Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 27, 2012

Apple vs Greece

Apple is a young computer company.

Greece is an old country.

Both have been in the News a lot lately for varied reasons…

Apple for it’s phenomenal founding leader’s death and genius, and Greece for it’s phenomenal economic destruction [death] and its stupidest leadership on record.

And although Greece has a proud and long history, it has taken a barbaric rape and pillage type battering in the financial storms circling the world. Yet still, her image is vibrant as the place to train for throwing cocktail molotovs [young protesters] the longest and for throwing the old and infirm pensioners under the rails of the tram [government ministers] the longest. Further indignation was heaped upon the country when the European Commission claimed that Greece’s loss of sovereignty is a permanent state of affairs.

On the other hand Apple’s gain of personhood in the US makes it a great candidate for President if corporations can be elected to that highest of offices now that they are seen as persons in the eyes of the law…

So what is a young man to do?

Stay in Greece or go work for Apple?

Because the stock of the young [relatively] technology company Apple rose sufficiently to make it more valuable than the country of Greece.

The Apple stock rose sufficiently this month, to value the company at more than $400 billion. That already makes it the world’s most valuable tech company but it also makes it more valuable than several nations.

Apple’s market capitalization is higher than the gross domestic product of countries such as Greece, Austria, Argentina and South Africa. The $400 Billion valuation places Apple in 2nd place as the most valuable companies in the world, behind only Exxon Mobil, which is valued at around $420 billion.  Apple’s valuation is more than double the value of fellow technology heavyweight bluechip companies Microsoft and Google, both of which have strong smartphone divisions and communication arms but not the creative genius behind I-tunes etc.

What’s more, despite the size of the company, it still remains one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, because we saw last quarter sales to have risen by 45% year on year when they were announced this week.

Instead Greece slides further down and it’s value gets deflated, in the uncertainty of PSI [not the tire pressure] negotiated outcomes with the debtors and the European guarantors clamoring for creating a slave nation…




Go west young man…

Go and go fast.


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