critters, unseen by man — disbelieving their existence — yet deadly enough to wipe out scores of men in every outbreak. Still back then – even when the germs existence was discovered – it was impossible to pass legislation protecting people from their scourge.
Same like it is today when it is impossible to pass reasonable Climate Legislation in the US because people cannot see the little critters, the 400 parts per million volume of carbon spiking the air we breath. But you can see the CO2 if you go to the microscope, analyze and just look at the air you breath in your home-house. Fresh air anyville USA or anycity in the world. Anywhere on this earth. But because you don’t see it, we have to rely upon the Supreme court to make you see it. To make you act, like a new age Queen Victoria coming back to sort this out.Maybe we do need a fat, unsexed, smoking and hard whiskey swallowing Queen after all. A real Queen, to sort out the mess we are into. And a really conservative one like Big Vic who ushered a whole era of her own mores and who had the strength of brawn and the presence of mind to kick cola burning out of London and the big Industrial era cities of England. And that act alone cleaned the air for quite a while and let the people breathe free. And we need that kind of leadership all over now.
But this side of the Atlantic and with Democracy being our choice, Queen Vic is out, yet we’ve got the next best thing. We’ve got Albert. Her husband Consort. A whole bunch of Alberts if you will, in the form of very conservative Supreme Court judges. A Supreme court chock full of black robe wearing male conservative judges who see clearly the issues and can act to benefit the land. Because all the momentous steps we’ve taken on issues of climate and environment — like the EPA creation and the Clean Air and Clean Water regulations — came when we had real conservatives seeking to conserve the human habitat and save the human frailty from the polluters.
And being that far right of God, they stuck to their guns and prevailed.
So bring it on now and I put my money with the Supremes delivering a just verdict.
And lest you think it’s all in jest.
Let me tell you it is for real.
This administration is not using reverse psychology to confuse the judges to rule against them…
They don’t think that far.
They truly believe that the time isn’t right to regulate CO2…
Like the old days of stupid.
When Bill Clinton and Al Gore had the pencil.
And they could have signed the Kyoto Protocol…
And they had promised to do so, in the Amsterdam meetings of the UN…
And they just didn’t have the balls,
and they couldn’t bring themselves to do the right thing…
They had bigger fish to fry,
and something to do with a little blue dress
But let’s not digress.
Let’s not look back now…
Let’s just wait quietly for the Supremes to sing, a lovely song.

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