Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 12, 2012

Warming up our Frogs and the 20:20:20 Environmental Parliament Policy

WHile the US goes through it’s host of issues with the divisive Politics, the slow economy and the great unemployment, it also has to face it’s own Demons. Real and Imaginary…
We all experienced what comes across as abysmally hot Summer but that is not the end of it. Nor is it an isolated event in our lives because where the Climate and the Earth are concerned, everything is interconnected…
The Environmental impacts and the feedback looops from the warming earth and the drying atmosphere above it, are manifold.
Much like the proverbial frog getting slowly cooked in the warming pot, and being unwilling to jump out; we are doing this to ourselves, because we refuse to take action to turn down the Thermostat…
And if you need proof that we are boiling alive, look at the temparature records data set. Because from the beginning of the 21st century we have lived the hottest years of the last 1,000 years. Global warming is generating abrupt changes in the weather: the retreat of glaciers and the decrease of the polar ice caps; increasing sea levels and the flooding of coastal areas, where approximately 60% of the world population live.

Because of that the Environmental Parliament’s 20-20-20 Governmental Policy for reduction of CO2 emissions, is a priority to be implemented by as many countries as possible across the globe. Already the Environmental Parliament 20-20-20 policy has become the law within the European Union and it works.
Now on to China and the United States because both countries have been heavily affected already by man made Climate Change and are ripe for a change in Policy away from fossil fuel burning. Of course the 20-20-20 is a Bipartisan Policy that takes the country to the Road to Safety, in small measured baby steps…

Because we need this immediate Climate Change action this Environmental Parliament 20-20-20 policy brings now, since the climate forings are becoming a daily occurence…

Both the Arctic Ice shelf, and the Greenland Ice sheet are collapsing. Sea levels are rising across the globe and the heat is on in a feedback loop effect that scares the most seasoned Military and NASA analysts along with all the scientists of the Environmental Parliament too.
We have heard how the famous Larsen ice shelf collapsed and disappeared ten years ago. A giant slab of ice 87-kilometers long – the size of some small countries – vanished in less than three weeks. What if this “Larsen effect” were to repeat itself on a vastly greater scale?

At the Chilean research base in King George Island, scientists told me that the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet is at risk.

If it broke up, sea levels could rise by six meters. Think of the effect on the coastlines and cities: New York, Mumbai and Shanghai, not to mention small island nations. It may not happen for 100 years – or it could happen in 10. We simply do not know. But when it happens, it could occur quickly, almost overnight.

It sounds like the script of a disaster movie. But this is science, not science-fiction.



And now we have the Greenland Glacier at risk and of course all of the Arctic sea ice getting lost.
What do you fee is the Solution?

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