Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 21, 2012

Who’s your daddy ?

Imminent Civilization Collapse is upon us only because the global environmental system is collapsing, local ecosystems are being destroyed, entire bioregions are becoming uninhabitable and all sustaining resources such as water, air, food, soil, climate, oceans, forests will all soon be gone…
And the most serious ecological failure is because we are in a state of complete failure in understanding the scale, the magnitude, and the sheer terror, of ecosystem collapse.
A collapse of which abrupt climate change is only a part…

However we seem to know and understand the degree of social change necessary to sustain global ecosystems and thus save humanity and the effort necessary to accomplish this scares the hell out os us and resigns us to inaction.

In short, we are all sleepwalking to the proverbial cliff…



Earth is the mother and Father os us all.
Not doing anything is cause for doom.
Doing fuck all – the same.

Where is the golden thread?

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