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GREEN ECONOMY SUMMIT 2012 — September 20th Athens Greece


About three years ago and as the Eurozone crisis was unfolding, it was evident to me and all bright eyed and unfettered thinkers that Greece was going down. Going down in service to the ideas of Project Europe…

Poor damsel in distress without a simple cloak of monetary policy to cover her breast, shroud her nakedness and protect her honour.

So I spoke then often for the need to offer Greece a Marshal Plan.

A Marshal Plan style support to help her through her times of deep troubles. And it is just because even belatedly a Marshal Plan was needed by the country that kept on fighting for sixteen years, a bloody civil war after the 1945 ceasefire that saw Europe’s smoking ruins starting rebuilding and getting lost countries on the mend again. Since Greece didn’t take advantage of the first Marshal Plan, maybe it was time to put in order another economic Marshal Plan in order to help prop her up and deflect the fears and agonies of her demise. And I’ve organized conferences to that end and spoke far and wide in Washington and Berlin and Brussels and london about this and we will even speak about it in Athens this December, but it appeared to be of no avail at all. A New Marshal Plan for Greece all focused n renewable energy investment and production for the European energy market.

Maybe because my ideas back then sounded a bit too forward and perhaps too environmental, or green and patriotic or even misguided the European leaders failed to take heed. Yet back when the European and World bodies were in the thick of it  and through the fog, they viewed Greece with disdain as an errant child who ate too much candy and her belly hurt and needed a cathartic soonest. So they applied strong bitter medicine and the tools used at the Treaty of Versailles with the same predictably devastating results of yore.

But I argued that this is the wrong medicine and will kill the depressed girl, yet my pleas fell on deaf ears. I pleaded with Mr IMF and Mr Trichet, and Mr Central bank of Europa [Europe is a Greek name, you see], and all comers and still they persisted along with Mama Bear of Germany, that little Cinderella needed to have her bottom spanked and her belly purged… before being thrown to the dogs for good measure.

But I cried, the young lass should be on a suicide watch.  I countered  with good and even great arguments, that because she is far too young and inexperienced and liable to jump off the bridge… she should be protected. Not against the Communists that the old Marshal plan circa 1945 meant to check but against their modern counterpart, the corporate Capitalist Nazis, those beasts that the current economic malaise represents as the threat du jour.
Yet the powerful and mighty of Europe and afar never listened to yours truly, and instead chose the very Catholic sin recipe for self flagellation, crucifixion and eventual yet questionable redemption as spelled out in the Treaty of Versailles.

But Greece is young and doesn’t understand all this. She hasn’t been around as a Democracy long enough to matter. and because she is such a young Democracy she needs to be protected. Because although in another incarnation, she gave birth to the Democratic philosophy and practice some 25 hundred years ago… herself only reverted to this exalted state of human discourse leadership, only 28 years ago. Not a long enough time to learn the ropes. Only twenty eight years young is this Greek Democracy, that endures these current travails, after a brutal military junta of Nazi-lust tyrants who set her back ages, even though their toxic rule lasted only seven and a half bloody years.

So back in 2008, Greece was visibly going down to service her many powerful cohorts and demanding clients. Like many young whores, she prostituted herself to the altar of foreign Gods and became a vestal virgin at the the Temple of Debt Finance.
Clearly she was not the only girl there, but along with Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and some veiled ones, they performed the necessary ablutions for all comers and goers.
She was not alone but she was singled out for special treatment. Maybe because of her compliant nature, her beauty, or her willingness to serve, she was ravaged and reprimanded no end. And that’s when she chose the road of no return. A road she was to take alone…
Not alone completely but certainly without a champion, without a strong suitor, she was traveling further down the river of unserviceable debt and maybe all the way to economic Hades or at least to the Lehman style collapse into the abyss.

But Why?

Because much like all teen suicides, this was a Euro teenager unable to cope with big girl’s currency romantic issues, shared responsibilities and teenage unrequited love of the Euro. And it was evident that Greece needed something or someone to prop here up and steady her. Someone holding her hand and guiding her to a hot cup of tea with plenty of sugar… and some loving kindness.

Instead of this a lot of hurtful words were hurled at her…
And some of them coming even from her own lovers and partners.

Plenty of vinegar was thrown and vitriol was thrusted at her…
Insults were thrown at her face…
And all in all tried to take advantage of her.

