Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 9, 2012

Sex vs Superbowl

Somehow the choice is stark.
Yet the vast majority of people watching the Superbowl didn’t have sex and weren’t likely to get any that day or night.
According to certain scientific studies more than 99% of Superbowl watchers weren’t going to get any that particular weekend.
No wonder the Superbowl ads use sex so much to sell their wares and widgets…
And is there any wonder a certain artist named MIA gave a figurative suggestion to the vast mainly male audience of what they should be doing instead of watching the Giants duking it out against the Patriots…



Never thought this much science and investigative research, could be devoted to such a lofty subject.

Who is to say what’s what and what women do when the men all watch the Superbowl..

Cupcakes anyone?

Or is it the postman ringing again?

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