Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 26, 2012

Arctic Sea ice has crashed – Environmental Parliament London meeting and Press Conference this Monday evening

Arctic Sea ice has reached it’s lowest point ever, this early in the season as a direct result of global warming and climate change.

The all time minimum record for arctic sea ice extent was broken the 24th August according to NSDIC figures.

When you think that the actual minimum for this season was unlikely to have been reached until late September or even later then you begin to realise how much of a bombshell this really is.

We are seeing the all-time low record not just broken this year but obliterated. A true Olympic gold record…

This means that an ice free arctic ocean could very rapidly become a reality and the consequences could be profound for the effect that the warming arctic is already having on global weather patterns and the devastating impact on global food supplies.

Additionally there is the potentially apocalyptic impact of a massive methane release triggered by an ice free and therefore warmer arctic ocean.

Because of this, the ENVIRONMENTAL PARLIAMENT is holding an Emergency session of concerned earth, climate and weather scientists and elected leaders, this Monday at the Environmental Parliament London offices on Kensington High Street, followed by a Press Conference this Monday August 27th at 2pm. Press Conference at 6pm.



To receive Press Releases, follow the Environmental Parliament Science Media Centre.

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