All this came not from her enemies who just wanted a decent profit from her usury and perceptions of imminent demise but from her erstwhile partners who sought to uplift, upstage and reform themselves through admonishing and punishing the young girl.

But another thing the ancient Greeks said through the mouth of Zeno, is that there is but one constant in the Universe: “Everything Changes”

And now things change again and the young Democracy of Greece looks like it s getting a reprieve and the European partners finally recognize their allegiance. And an alignment of interests and objectives appears and the Eurozone partners decide to invest in Greece 27,5 Billion Euros in the renewable Energy sector.  Yes, they are also serving themselves, but what are friends for?

Friends with benefits that they are… they need a clear advantage. But it’s all good because that investment is far above and beyond the needs for the resuscitation of the Greek Economy and it’s fiscal necessities. This 27,5 Billion is strictly for renewable energy business growth in Greece but for German energy consumption. And as it is an investment for the stuff that matters the most be for the creation of jobs and economic growth, it speaks volumes. And as I had spoken earlier in the years before this, the focus should also be on reaching the much needed milestone of a Hundred Billion Euro strong New Marshal Plan for Greece. Because we are in an era of big numbers and we need to be ready for the eventualities of impacts since this year is pivotal.

The reason and the immediate need for the Hundred Billion Marshal Plan for Greece is to be able to shift the market perception and to orient the growth of infrastructure for the production of renewable Energy in Greece, thereby utilizing this country’s comparative advantage and helping Greece become a net energy exporter to the colder countries up North.
And this will not only help Greece meet it’s objectives and obligations stemming from the European Energy Policy of 20/20, but it will also allow Greece to exceed the European Energy goals and help meet the increasing demands for the German Energy market soonest. Because the German energy market goes through a process of denuclearization and needs all the renewable energy it can get from all over Europe, in order to meet it’s own goals of 20/20/20. And never forget the total European Energy goal of 20/20/20. Not a bad policy if you ask me seeing as it was conceived, realized and lobbied by the Environmental Parliament.

And this cross-border investment is a great moment of European integration and even a realization of the benefits of the Lisbon project synergy for integration, that at once was created by the adversity of the difficult winter of discontent lasting a good three years now… Mind you the Lisbon project has got little to do with the Lisbon treaty but there you have the lagging of Policy aspirations behind the policy initiatives and People’s need for logical evolutionary progress for the well being of all concerned…

And myself as the creator of this idea of the New Marshal Plan for Greece, an idea whose time has come, it is no surprise because I know that the reformation of ideas to reality is very much a quantum function. And I believe in quantum mechanisms because this reformation of our ideas to the noosphere of European leadership has just happened seemingly out of the blue… Yet the people sensed it before the leaders here.

Or it just might be simply a great idea whose time has come. Because this is after all the main comparative advantage Greece has to offer to Europe and the lot of partners who now finally see that the Marshal Plan for Greece can be a working program for the recapitalization of the Greek business and micro economy through this seeding of resources towards the renewable energy development for the export market. We have seen past the horizon and there are the legions of early believers, the pioneers, the developers and the entrepreneurs who will now carry forth the burden of growth. The real entrepreneurs are the religious believers in economic growth. They are the converted ones who see Greece as a new El Dorado for energy, or simply they are  the ones who will benefit from this coming bounty, by working hard to seed their field of dreams. After all the incoming tide will lift everybody’s boat.

Now please let me explain a few definitions that explain this process of affairs: Quantum functions are unusual. Same like the quantum states of being, they are rather delicate. But are rather real even if you dont’s care to see or even if you fail or don’t bother to understand them.  Gravity exists even if you forget it when you walk around the park with your kids. It is though coming back to you with a painful reminder when you happen to fall off your chair…

Same with quantum physics, you don’t need to remember them. They exist independent of your understanding and observation of their effects and maybe because of it.
They are delicate functions and states that are easily disturbed and destroyed by interaction with their surroundings. But somehow our ideas are far more resilient… and although transmuted when reaching the various landscapes, they persist… and endure as memes in the noosphere. Same as the idea that investing and producing renewable energy in Greece is the winning most idea in energy production and investment in Europe today. It is a reality even if you neglect to believe in it.

