Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 17, 2012

Nato’s Natural Insecurities

Participating in the security conference of NATO in Athens, and speaking with the Secretary General Fogh Rqsmussen we have found how vulnerable Greece has become and how outdated and outmoded the old Transatlantic Alliance is.

The Alliance is an institution that’s run it’s course and now has very little Raison D’ Etre left in it’s haunches.  The Mojo is gone and so is the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. The spirits and gods of Nato have left the house for good.

Greece’s economic problems are just the tip of the iceberg and her Nato allies aren’t even concerned to address her very real security needs. Because her very pressing security concerns are a real present and dangerous existential threat…  well beyond the economic woes of the day.

And if the old Nato Allies – for 60 years now – don’t help her, then who?

Maybe Dr Who…

That’s Who.




Along with the new strategic concept that Nato has in it’s outlook to China and India, best it engages with it’s real mission of keeping the Peace amongst it’s own allies without bankrupting them in their armaments procurement policy – designed from the old Cold war era to prop up a bloated Military Industrial concern.

Modernization is not a choice but a necessity. Getting on with the New Millennium is not a choice…

Wake up and smell the coffee my friends… Nato is obsolete without serious rethink of it’s usefulness and priorities.

Otherwise it’s an institution that’s reached the end of the road.

Sad and Daft are those who expect resolution from Brussels in any reasonable way…

for the very real problems Greece is facing.





The rainy day coupled with the very Emotive Selection of Music from Manos Hantzidakis classics and the Tangarte Chamber Orchestra delivering them, was the best current performance I’ve heard in Athens.
Coupled with the best setting in the world amid the world’s spiritual and intellectual heritage of ancient art surrounding us and eing able to look straight at Parthenon, the rainy day proved to be a night made in heaven.

Many people followed the classics with their own soft vocals and it all turned to a litany for delivery from the travails modern Greece goes through at the hands of her economic occupiers…

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