Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 25, 2012

RIO+20 Earth Summit stark warning…

As am leaving Rio after the RIO+20 Earth Summit and Sustainable Development Conference, I note with heavy heart that we haven’t yet taken the steps necessary to avert catastrophic Climate Change.

Maybe because Life is too easy as it is right now…

Maybe because Life s too difficult as it is right now…

Maybe because climate change is creeping upon us slowly and we can’t smell it, see it, feel it…

And maybe because we are like the proverbial frog cooking himself to death in the slowly warning pot – ready for the bouillabaisse — and never occurring to him to jump out.

Still there are good guys and bad guys. Big Business and the sentiment of Business as usual, extreme greenwashing, PR and Marketing, our Energy choices and the burning up of fuels to power our lives, our incessant consumerism, all along with illogical resource exploitation cause most of the damage.

Our maniacal obsession about the Economy also prevents us from seeing where we’ve gone wrong … and turning around.

The UN’s Rio Plus 20 summit on sustainable development that just ended was a giant flop. Multinational Corporations continued to pull all the strings of the UN process at the Rio+20 Earth Summit and made it a Business Fiesta,  just like a giant Carnival for Big Business and their Executives. Advertisement galore stymied even the most well intentioned observer. Thus the colossal three day Summit was a total hoax and has achieved NOTHING but Greenwashing galore.

Thankfully the Summit offered a blank document of the urgent need to be “Doingnothin,” to Business, as it closed amid a torrent of criticism from all Environmental Parliament activists and from all the Climate and development Civil Society campaigners, who said that the colossal, three-day international meeting — not only had achieved nothing — but it set us back twenty years of struggle. Because it has given over the discussion to the profit whoring aims of Business and Industry and their assorted cheerleaders and PR chicks, to hijack our Climate Justice aspirations and turn them into nice adverts for Coca Cola or BP or Duke Energy or what have you. And they all act against the Earth, against the Environment, and against human nature in unison, now steeped in kind words like Sustainable Development and Pathways to Hell etc.

Still more than 50,000 diplomats, wives and children, bureaucrats, government leaders, policymakers, policy wonks, business leaders, executives, consultants, lobbyists, PR and marketing cheerleaders, environmentalists and other leaders from around the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the three day junket. A long weekend beach holiday was had by all — and nothing more. There were benefits of course. Not everybody was enjoying the beaches. The whores of Rio de Janeiro had their busiest weekend ever in history as was reported widely locally. There were far busier and far more profitable because of all the Gringo Norte Americanos and Englishmen, who came here repressed, and had a spurt of release in the vivid Rio bitches.

The lush environment does wonders for the Libido and the lax ethics help mightily. More Sex than Carnivale was how one keen aficionado / sex worker, who joined the Climate Justice Demonstration described the proceedings of RIO+20 Earth Summit. Interesting because the business paid for the privilege and thus boosted the local economic climate since during the Carnivale, it’s all for free. And in some ways we were all screwed by RIO+20 as we were screwed by big business hijacking the process of Climate Negotiations too. And these errant boys f the polluters worldwide didn’t only spent their nights whoring but their days too.  Since they spent their working days, prostituting our Ecosystems, pimping our Environment and usurping our Climate Struggle against Global Warning.

So don’t buy that Coke advertised with the polar bear — please.

It’s easy to conclude that the Rio+20 Earth Summit was a failure. That would be wrong though because if you look at the fringes, you can see se innovation happening in the periphery.
Our planet is getting hotter and more crowded with every passing day. And the problem isn’t solved by convening store bought bureaucrats and business executives for a three day play at the beaches and on the bitches of Rio. Still there is hope, because the young people are getting this and are madder than hell.

Go to the Favellas in Rio and you will discover in neighborhood meetings — same as all those we convened — that the people are actin locally to change their lives. Still in the remotest of Rio’s favellas, the Environmental Parliament is a leadership beacon with resources to help the poorest of the poor unravel their difficult yarns of existence and sort themselves out with clean water, recycling and local agriculture for sustainable food within the community. Our seed program and our exchanges are legendary in Rio’s poorest neighborhoods far from the tourist traps. Slum dwellers much like their counterparts in the climate refugees of Africa and Asia and Latin America are the most vulnerable and the most susceptible to the infinitesimal rates of Climate Change. They feel it and need to react to it well before the rest of the society feels anything. A bit like the cautionary yellow canaries in the coal mines the favella / slum dwellers are the forbearers of the news about our changing world. Not only they innovate and mange to eke out an existence where none seems possible, but they are truly beacons of HOPE for all of us at the Environmental Parliament.