Finding quantum effects in the big, cellulose, wet and warm world of  current Life and human behaviour biology is like having to take quantum mechanics into account in any biotech engineering project. A difficult thing but that is the theory at least till now. Not practical but useful for those who want to leverage vast physical forces and thus change our world. A school of thought for the adepts only if you will, because it is a small group of thinkers able to do this after all.

On one level, you might think, we shouldn’t be surprised that life has a quantum edge. After all, biology is based on chemistry, and chemistry is all about the doings of atomic electrons…

But on the other hand, and on another level, it is all quite simple. Politicians acting in their own self interest is a given, but acting in unison for the common interest is an exalted and a quantum state of being. Yet the leap from this related action at a distance is a quantum leap and worthy of study and benevolent human use. So let this be of service as a school manual for thoughtful mindful of Physics leaders.

Whatever it is it is.

Be it like the magic of everyday life. It works. So let us not disturb this process now. Because we should all be
thankful of how things happen and how these crises give us the opportunity to sit back, take stock and take charge and throw all we have in this firefight and eventually rally back into health and growth.
And Europe rallying along in a quantum fashion and hoping for Greece’s well-being does just this now. Turning a crisis into a crystal clear opportunity:
Clearly the euro’s debt crisis forces its 17 member Eurozone partners into greater fiscal integration, perhaps even towards the model of the US and to become much like the United States of Europe. A great shaking going on reverberating far beyond the 17 Euros and even the 27 members of the European Union and its global alliances and security or economy partners. It reverberates across the world fully. But its the Eurozone finance ministers who are certainly going to carry the burden of how to go about pulling themselves together and taming the “catastrophic risks” facing the euro zone. Only this time they see this as a common threat facing and needing a common united front to be averted.

The difference between European pretensions of some far into the future Unity and American reality of the United States is that the euro currency may be a unified currency, but its budgets and treasuries are national, whereas the American currency is so strong because of the bonds of it united within the Mercantile Federal Republic of the US — made up of 51 disparate states. And because of that strength the US dollar is the world’s currency extraordinaire.

In contrast in the old Europe, every man is out for himself. Women included. All of the European economic and finance mighty midget Ministers want to limit his or her nation’s liability for propping up the euro. And they do this dance so effectively that the more solvent economies of the Eurozone who must co-ordinate fiscal stimulus, are usually not found on the trenches but rather are to be found barricaded  behind their psychotherapy couches.

But to be functional they should all be at the trenches fighting alongside each other or manning the pumps and the fire-hoses putting out the fires.  With a single economic supra-Minister, a single determination and a single will for the benefit of a Common European Economic Power and not for the parochial couch power trips and special tribal interests. Because this is the only way  to put out the big fires, by using the strong fire extinguisher otherwise known as the rescue fund, or the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). And even this big fire hose needs a man to decide it’s direction, it’s impact and our common will in order to increase its leverage. Because we need to vastly increase the water pressure and the water cannon power by being able to borrow freely and leverage the EFSF holdings and we best make this institution start acting very much like the Federal Reserve for the Sovereigns of the Euro zone. Because only then it could defend even a big country like Italy, Spain and even France and England, not if, but when the flames jump across the street to the posh neighborhoods.

Because it would be too late then to fill with pressure or lengthen and widen the firehose if the shit really hits the fan.

But things are changing now.

Things are a-changing and Greece is to be rescued finally even though she made it to the ball in borrowed fineries and fancy dress slippers. And she does get rescued, the old fashion way. Through dint of it’s own hard work, plenty of elbow grease to scrub the slate clean and start anew, and a handsome prince who recognizes her true grace and inheritance of the old pile of stones. The pile that looks much like the Parthenon in disrepair, still comprises the four pillars of European and western thought and civilization. The Greco Roman justice system, the Aristotelian logic and rational philosophy, the Greco Roman Christian doctrine of religion and the very Greek born and bred rule of Democracy. It is because of those four pillars that the European integration project exists today and it is those same pillars that will keep it upright for eternity or as long as the leaders have strength and sanity to protect their people on this forward march of a Marathon…  All the people this edifice holds inside and the four pillars have room for plenty more. All seven billion folks if you will.

So keep on trekking my friends. Keep on trekking…



And as for Greece being the cinderella of the story, well you know the rest.

Her considerable intelligence, natural beauty and small size shoe; allowed her to be the Belle of the ball all over again and experience magnificent growth by focusing on the new industry of renewable energy.

