Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 27, 2011

Chernobyl my love

A Nuclear renaissance is upon us.

It started well before Japan’s earthquake and despite the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the gold diggers of the nuclear lobby keep sweetening the deal for eager politicians.

In the US the nuclear industry is promised $275 Billion to built new plants…

In the UK the promise of government subsidies is about £75 Billion…

In India the level of subsidies for nuclear energy is similarly high.

In France too and the country is in a difficult situation that needs to replace it’s aging reactors.

Russia is exporting nuclear reactors of the same design like Chernobyl to anyone wishing to pay the piper.

Marginal countries like Iran, North Korea and African nations are getting help to set up nuclear reactors with export exchanges with Russia…

And even though Fukushima blows radiation all over the world, we are now faced with another wave of nuclear developers claiming that they can built safe nuclear plants. With a mountain of cash and little transparency on spending, these energy behemoths are literally stealing money bags from eager governments to share in that false hope of energy security, as they stand to make a killing….

And with every turn getting more money for issues like dealing with the deadly radioactive nuclear waste and frequent costly uranium subsidies and nuclear energy getting the greatest subsidies than any other energy source, we are looking at the scam… of the Millennium.


The Nuclear whores offer sweet-song to the eager beaver big swigging dicks wishing to built nuclear plants for their countries, states, homes.

But with the disaster in Chernobyl, we have a serious moral dilemma in our hands.

Take the gobs of money and shut up and built the nuclear reactors – or take the high road and accept the facts of nuclear insecurity and stop nuclear in it’s tracks.

In the early morning of April 26th 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant released a radioactive cloud that spread all over Ukraine, over Bellarus, and large swathes of Europe and western Russia. It has been difficult to gauge the human impact of the accident. Millions of people were exposed to radiation, and 350,000 were permanently evacuated from their homes. In 2006 the Chernobyl Forum, comprising a number of UN agencies, estimated that over a million people in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Eastern, Central and Western Europe had died from radiation induced cancers and several times as many may have died from cancers related to Chernobyl across the world. These cancers came as a result of exposure to radiation, but others have said that number is far too high…

Little Nikita is 5 years old and developmentally disabled and lives in an orphanage in the Belarus village of Vesnova. He was born 350 miles away from Chernobyl but the effects of radiation are clearly visible…




Happy Anniversary

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