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Greece suffers greatly from the sins of her political class and also from the sins of the European Community and Germany vying for supremacy riding high on their economic strength in order to humiliate their poorer European brethren and to steal their sovereignty and subjugate them to their rule as new villainous occupiers reminiscent of the 1940s.

Things are so bad in Greece that soup kitchens are to be found in all central Athens communities. Desperately disillusioned  parents and hungry people give up their kids as they drop them off to schools never coming back to claim them. And now in Athens there has been an explosion of poor peoples’ diseases with Tuberculosis in the centre of the city spreading as fast as rumour does.

Tuberculosis once a prominent feature of the Victorian coal burning and mining era —  the famous black lung death — had been pretty much extinguished in Europe with all children vaccination and the advent of radiology, skin testing and good pulmonary screening and antibiotic therapy, throughout the continent. But Athens now seems to be like Mogadishu and TB is getting epidemic proportions fast…

Because now we see young children and adults suffering from this debilitating disease that has a 50/50 chance of killing you, when it gets to the lungs and becomes pulmonary tuberculosis.

Because of the urgency of the situation, we’ve started a Tuberculosis containment campaign for Athens and Greece’s children, and need your help because the Greek nation cannot cope any longer. And it’s not only the lack of money but also the stupidity of the docile Greek State and the current Minister of Public Health who refuses to release the proper statistics and the real data about the spread of the tuberculosis in Athens because he is afraid that this will be seen as a singular failure on himself and might diminish his chances to succeed the stupid ex-PM Papandreou into the leadership of his corrupt party and maybe the country. What a dreadful bastard…

Politicians willing to sacrifice their people and their children for political gain is a high treasonous crime.

But there you have it…

I just came from Athens and saw with my own eyes the mess these criminals have wrought on the country. They live on the hog while their people go hungry…

Thieving politicians and thieving European and German bankers have been causing the downfall of this country to the lowest point since 1941 when it was occupied by the German army and their Nazis who stole all of the wheat harvest and all other food and left a country poor and destitute, because they had dared to oppose them and vanquish their Nazi ally fascist Italy. After the Wehrmacht stole the harvest of Greece, naturally a great famine ensued that killed more than a million Greek citizens ultimately throughout their long occupation. More than fifteen percent of the population was exterminated thus and that was the highest toll that any country paid in the second world war. And now it seems like Deja Vu with the Germans again inside the Greek Ministries telling people what to do…

And now the new wave of poor health and non existent care, amid semi famine conditions for the unemployed of Athens and malnutrition for their young children, has resulted in an upswing of Tuberculosis and other economic diseases. It’s a dire reminder of economic infanticide.

Because yesterday, when I left Athens was informed that a seven year old kid had died from TB and the Doctors “doctored” and downgraded the death certificate to a Flu death in order to avoid the strict guidelines and the onerous paperwork and not wanting to report TB that the Greek Ministry of Health, denies to accept as existent in Athens. What a shame…

Because of all that we started a new charity called Greek Tuberculosis Campaign for Children to examine and treat all the at risk populations of Athens with mobile free clinics and we invite volunteers and your help in are raising money here:

And if you want further proof of what’s going on in Athens, here it goes…

As a lament comes the voice of a Greek Teacher who just now chose to resign her state job and to come work with us in helping fight the rise of Tuberculosis amongst the children.

A Greek teacher named Maria, today submitted her resignation to the government of Greece….

Here is the text of her resignation letter:

” I have the honour to submit my resignation from my position as a Teacher in the 8th Primary School of Pireas – Greece.

 The reasons that made me choose the resignation route are the following: 

– Because as a teacher I always thought that my attitude is an example and what I feel and teach passes like a breath of fresh air in the souls of the children. 

– Because in my teaching I offer no empty words and no nonsense. 

– Because I offer emotions, actions, and correct attitude. 

– Because I cannot face the eyes of my children begging any longer.

– Because am ashamed to serve an educational system that does not exist. 

– Because I have no rights and am I am not allowed to teach what is right. 

– Because I refuse to participate in the lies of your fake system by repeating the telling of lies you spout, like: “First, the student,” “Free public education,” “Equal opportunities for all” ???

– Because I refuse to waste the taxes of my fellow citizens and refuse to offer them obediently to the traitors of my country without being able to deny or resist their traitorous decisions.

– Because I refuse to endorse, to collaborate and to facilitate those who bleed my country to death.

– Because they are brutal murderers who kill every day someone of my fellow citizens.

– Because among their many victims are many children and even my husband. 

– Because I do not want to cooperate with those who stole the sweat of the Greek pensioners without shame and respect for their lives. 
– Because I do not want to cooperate with those who filled the country with homeless and are now supposedly merciful and repentant.

– Because I do not want charity, and I do not recognize the dirty bully who unlawfully governs our country under the belief that even one of us, agree.

And because of all these reasons  but mainly, 


I use the only right that I have left for resistance, 

My resignation.” 


Awesome strength of character by a pure teacher of the young



When the teachers can’t take it anymore it’s a good sign that the end is near.
This corrupt government and the whole spectrum of corrupt politicians need to go away from both  the right and the left.
The docile and subservient

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