Because this is her prince Charming:

And this is the Summit we convene for her…

Greek Marshal Plan Summit Europe 2011

Location:  Grand Bretagne Hotel*****
Across from the Greek Parliament on Constitution Square, Athens Greece, EU

Dates: 15 & 16 December 2011

Description: The prime annual global networking and learning event on Economic Recovery for the Eurozone, Sovereign Debt, Sovereign Bonds, Bond trading, Economic and Bond Arbitrage, Economic Growth Impact Investing, QE and Job Creation, Austerity vs Popular Upheaval and the Resilience of Project United Europe.

❖ Theme for 2011: “Cross Border European Union Impact Investing in order to maintain the Idea of a United Europe Alive”

❖ Speakers, Delegates, and Participants will be able to determine their preferred tracks and workshops during the conference itself yet need to register in advance, because some workshops will be more than full and others fully attended. This remains part of our 3-year conference tradition.

❖ Please note: the program and speaker list are subject to change without notice.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

09:00 – 09:05


09:05 – 09:30
Program in Cooperation with the National Bank of Greece, the Ministry of Finance and the Hellenic Stock Exchange

Conference Opening Introductions: Pano Kroko – Chief Executive Officer – Green Bonds Investment Bank for the Environment Ltd 

09:30 – 10:30                                                                                                                              Opening Panel                                                                                                                            “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”

Evangelos Venizelos – Ex-Minister of Finance Greece
Philipp Rösler – German Economy Minister
Poul Thompsen – IMF
Moderator – Pano Kroko
GMP Roundtable Day 1 – Part 1 – Integrating European Ideals into the Common Market Sovereign Investment Process

Roundtable discussion in cooperation with German Ministry of Economy and the Greek counterparts, the National Bank and the IMF. The world of crossborder investment is changing. Banks, Governments, Asset owners and Asset managers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential risk and long term value impact of  failing to integrate the impact of lack of equanimity of investment within the Common Market and European Union for the general well being of the Peoples of the United Europe.

10:30 – 11:30
Roundtable Day 1 – Part 2 – The Financial Sector, Commodities and Food: Hedge or Hunger? Putting things into Perspective

Lucas Simons (Moderator)
Director – NewForesight & ForeFinance – Netherlands

Alex Cobham (Speaker 1)
Policy Manager – Christian Aid – UK

Jan Kees Vis (Speaker 2)
Global Supply Chain Director Sustainable Agriculture – Unilever – Netherlands

Daniela Mariuzzo (Speaker 3)
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility – Banco Rabobank International Brasil S.A. – Brazil

Sabine Schels (Speaker 4)
Senior Director, Head of Fundamental Commodity Research – BofA Merrill Lynch – UK

Phil Bloomer (Speaker 5)
Campaigns and Policy Director – Oxfam GB – UK
Worldwide hunger for a fairer food system

11.30 – 12.00

Coffee Break

12:00 – 12:30

Keynote Speaker 2

Martin Rapaport
Chief Executive Officer – Standards and Poor Rating Agency

12:30 – 13:00

Keynote Speaker 3

Thomas Rau
Chief Executive Officer – RAU Associates – Netherlands
Guided by the Future

13:00 – 13:05
Moderator Briefing

13:05 – 14:30


14:30 – 16:15

Workshop 1 – Integrated Reporting

Martina Macpherson (Moderator)
Vice President Marketing – MSCI – UK

Estelle Mironesco (Speaker 1)
Director of Vigeo Rating – Vigeo Group – France
The Benefits of Integrated Reporting for Analysts

Paolo Sardi (Speaker 2)
Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer – ECPI – Luxembourg
Assessing Integrated Reporting as a Driver of Value

Steve Waygood (Speaker 3)

Head of Sustainability Research and Engagement – Aviva Investors Global Services Limited – UK

Nobuyuki Hiratsuka (Speaker 4)
Director of Corporate Accounting, Disclosure and CSR Policy Office – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – Japan

14:30 – 16:15

Workshop 2 – Increased Demand for Green Power

How to satisfy the growing need for green and sustainable energy?

