Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 10, 2012

A cat named Teiresias and his will to live…

Once upon a time there was a blind kitten.

Born on a Saturday – cute as a button – with a full white coat and only a heart shaped black spot on the back of his head.

Clearly the most beautiful kitty I’ve ever seen.

Yet there was something else that set him apart besides his obvious charm and beauty.

He couldn’t see the light.

He was born without eyes and yet was full of vigour and love.

He was the runt of a litter of three.

Because he was born without eyes — his mother realizing his chances to survive were slim — refused to feed him and pushed him aside…

Still he wanted to live…

And lived he did fully.

He went on and lived for three full days.

A long weekend.

Three days of love, life and the will to live. Not the effort to live, but a clearly expressed will…

In the beginning he tried to find food and water by smell and touch alone, bumping into everything, and that gave me time to minister to him with loving kindness, milk and water and time to bond.

A full lived life of three days.

Named him Teiresias like the blind born poet of ancient years who similarly couldn’t see the light and yet shared his “light” with people far and wide and was loved by all.

So I loved this little young Teiresias, and wallowed in this little guy’s love & wisdom fully.

I especially loved, his fight for survival and his will to live…

Rarely if ever he was bothered, and he seemed rather happy — most so when I held him for long and talked to him while working… I ended up loving him widely and abundantly.

Because somehow Teiresias — little Teo — opened my heart.

And my mind.

He taught me what’s what about the state of our world today.

And he was fit to live even if he couldn’t see the light. All his functions were there… and his will to live was intact.

Yet after three long days he simply gave up and went into a slumber.

I reason…

His will to live was sapped.

Because he only had so much to give, and he just lay down to die. No more little meows, no more bumping noises, no more heroic efforts. He lost his hope and the will to live and drew his last breath…

Saying no goodbye – gone – simply giving up.

Teiresias was very much like thousands – if not millions – of complex species of Life, now petering out, every year, because they are born without the tools needed to survive in this changed Earth. Or because our world, is no longer fit for their habitation. And because it stresses them out, so much that they simply give up.

Something else you didn’t know is that whole species — much like most multicellular organisms  — has the collective reservoir of the will to live and when that’s sapped, or used up — they simply lay down and die off. It’s not going out with a great bang but rather a quiet simple passing away of  a species with nary a cry…

Because most species don’t have the capacity to adapt to this fast changing world of ours. And they are not endowed with the tools to ensure their survival. And then, look at ourselves who don’t give a damn for the other species and their habitat protection either, and it’s easy to despair. Even though we share the same habitat we call ecosystem and when the other species die off  — it should act as a warning — we are blind to see and deaf to hear the distant forlorn cry of a species drawing it’s last breath.

Death is not pretty but it’s also a form of change. A forced terminus in the juncture of Life. And they are intertwined as our Life begets death and our death begets other life forms… hopefully. Still species die off at an unprecedented rate not seen since the time of the dinosaurs disappearance 125 million years ago…

Without the basic biological tools needed to adapt and survive most all species are threatened in our extremely stressed ecosystems. There is no time to adapt when you have not got the tools of sight to see. Death comes fast in the natural world even if you only lack one of the senses… and your needs are seemingly met. A form of triage to allow space for others… Ecosystems much like species and even little furry animals collapse. Collapse seemingly of their own accord.

Because their will to live withers away, when they are stressed and when they lack one or more of their  absolutely necessary traits.

Natural selection, follows. Except it’s not Nature’s work but humans doing… the forced death march of the species we “gas” in the “greenhouse oven” we created.

Nature’s selection isn’t so much her choice but rather a Mother Nature response to the “forcings” of heat, toxicity and chemistry — and all the other imbalances that we humans force upon her. She frees up the space for the other most adaptable species to survive by pushing aside the weaker ones. And when Mother Nature pushes you aside, the will to Live goes away too.

It seems to be a cruel form — but all the same, a rather savvy way to act.

Remember that when you realize that one out of every three children in London has asthma and all allergies just from our world, the moment when they are born — and blood cancers at baby age are rifling through our young sending them to an early grave…

Where and how your child born matters. And when it gets a blood cancer it can’t cope with, it matters too. Because it’s not fair…

It’s not Just.

Where’s the Justice in this?

So where is the justice for all species lost that nobody cries over?




I dug a shallow grave for Teiresias  and cried upon his little body, grateful for his three days in my Life and our world.

He accomplished whatever he came here for and left back to a better place…

Thank you Teo.

Go with love little guy…

God Bless.

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