Still after all of us worked the favella rejuvenation campaign, we all struggled for more. Because for all of us at the Environmental Parliament, RIO+20 was all work and all play, since this is our PASSION. And as we were busy convening the PEOPLE, and agitating throughout the Summit for Climate Justice we pulled the greatest stunt by having the biggest Environmental Demonstration Rio had ever seen.. Our aims were humble yet rewarding, because the Environmental Parliament in a clear show of Leadership and Responsibility, launched and led a big Demonstration. A Peaceful Demo that we are all proud of — an unusual occurrence nowadays in Rio except for the Carnivale — in order to object to this failure of Leadership. We fielded more than One Hundred Thousand people…

And here we are, after the One Hundred Thousand People march for CLIMATE JUSTICE in Rio de Janeiro, as we sat down to hear and talk with the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon about the RIO+20  Earth Summit legacy.

The Environmental Parliament is represented in this photo in the closing of the RIO+20 Earth Summit and so is the uncertainty over the current unsustainable state of our world.

Do we have time to wake up or not?

This is the main question.

‘Pathway for a sustainable future’ was declared for this Earth Summit, but it became a pathway for Business to do Greenwashing. Nothing sustainable came out of this and the Environmental Parliament claims that we were roundly defeated and this summit was a failure of leadership of epic proportions.

“Pathways for a sustainable Failure” is more like it.

Even the Washington Post, this old staunch ally of the Earth’s conservative views, had this to say:
“The global environment summit concluding Friday, which drew nearly 100 world leaders and more than 45,000 other people to Rio de Janeiro and cost tens of millions of dollars, may produce one lasting legacy: Convincing people it’s not worth holding global summits, like the U.N. does for the Environment”
Amid doubt, disappointment and division, the world’s governments came together in Rio to declare “a pathway for a sustainable century” and they left after a weekend on the beaches of RIO more confused than ever before with nice post cards.

At the close of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, heads of state and ministers from more than 190 nations… gathered for a final farewell to the Big Gatherings that have given us so much failure these last two decades.

The convening powers of the UN and the COP process have failed us.

Now is time to come up with something fresh.

And a new approach is needed by all the Environmental Parliament country chapters in order to solve things at the local level.

That means You…. have to take command.

Still we should heed the warning of Chairman Ban ki-Moon about the critical issues we are facing as a People in unison. Humanity faces an overwhelming challenge and it’s called Climate Change. A warming planet because of our greenhouse gas emissions by industry and business will certainly fail to provide basic shelter and survival space, for humans and other species alike.