_________ (Moderator)

Neil Brown (Speaker 1)
Senior Partner – Earth Capital Partners LLP – UK
Accessing Capital In Response To Demand

Mark Fulton (Speaker 2)
Managing Director, Global Head of Research, DB Climate Change Advisors – Deutsche Bank – USA
Natural Gas and Renewables: A Secure Low Carbon Future Energy Plan for the US

_________ (Speaker 3)

14:30 – 16:15

Workshop 3 – Does Microfinance Work?

Latest developments are shedding doubt on the validity and practicality of the Microfinance banking industry. Pros and Cons?

Robert Bragar (Moderator)
General Counsel – Oikocredit International – Netherlands

Michael Steidl (Speaker 1)
Managing Director – Micro Service Consult – Germany

Roland Dominicé (Speaker 2)
Chief Executive Officer – Symbiotics Group – Switzerland 
Microfinance, A New And Growing Asset Class

Michael Madden (Speaker 3)                                                                                          Founder and Managing Partner – Ronoc – Ireland

Joan Trant (Speaker 4)
Executive Director – International Association of Microfinance Investors – USA

14:30 – 16:15

Workshop 4 – Integrating European Economic Impact ESG into Portfolios #1

_________ (Moderator)

Charlotte Mansson (Speaker 1)
Head of Sales and Marketing – RepRisk AG – Switzerland 
Strategies for Managing Reputational Risk in Portfolios

Christopher Flensborg (Speaker 2)
Head of Sustainable Products and Product Development – Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken – Sweden
The Potential and Challenges of Green Bonds

Christopher Greenwald (Speaker 3)
Head of Sustainability Application and Operations – SAM Sustainability Asset Management – Switzerland 
ESG Integration and Sustainability Indexes

Remy Briand (Speaker 4)
Managing Director, Global Head of Index and ESG Research – MSCI – Switzerland 

14:30 – 16:15

Workshop 5 – Social Entrepreneurs

Combining idealism and innovation with sustainability and profitability.

_________ (Moderator)

Michael C. Spanos (Speaker 1)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner – EuroCharity – Greece
Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

Hélène Lebedeff (Speaker 2)
Director Indicators & ESG Performance – Sustainable Development Department – Veolia Environment – France
Mapping Social Priorities, Ensuring Access To Basic Services And Human Development

Bijaya Prakash Sainju (Speaker 3)
Executive Director – CONCERN Nepal – Nepal
Protecting Children’s Rights through a Global Network

14:30 – 16:15

Press & News

16:15 – 16:45

Coffee Break

16:45 – 18:15
Workshop 6 – Pension Funds and Ageing Societies

_________ (Moderator)

P. Brett Hammond (Speaker 1)
Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist – TIAA-CREF – USA

_________ (Speaker 2)

_________ (Speaker 3)

16:45 – 18:15

Workshop 7 – Low-Carbon Energy: Nuclear, Solar, Wind?

Is nuclear energy as sustainable as solar and wind energy – or geothermal and wave energy for that matter?

_________ (Moderator)

Martin McAdam (Speaker 1)
Chief Executive Officer – Aquamarine Power – UK
Making Marine Renewable Energy Mainstream

Mike Petrucci (Speaker 2)
President & CEO – BP Solar – UK

Chris Rich (Speaker 3)
Finance and Investor Relations – Offshore Wave Energy Limited – UK

16:45 – 18:15

Workshop 8 – Impact Investing #1

Marc Brammer (Moderator)
Head of Business Development – MSCI ESG Research – UK

William Davis III (Speaker 1)
President – GATE Global Impact LLC – USA

Herman Mulder (Speaker 2)
Advisor and Board Member – Independent – Netherlands
Privatisation of ODA: Win-win for All Stakeholders

Roland Dominicé (Speaker 3)
Chief Executive Officer – Symbiotics Group – Switzerland 
Microfinance, A New And Growing Asset Class

Gerhard Pries (Speaker 4)
President and Chief Executive Officer – Sarona Asset Management Inc – Canada
Impact Investments in Frontier Markets Outperform the Market.

