Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 9, 2012

Anorexic Nation

This July will be remembered because it was the hottest month the United States of America has ever experienced.That is truly amazing to consider because Americans are the most ardent climate change deniers on our world, and this comes now as something that places in perspective science and Climate rality vs religious and ideological denialism and exceptionalism.
And because July was the hottest month since historical temperature record keeping began in America this cannot be fobbed off as a Hollywood conspiracy to tax the Coal and Oil industry’s carbon emissions.

Now the Heat is truly ON.
And of course this scorching heat is felt by all the people who live in America and specifically in the continental US. A time for reckoning, and above all else, a time to tell the truth about Climate Change and a warming planet. Because this warming earth evidence cannot be denied anymore. And for any questions about reality — this evidencce is according to temperature records and data that the US government federal scientists have supplied…

Last month, the average temperature in the USA was 77.6F (25.3C). This is way hotter than the old record set back in July 1936, during a period of severe heat and extreme drought known in the United States and throughout the world as the “Dust Bowl Era” when all hell broke loose and 25 million people were dislocated from the Great Plains of the continental Uited States. Climate refugees who were moved to the Wesstern States because of the severity of CLimate Change..
Now to put things into bleak perspective, please note that the last 12 months were also the warmest months, since modern temperature record keeping began in 1895, in the USA, but also the warmest year since we have historical records from fossil evidence and tree rings as well as from the natural studies from the time of Sir Isaak Newton way back a few centuries from now.
It is worth noting that this last year was also more than 3 degrees Fahreneit, warmer than the average temperature in July during the 20th Century.

This makes for a unique phenomenon for both heat and drought, as well as man made global warming, according to the Associated Press. This represents a very significant increase over the last record. The current heat “is out and beyond those Dust Bowl years. We’re rivalling and beating the “Dust Bowl Era” temperature records consistently from year to year, month to month and day to day.”

The severe drought in the United States, “bakes” all the crops and dries up the humus – the precious top soil – that produces all of our food. This is because the very warm high night-time temperatures of 2012 do not allow the humus to remoisten itself up, by absorbing the nightly cool moisture. Even the morning dew is gone. Finished for now and thus infects and birds are going thirsty too. And as it turns out, this year’s heat is way higher than those very high temperatures that turned everything to dust in the “Dust Bowl Era” The infamous “Dust Bowl Era” followed the 1929 Eco-collapse, that caused such great misery, famine and widespread upheaval to all and it hit especially hard the American families, the farmers and the financiers alike. Now it seems we are entering another such era od tears and despair. Because it’s not just the heat, since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has also noted that its index for measuring extreme climatic effects and extreme weather – and not simply heat – has surpassed all its previous records too. Unsurprisingly the last record was set last year in 2011, again due to global warming and man made climate change, and again surpassing the “Dust Bowl Era” records. How is that for constancy of catastrophe and not a fluke weather pattern event?

To prove the point, here is the US Extreme Climate Index, which reflects how much of the nation is experiencing extreme weather, is at 37% – above an average of 20%.

For the first seven months of the year the index was at 46%, trumping the old record set in 1934.

Meanwhile, the NOAA’s drought monitor suggested that 63% of the lower 48 states was affected by drought, and would lead to the smallest corn yield in the last six years. The US is the world’s largest grower and exporter of corn and soybeans, and the heat and drought has prompted global concern over increasing food prices.

Over the last two months, the price of corn has been climbing. On July 19th, it exceeded $8 per bushel for the first time, taking the world into a new food price terrain. With heat and drought still smothering the Corn Belt, we may well see more all-time highs in coming weeks as the extent of crop damage becomes clearer.

When the thermometer rises above the norm, plants suffer. As a rule, as the temperature rises to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, photosynthesis increases. From 68 to 95 degrees it remains steady. Beyond this it declines fast. At 104 degrees, photosynthesis ceases entirely. At such elevated temperatures, plants go into thermal shock.

