Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 9, 2012

Fukushima is our Home

Fukushima residents may never be allowed to return to their homes.

And while work to shut down the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan is still proceeding, it has now dawned on people, that the Fukushima city and many neighborhoods will be uninhabitable for very many years. And that the refugees will not be coming back. Ever…

Data from the Ministry of Education & Science radiation dosimeters, science gained from Chernobyl, and current cutting edge radiation measurement technologies — all suggest that in far too many places of Fukushima, the yearly radiation dose would be far over 1,500 millisieverts. And in all the rest of Fukushima, beyond the exclusion zone, the yearly radiation levels are projected to be above 500 millisieverts per year. All this appears in league with the results of the past year since the nuclear meltdown, that to this day has not yet been stabilized.

And of course these heightened radiation levels, are far in excess of the maximum allowed exposure to radiation for people, making the Fukushima area uninhabitable. Much like Chernobyl has been since their nuclear explosion and meltdown almost three decades ago. The maximum allowable radiation exposure for humans is only 1 millisievert. One maximum for each year. And that is only for medical radioisotope exposure reasons — for X-rays, radiation diagnostics & therapy and all such medical uses. Not for living in a constant exposure area. And just ONE millisevert — not more…

And yet most of us are exposed to far more than that yearly, by just traveling to Fukushima or other hotspots around the world… and by living near nuclear reactors. Because most of the population of Europe and America lives within a 75 Mile radius from nuclear factories. That is the proper radiation fallout exclusionary zone of Fukushima and most of us live this close to nuclear factories around the world…

Meanwhile, it has been finally and fully revealed that the Fukushima Daichi nuclear reactors, was crippled by the earthquake, not by the ensuing tsunami as previously thought.

Yet the clear and present grave danger for all the People of this earth, is that Japan’s nuclear reactors and most other reactors around the world are built on seismic zones and near earthquake prone areas. And the truth now has come out that all of these nuclear factories cannot cope with earthquakes. This is the frightening revelation and the lesson we should learn for our common future.

These findings are corroborated by the International Atomic Energy Agency and by the World Health Organization’s Fukushima nuclear disaster study conclusions.

And the realization that most of this Earth is earthquake prone, and that coastlines, rivers and lakes are seismic fault lines, is reason enough to reevaluate our nuclear energy choices. Because earthquakes happen everywhere. And of course they happen much more in seismic zones, and since that’s where always nuclear plants are built we are in for more preventable nasty surprises in the future.

Why nuclear plants are sited in seismic zones? Because of water… Nuclear plants are built next to water resources, due to their insatiable need for water to cool down their reactors and feed their spent nuclear fuel rods ponds…




Someone once said that if you wanted to locate the seismic fault lines of the earth, you could just map the location of the 440 or so nuclear plants around the world as earthquake beacons. Really daft is the placing of these plants as if we were on a vast suicide mission of playing Russian roulette with Megadeath.

How safe do you feel with the nuclear reactor plants near your home?

How safe is New York with the aged and accident prone Indian point plant nearby?

How safe is Shanghai with it’s own reactors circling the city?

How safe is Tokyo, Paris, London?

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