Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 13, 2012

Einstein And The Mind of God

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d...















In an otherwise peaceful morning… 

Albert Einstein is thoughtful.

And as the nurse who takes care of him – leans forward – he asks her: “Do you believe. . . in God?”  

Hesitating for just a moment, guessing the old scientist’s motives before forming an answer, the nurse finally replies with a smile: “Yes. Yes I do.”

She hesitates again, and then adds: “Do you . . . believe?” 

The pair continue to engage in their intimate exchange, the professor’swrinkled face, his eyes gazing off into the distance…

He says: “Do I believe that someone plans the daily life of Albert Einstein?”  

He then shakes his head slightly to emphasize a negative reply: “No”

In a more animated tone, Einstein says, his brow slightly furrowed and a smile lurking beneath his broad mustache: “Although, sometimes I think he may have been leading me up the garden path.”

The nurse’s reply is thoughtful: “But, didn’t he make the garden?” 

The old man’s tentative reply crosses his lips: “I think he IS the garden.”

Almost without hesitation the nurse picks up the thread of the professor’s thought and says: “But, isn’t he the gardener too?”

To which the old man replies thoughtfully: “Yes, and all my life I’ve been trying to catch him at his work.”




Do you believe?

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