Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 8, 2011

Nuclear Fusion – Pray to God and seal your ears

There are some harpies out there crowing about the renaissance of nuclear energy as some sort of Johnny come lately saviour from our Climate Change crisis.

They wax and wane about the beautiful technology that will deliver us all from the perils of Carbon. They talk about new fusion and its promise.. They are enlisting daft boys to front for them.

They will deliver us alright same as they delivered the Fukushima prefecture people to a homeless shelter and an early cancer ridden grave…

Because of their appalling disregard for human life, their record of blight and befoulment of the earth, and because of their black hole unbalanced economics, block your ears well to protect yourself from their shrill and insistent calls.

Because they are unhinged from reality, and divorced from reason, only hear them with the necessary wax build up in your ears. Don’t let their voices penetrate your brain pan, for they might just lull you to sleep and while you loll in the hands of Orpheus, they will take away your children, your home, your Life and throw it all to the dogs before they sent you to an early cancer grave.

So now You stand warned.

For situtaion like nuclear power disasters abound:

And with the American food supply polluted with the Fukushima radiation too, the news isn’t good.

And it’s not just the Fukushima displaced 300,000 people from the freaking nuclear meltdown. Its about the more insidious and insipid lingering effects from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, St Laurent, Three Mile island, or Sellafield nuclear events, we are talking about.

And the people affected are legion:

This isn’t about Climate and its not about Clean energy tech either. But it’s about the daft energy choices that led us to take weapons technology and popularize it for everyday use. Because if you absolutely want nuclear energy to warm your tea or power your rice cooker, then you can use the sun.

It’s the greatest nuclear fusion machine out there and we can harvest all the energy we want to run all of our economies and all of our lives.  The good thing about this nuclear fusion machine of the sun, is that it is at a safe distance from us and fairly reliable without accidents for the next 5 billion years…

Why the fuck would anyone want to deal with the unsustainable sourcing of fissionable material, the geopolitics of the extraction mining and strategic sourcing of it and the distribution towards insecure plants subject to devastating accidents, catastrophic terrorism acts,  enemy action in war, regular fouling of the water, the earth and the atmosphere with radiation, human error, and the sadly impossible economics of it.

And if there was a smart terrorist around, he wouldn’t be targeting World Trade Center with airliners, but the Indian Point Nuclear plant 25 miles from New York City. And thank God this didn’t happen yet – for we would all be standing around wondering, with our pants down around our feet.

Because even past all these negative concerns, nuclear energy does not make any sense at any price even when the public pays up all the costs as usually the case might be for the nuclear power plants the US government and others are guaranteeing their capital costs s o they can be built…

And all that before we even go into the nuclear waste issue and all the externalities. Those monumental external costs that the nuclear Dr Strangeloves have failed to address. And the nuclear industry wants to always be passing it on to the people at the tune of trillions. Yes the numbers are so large that there is always some serious gravy for the glow boys to skim off the top. You understand now why the Wooops – we fucked you over again with another radiation leak – boys are so keen to jump start nuclear…

It’s the money sucking machine sound out there…

But I have one thing to say to all of them. Go for a six month stint in Fukushima to assist in the clean up effort and then come back to talk about nuclear like you mean it. Maybe you will change your mind a bit…

Because so far nuclear doesn’t make any economic sense at any price. It cannot stand on it’s own alone in the market place of energy technologies, nor in the place of energy delivery.

Yet why is it that we are called to pay for it once again in the form of government subsidies?

By people who ought to know better?

Is it another bailout of the screwed up rich nuclear weapons technologists and their power & utility brethren?

If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog…

It sure smells like a dog too.

Tough Luck.

We won’t be buying another too big to fail black box this week.




Bill my friend,

your investments in nuclear energy… are toast

but I have a suggestion for you:

Please go sell it to the Eskimos.

Before you dismiss it… stop and think of the marketing opp

Consider, they need large refrigeration to keep their ice cool.

I hear they make a mean pina colada

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