Hear hear…

WORTH PAYING ATTENTION TO, NOT ONLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN AND HOPE FOR THE FUTURE — BUT ALSO IF YOU VALUE YOUR OWN LIFE.”We have heard how the famous Larsen ice shelf collapsed and disappeared five years ago. A giant slab of ice 87-kilometers long – the size of some small countries – vanished in less than three weeks. What if this “Larsen effect” were to repeat itself on a vastly greater scale?At the Chilean research base in King George Island, scientists told me that the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet is at risk. If it broke up, sea levels could rise by six meters. Think of the effect on the coastlines and cities: New York, Mumbai and Shanghai, not to mention small island nations. It may not happen for 100 years – or it could happen in 10. We simply do not know. But when it happens, it could occur quickly, almost overnight. It sounds like the script of a disaster movie. But this is science, not science-fiction.”His Excellency, Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations International.
And this is the corroborating evidence by Environmental Parliament’s Chief Scientist Dr Albert Kallio, who states that conclusively the “NORTH POLE MELT-AWAY BECOMING TOTAL ICE LOSS EVENT”
Dr Albert Kallio of the Environmental Parliament, goes on to say: “The Melt-away of North Pole’s eternal ice cap is the greatest environmental disaster event since the ending of the Ice Ages.”
Yet the old Victorian scientific beliefs, ignorance and puritanical stasis, blindingly still prevail, in the orthodox scientific community, and this contrasts completely what His Excellency Ban ki-Moon, the UN secretary-general spoke of and warned the world’s leaders, this last week at the RIo+20 Earth Summit as he cautioned:
“We need URGENT action to save the world from “biblical size floods” because of the CO2 – Carbon in the atmosphere – and methane driven greenhouse effect causing temperature surges that will surely cause Greenland’s ice dome collapse. This in turn will cause worldwide floods just as sudden as the ones Noah faced and fled in the Ark.”
The UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon is right…
A few years ago BACK IN 1992, DURING THE FIRST EARTH SUMMIT IN RIO, the Environmental Parliament supported the First People’s UN Assembly appearance and address in order to warn the world of the imminent sea ice failure and the catastrophic changes this wrought for all of us.
THIS WAS ALSO INCLUDED IN THE PALEOCLIMATE ENVIRONMENTAL PARLIAMENT SUMMIT IN COPENHAGEN THE SUMMER OF 2009 AFTER THE FAILED COPENHAGEN ACCORD.  PaleoClimate refers to the Hopi and Anasazi as well as the Inuit and Eskimo Peoples’ historical legacy beliefs that the collapse of the North Hudson Ice Dome was very swift and caused sudden flooding across vast areas of North America and the world as they knew it then. It caused tremendous loss of lives and inundated the world with sea waters. It is the same as the biblical sudden flood story of Noah and his few survivors… The loss of species and humans was legendary because the sea level rises were so sudden and swift.
This legendary belief, is completely validated by other disciplines and science bodies. New scientific examination sponsored by the Environmental Parliament finds evidence of this deep within the ice cores of Greenland ice samples kept in Copenhagen, as well as the ice core finds by the American Geological survey. And the histories are also validated because they fully fit with the Hopi Peoples and the Anasazi Peoples’ home sites archaeological records.  The digs in their settlements in the US’ southwest provide proof of their disappearance and climate forced migrations. Floods reigned throughout the world … in the day and were sudden and swift.
And if you don’t want to believe these First Peoples’ recorded memories, then look into your own religious texts and you’ll surely find evidence of the floods there too.
Long term memory remnants of those floods are everywhere in all of the world’s histories, ancient texts, religious and secular scriptures, creation myths, and even within the earliest memories as documented in the Holy Books of all religions. They can’t all be wrong…
Even in Japan they had stone pillar Memory markers of past Tsunami events dotting the hills around Fukushima. And these inscribed stone markers — some of them more than a thousand years old — commemorated past tsunami events and offered caution to the next generations, saying this: “Do not build and do not make your existence bellow this point because the sea surges will happen again and the tsunami will take away all your lives, your livelihood and those of your people… “
Somewhat akin to what the Bible says and the old Noah personifies in his textbook case of escaping the flood.
Yet we are all set to repeat this with our Greenhouse effect driving up global temperatures and melting the sea ice and the land ice domes completely and causing the sudden collapse of major ice shelves. If the Greenland ice dome collapses suddenly — and it can — it will cause a sea level rise across the world by as much as 70 metres…
Pretty huge if you live in the coastal and low lying areas of the world where 90% of all humans live.
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin … then London, LA, Shanghai, HK, and Tokyo …
In my book, the Native American Indians were right in their 1992 plea in front of the all the nations of the UN back in the first Rio Earth Summit.
They are right when they offer stark warning —  that when the polar ice melt and the resulting floods come as Earth’s natural response to our human caused catastrophic climate warming — the worldwide flood will be sudden and swift.
And now so many years later, the head of the UN Mr Ban ki-Moon comes around to saying this same thing and offering these stark warnings because they are backed up by the scientific observation of the loss of Arctic sea ice and the sudden melt of the Greenland ice dome and other ice shelves across the world.
Here is another view of Dr Alber Kallio, chief scientist of the Environmental Parliament, response to Polar Ice Loss:
NORTH POLE MELT-AWAY BECOMING TOTAL ICE LOSS EVENTMelt-away of North Pole’s eternal ice cap is the greatest environmental event since the ending of the Ice Ages. Mysteriously, two weeks ago UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s advisor Professor Sir John Beddington wrote a letter saying: “the North Pole ice cap may stay in place for 88 years” and “your concerns for its imminent loss are misplaced”. Where we are now only 2 weeks later? The thin Arctic ice has melted: purple areas (80% ice covered sea), red areas (just 60%), yellow (40%). This nonsensical statement contrasts completely to what His Excellency Ban ki-Moon, the UN secretary-general warned the last week.We need URGENT action to save the world from floods and from CO2 & methane driven temperature surges that precede Greenland’s ice dome collapse. UN Secretary-general is of course right, yet the UK science chief is wrong.
Here are the numbers:

ARCTIC OCEAN SEA ICE COVER LOSS 1,700,000 KM2The unprecedented rapid melting of North Pole ice cap has continued to melt away at fast pace along coasts of Russia, Alaska and western Nunavut Archipelago. 8,410,000 km2 sea ice remains. The rear end melting of the Arctic Ocean has caused cold polar air to move over the British Isles bringing heavy rains.
According to this, the tremendous and fairly swift Arctic sea ice melt and permanent loss, proves that the Native American Indians were right of course — in their 1992 plea, in front of the United Nations — when saying that the polar response from climatic warming will be swift when it comes. Floods are imminent…
But who cares who is right or wrong when the world s at stake?
Still we best look at who laughed at the Indian’s plea?
The scientists of the US , of the UK and of the EU did chuckle back then in 1992.
Not any more though.
Because as it usually happens, these old fashion scientists — mainly geologists —  were the ones to be laughed out of the room because the new satellite imagery and current scientific measurements prove the First Peoples to be right.
And here are some photos that show remarkably well what Climate Change really looks like from the stand point of the disappearing glaciers:
So my friends, when it comes, have your boat ready….
and take your pets and some species with you for posterity too.
Hope you make it to Mt Ararat like old Noah did, and not in the belly of the fish…

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