Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 2, 2012

Planet under Pressure

Our atmosphere is fouled and our earth is awash with garbage from pollution.

Our politics are divided and our mind is full of dirt from ideology.

Methane is leaking from the melting permafrost, from the drying rain-forests and even from under the sea.

Our belief system is muddled and our science stymied by skeptics and denialists.

Carbon in the atmosphere is advancing to the point we are cooking up ourselves and our planet…

Albeit slowly-slowly like the complacent frog in the pot… we are warming up.

Our toxic dumps are overflowing and our industry pollutes our food.

Our Energy is dirty and dangerous with nuclear and coal giving us more headaches than it’s worth.

Our waters are flaming with fracking gas and effluents.

Our children are getting sick…

Don’t you think you had enough?

Don’t you believe that you deserve a better quality of Life?

Don’t you want to change all that?

Me thinks we should clean up our act…

Because of all that and much more, I believe that it’s truly time for a legendary spring clean up.

We must engage science to clear the fetters from our eyes.

Let’s wash away the dust from our minds and

and from our hearts with the pure waters of wisdom.

Let us change and the best change starts from within.

We still hear people mutter that the journey is foolhardy.

and we are doomed from the start…

But those are the ones who are afraid.

Fearful to change and fearful to Live and breath Free.

Used to the same old shite.

And some of them are making a killing feeding you shite too.

Killing you whole.
Is it worth it?
Change we must.
We can’t  make our living like this no more.
Letting things be, is no longer an option.
Because stasis in misery and not a way to live…
I left the “familiar zone” of comfort and moved forth into the unknown,
because it was the right thing to do.
And so you can.




The time to act is now.

We are better than this mess we are living into…

Wake up and act with mature wisdom


The Planet under Pressure conference last week came out with a simple declaration. The first of it’s kind and one that the Environmental Parliament endorses wholeheartedly.

It is the First State of the Planet Declaration.

Read on and gain the wisdom necessary to act maturely:

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