Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 24, 2012

Human Arrogance

The human need and propensity for control of Nature is an arrogant idea…

As a matter of fact it is a downright bad idea.

Because us humans think that it is easier now to change our Environment to adapt to our needs than to change ourselves..

And placing this in the context of our problem solving we are found wanting. In particular this week we are all gathered in an institution called the UN, at a time and place where conflict & war is discussed and agreed upon. This is the main, business of the UN. And that is fine since this is the purpose this body and forum were created to serve.

Yet when we come together to discuss the Environment and our relationship to Nature, within this forum, we are doing it a disservice. And discussing our relationship to Nature, alongside Syria’s conflict, Iran nuclear weapons sanctions and North Korea along with Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and all the other hot spots and war zones of this world — it’s plain wrong. Because the UN discussion, connotes competition, mistrust, conflict and dominance. Putting Nature in the midst of all the conflicts, it downgrades our relationship to that of conflict, dominance and subservience… In short it suggests that we are engaged in a WAR against Nature.

And yet this is what us humans do, year after year. We gather towards the end of September in the opening of the General Assembly of the UN coinciding with “Climate Week” in New York at the United Nations and throw everything in the pot and start stirring our “witch’s brew” to no discernible end. And this is precisely what we are witnessing again taking place in New York, this beautiful Autumn, all over again

We are fooling ourselves thinking we will come to terms with Nature this way. Because the United Nations was founded to deal with issues of war and dominance. And it serves this purpose fully, as an institution created for just the purpose of sanctioning war or alleviating war or imposing terms and conditions and sanctioning war efforts. As it so happens this is the way the General Assembly of the United Nations and the functionaries here are thinking about Nature as well. And it soon becomes evident that their glasses are tinted with the fog of war.
And are also fogged out, about our relationship with this Earth too.

Yet this is not just the wrong type of thinking entirely, it is a disaster and a calamity in the makiing. Because when you rationalize this and recognize that at the UN, we only have hammers to deal with things — therefore all problems are looking like nails — maybe more elegant ideas will be allowed to surface…

Let this sink in.

Time we felt this deeply.

Time we realized that we need elegance in our approach to solving the Big Problemms.

Time to find harmonious methods to channel our energies to solutions.

And certainly high time to endow proper institutions to deal with our codependant relationshiip to the Environment and Nature.

And the Environmental Parliament is doing just that in New York.

Care to join us?



Because to suggest that we are anything more than just a blip in the history of Earth is the mark of direct and blind arrogance.

Our science and our seers inform us otherwise…

Yet we persist.

Still we ought to remember: “When we start messing around with Nature, bad things happen.”

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