16:45 – 18:15

Workshop 9 – Emerging Markets: Asia

_________ (Moderator)

Benjamin McCarron (Speaker 1)
Head of Research – Responsible Research – Singapore
Responsible Investment in Asia – The Leaders and Laggards in 2011

Paul Wenman (Speaker 2)
Founder and Managing Director – SourceAsia Ltd – UK
Monitoring Asian Corporate ESG performance on the Web

Bui Cong Giang (Speaker 3)
Chief Executive Officer – Anpha Capital – Vietnam

16:45 – 18:15

Workshop 10 – Corporate Governance and Integrity

_________ (Moderator)

Kris Douma (Speaker 1)
Head of Responsible Investment & Active Ownership – Mn Services – Netherlands
Corporate Governance and Integrity

Jeroen van Kwawegen (Speaker 2)
Associate – Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP – USA
The Evolving State of Corporate Governance in the US vs. Europe and the United Kingdom

Marius Ellingsen (Speaker 3)
General Manager – InSpire Group – Norway

Beatrice Weder di Mauro (Speaker 4)
Chair of International Macroeconomics – Johannes Gutenberg University – Germany

16:45 – 18:15

Press & News

18:30 – 19:30

Dinner Cocktail

18:30 – 19:30
Grand Dinner (Invitation Only)

20:15 – 20:45

Eurogroup  Leaders Awards Ceremony – Winners 2011

– 21:30

Closure of First Conference Day

 The attendance of some of these speakers is not yet confirmed.

Friday, 11 November 2011

09:00 – 10:45
Program in Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Greece.

Workshop 11 – Green Bonds, Eurobonds, No name Bonds, Infrastructure, Built Environment Retrofitting and Green Growth Economy, Shipping, Tourism and Real Estate

_________ (Moderator)

Jonathan F.P. Rose (Speaker 1)
President – Jonathan Rose Companies LLC – USA
Bottom Line in Investing in European Real Estate

Simon Radford (Speaker 2)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Lothbury Investment Management – UK

Andrew Szyman (Speaker 3)
F&C Asset Management plc – UK

09:00 – 10:45

Workshop 12 – Integrating EUROPE  into Portfolios #2 and investing in the Greek Privatization Mechanism equities

Kathelijne Marritt Alers (Moderator)
Regional Director – SAM Indexes – Switzerland

Mirjam Staub-Bisang (Speaker 1)
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board – Independent Capital Management AG – Switzerland 
Integrating Sustainable Investments Across Asset Classes – Overview and Case Studies of Institutional Investors

Christopher McKnett (Speaker 2)

Vice-President, Head of ESG – State Street Global Advisors – USA
Integrating ESG from the Perspective of a (Mega-) Institutional Manager

Stuart Kinnersley (Speaker 3)
Chief Investment Officer – Nikko Asset Management Europe Ltd (Nikko AME) – UK
Creating a Mainstream “Green” Global Fixed Income Product Through World Bank Green Bonds

Daron Sheehan (Speaker 4)
Chief Executive Officer – Active Earth Investment Management – UK
A Performance-Driven Approach to SRI

09:00 – 10:45

Workshop 13  – Integrating  Greece in the Portfolio – Profits and Long term Value Investment in Greece. The Role of Greek Equities in rebuilding the Greek economy in a sustainable way.

Workshop in cooperation with the Greek Stock Exchange

Socrates Lazarides (Moderator)
CEO – Hellenic Stock Exchange  – Greece

Neil Brown (Speaker 1)
Fund manager – European Equities – Aviva Investors – UK

Konstadinos Kounadis (Speaker 2)
Development Officer –  Helex S.A. – Greece

Pano Kroko  (Speaker 3)                                                                                                            CEO – Green Bonds Ltd – Environmental Finance Investment Bank

_________ (Speaker 4)

09:00 – 10:45

Workshop 14 – Green Mobility and Infrastructure

_________ (Moderator)

Peter Gillespie (Speaker 1)
Director of Sustainability-CSR – Veolia Transdev – France

Therese Niklasson (Speaker 2)
Head of Governance and Responsible Investment – Threadneedle Asset Management Ltd. – UK

Gerhard Prätorius (Speaker 3)
Head of Coordination CSR and Sustainability – Volkswagen Group – Germany

09:00 – 10:45

Workshop 15 – Impact Investing #2

_________ (Moderator)

Robert Bragar (Speaker 1)
General Counsel – Oikocredit International – Netherlands
Legal Risk Management for Impact Investors: Should We Be Using Local Law and Local Lawyers?

