Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 8, 2012

Addressing Energy Production & Climate Change in the US

Government Policy matters greatly…
People’s interests matter even more…
Popular Movements cannot be forestalled for too long.

Case in point:
Under massive pollution and toxic environmental degradation, the citizens of the United States started organizing and lobbying for cleaning up our act.
Because of that, some forty years ago we started…
We started with the establishment of the EPA
Clean Air Act and Clean water acts soon followed.
Clean lands and clean food became important all over again.
More recently superfund sites, toxic rain and the ozone hole were addressed.

Just see how the EPA has had many victories over the years.
Clean Air – Clean Water – Clean Land to produce our Food…
In fact, if it weren’t for some of those victories, our city skylines would look similar to those of Beijing and our milk might contain melamine killing our children and the coal factories would be in the middle of our cities radiating with fly-ash all of us.
And thanks to the EPA successfully banning the dumping of sewage sludge into the ocean, we can spend a day at the beach without getting the toxic oil of BP in the gulf giving us protection from the sun and killing us too. Or we would be wading in massive pools of dead fish and birds and even sea mammals…

And now the Administration is correcting the faults of the past. And the EPA has been responsible, as a tool of government policy to motivate the markets in making progress in our Energy Security future.
Same as the States have, and the Departments of Energy, of the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Airforce and all the powers of a sensible government seeing a threat and acting to prevent it from damaging people’s lives.

And now we need to address climate change.

So it is nothing new, when the President of these United States uses the great levers of power and government bureaucracy to offer safety and security for all the Peoples he is charged to protect. And as it turns out Energy Independence, and Domestic Production of Renewables, is a very important ingredient for this safety and security as well as economic progress, growth and employment.

But sometimes industry affiliation, personal investments, industry lobbies, lack of scientific knowledge, divisive ideology and even lack of basic intelligence  — all get in the way and screw thingss up.  This is what happened when during the Bush Administration, all references to “climate change” were deleted from the General Accounting report, the US Military Energy Security Assessment and the EPA report about Energy Future. All of these trusted source documents, were altered with references to Climate Change deleted by White House officials.

Today, proper science prevailed and that mistake has been corrected by the Executive. But the Senate and Congress remain divided and immobilized. At least the Chief in charge is moving ahead on positive ground to protect his people and the rest of the Peoples around the world. And it is a big shift.

And now because of this shift, comes what we’re seeing today. Because today we have the Obama administration, and the EPA taking proactive steps to correct energy industry practices, well before they become major polluting threats. Such as the proactive steps to correct the fracking gas industries and prevent them from polluting the waters and damaging the lands. Proactive regulatory steps are taken before they could declare, “hydraulic fracturing as perfectly capable of being clean.” And that means regulation is coming down the pike to ensure just that…

Further Regulation of the fossil fuel gas industry means that we’ll be protected from their negatives while acennuating the positives. Meaning we will prevent them from causing local earthquakes, tainted water supplies, increases in carbon emissions — all directly connected to the domestic production of oil and gas… This means project costs and other affiliated costs will increase, but it also means the creation of additional jobs, health and safety for the rest of us and by the way, it ensures a great future for the competitors.

Real winning competitors like solar and wind and all of the true renewable energies that compete smartly against burning things up.
Because fracking gas is just as much a fossil fuel as anything else that is tar based. Same as the petroleum and the tar sands of Alberta etc.. Because in order to extract the energy we want from gas we have to burn it. Burning it we are releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and in turn, we are warming up the planet we live into, cooking us up like the proverbial frog in the warming pot.
New York just had the warmest winter on record and many more will follow, until we start sunbathing off of Manhattan’s Battery Park and swimming in the rivers and the sound…

And I assure you that prospect is not a good thing, because along with the rises in temperatures come the rising tides. You wouldn’t want Manhattan under 7 metres of water now…

 Would You?

But none of this really matters.
What matters, as I’ve said time and time again, is that domestic renewable energy production will continue to develop at a record pace whether the ideologues and the environmentalists like it or not.
It is a fact of the markets now…

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