Intense heat also disrupts pollination. Corn is particularly vulnerable because of its complex pollination system. The tassel at the top of a corn plant releases pollen, which must fall on each strand of silk coming out of the ear of corn and travel to the kernel site, where fertilization occurs. If it is too hot, the silk will turn brown and dry out, leaving the pollen with no chance of reaching its destination.

This year’s drought has taken a crop that started out nearly as good as it gets to one where the USDA rates only 23 percent of the crop to be in “good” to “excellent” condition. The last time the crop deteriorated so badly was in 1988, when heat and drought combined to shrink the harvest by 39 percent.

What happens to the US corn crop production, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of the global harvest, concerns the entire world. Of the big three grains—corn, wheat, and rice—the corn harvest is now by far the largest, totaling near 900 million tons compared with less than 700 million tons for wheat and 460 million tons for rice. Wheat and rice are the world’s food staples, while corn is the staple maize for all of Central and Latin American and primarily, the feedgrain for the world’s cattle, all other livestock, poultry and farmed fish…

Although Northern people do not eat much corn directly, a huge amount is consumed directly by many nations like Mexico, the First native Peoples of the Americas, and now the Latin and the Meso-Americans, and by all of the rest of us indirectly in our food supply. Much of the food in the super markets and inside our refrigerators — from our milk, cheese, hamburger, eggs, yogurt, and ice cream —- is produced with corn. All soft drinks contain corn suryp same as all sweet things and food supplements. Consequently, the rise in corn prices this summer will boost food prices as high-priced corn works its way through the beef, pork, poultry, and dairy production cycles.

The current rise in corn prices comes at a time when grain prices are already elevated. Even before this summer, grain and soybean prices were double those of six years ago. So we are now going from high prices to even higher prices.

And for you Leaders and Government bureaucrats out there, please remember the fate of Mubarak of Egypt, because this food insecurity escalation will almost certainly translate into spreading social unrest and rebellion. Couldn’t you see this coming a mile off when we were cautioning about Climate Change’s nasty side effects?

Well, now let’s reap what we sowed…
Methinks, we’ll reap the nasty dried as dust Grapes of Wrath…

Because the one certain consequence of fast-climbing corn prices is that people will find themselves moving down into abject poverty and being a lower part of the food chain. Many of the 3 billion people in the world who are currently moving up the food chain, a big chunk of them in Southeast Asia and India and Pakistan, Bangladesh in particular, may suddenly find the price of their dietary staple grains and of livestock and poultry products rising much faster than their incomes, thus forcing them to cut their regular food consumption patterns.

Thus in the months ahead, we are likely to see more people moving down the food chain than at any time in our history.

This is SERIOUS…

Anorexia nervosa is now fast becoming a necessary fashion.

And Summer is not over yet.



When the price of one of the big three grains goes up, the prices of the other two typically follow suit.

With wheat and rice prices now also rising, hunger will spread among the world’s poor, reducing many more people to one meal per day or simply none…

Many more people will taste famine for the first time in their lives than before. And they just might lose their lives to it too…
as so often happens when we are stressed in our food resource economy.

Naturally, I’ve got a few questions of my own here to pose to You:

Please answer honestly.

How is that for the UN millennial goals trumpeteer swans? ANd how is that for the United Nations and it’s achievments ? And how is that for the corporate lackeys and the PR Greenwashers out there?

Lastly how is all that working for You ?

Please go tell this to the people denying the Environmental impact of Climate change and of our fossil fuel economy’s CO2 emissions to the state of the world’s economy and food security.

Especially tell this to a certain Presidential candidate in America who is fact free and sprouting lies as ideological insanities about the Bain free world.
This is particularly nasty and un-Christian, when mothers have a hard time putting food in the mouths of babes and have no choice to make between who lives and who dies.
This is already a reality in many places, around our world.

What we see in the Horn of Africa, in Darfur, in South Sudan and in the Sahel, might just beciome the norm for more than half of the world we live in.


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