Gloria Nelund (Speaker 2)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – TriLinc Global, LLC – USA
Connecting Impact Investing to Significant Capital

Joachim Merten (Speaker 3)
Chief Operating Officer – QC Private Equity Services Ltd. – UK
Impact Investing and Private Equity

Patricia von Papstein (Speaker 4)
Founder – Capital in Love – Austria
Which Products Maximize Wealth?

10:45 – 11:15

Press & News

11:15 – 13:00

Workshop 16 – Emerging Markets: Africa

_________ (Moderator)

Lauren Kickham Ryder (Speaker 1)
Investment Manager – Ariya Capital – UK
Sustainable Investing in the periphery of the Eurozone

Niclas During (Speaker 2)
ESG Manager – CDC Group plc – UK
ESG Integration in Emerging Markets – CDC’s experience

Greg Barker (Speaker 3)
Director – Investment Research – Sustainable Capital
Corporate Governance in Greece – Protecting Alpha through Sustainability Analysis

Marten Leijon (Speaker 4)
Chief Executive Officer – MIX – USA
Understanding Microfinance Opportunities and Risks in a Broader Context

11:15 – 13:00

Workshop 17 – Responsible Wealth Management

_________ (Moderator)

Alexia Zavos (Speaker 1)
SRI Manager – Cazenove Capital – UK
Wealth Managers – How To Get Started With SRI

Mariana Bozesan (Speaker 2)
Founder and President – AQAL Investing – Germany
Is there a Future after Wall Street? An Investors’ Perspective on the Future of Capital, Philanthropy, Business and Human Evolution

Yvonne Li (Speaker 3)
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer – Avantage Ventures – Hong Kong

11:15 – 13:00

Workshop 18 – Energy Efficiency

_________ (Moderator)

Steven Fawkes (Speaker 1)
Partner – Matrix Corporate Capital LLP – UK
Opportunities for Investing in Energy Efficiency

Tobias Reichmuth (Speaker 2)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer – SUSI Partners AG – Switzerland

_________ (Speaker 3)

11:15 – 13:00

Workshop 19 – Water

Water – or the lack of it – will become a dominant ESG and impact investment issue over the next decade. What does this mean in terms of investment risk and profitability and what does sustainable wat… Read more.

_________ (Moderator)

Valerie Issumo (Speaker 1)
Designer of the Ethical Water Stock Exchange – Prana Sustainable Water – Switzerland

Adrian Missen (Speaker 2)
Analyst – Kleinwort Benson Investors Dublin Ltd. – Ireland

Charles Iceland (Speaker 3)
Senior Associate II – World Resources Institute – USA

11:15 – 13:00

Workshop 20 – Value Chain Analysis and Management

_________ (Moderator)

Walter van Helvoirt (Speaker 1)
Environmental and Social Specialist – Netherlands Development Finance Company – Netherlands
High Risk, High Value Add Investing

Weiyee In (Speaker 2)
Global Head of Technology, Media and Telecom Research – BNP Paribas GECD Asia Pacific – Hong Kong
Technology Value Chain Disruption

Richard Mattison (Speaker 3)
Chief Executive – Trucost Plc – UK
Assessing Investment Risk Across The Value Chain

11:15 – 13:00

Press & News

13:00 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:30

Roundtable Day 2 – Part 1 – Is Economic Impact Investment Successful?

The latest buzzword is “Impact Investment”.
Still, why are huge foundations only Impact Investment “grantors” and not major Impact Investors themselves?
Is it just philanthropy or charity?

Julia Balandina Jaquier (Moderator)
Founder – 3P Capital Partners – Switzerland

Ewoud Goudswaard (Speaker 1)
General Manager – ASN Bank – Netherlands

Lisa Hall (Speaker 2)
President and Chief Executive Officer – Calvert Foundation – USA

Yvonne Li (Speaker 3)
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer – Avantage Ventures – Hong Kong

_________ (Speaker 4)

15:30 – 16:35

Roundtable Day 2 – Part 2 – Five years of UN-PRI: What have signatories learnt?

Roundtable discussion in cooperation with United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (“UNPRI”, an investor initiative in partnership with UNEP FI and UN Global Compact) at the occasion of UNEP-FI.

_________ (Moderator)

_________ (Speaker 1)

_________ (Speaker 2)

_________ (Speaker 3)

_________ (Speaker 4)

16:35 – 16:40


Pano Kroko
Chief Executive Officer – Green Bonds Investment Bank for the Environment Ltd



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