Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 3, 2012

Germany’s distributed Solar is displacing Nuclear as Baseload Energy for the economy

 For the first time ever, For tGerman solar plants produced as much energy as 20 nuclear plants combined.
 You know this is a new record because it consists of more than twenty Gigawatts per hour, an astonishing feat that allows Germany to switch off all of it’s nuclear reactors….
An incredible production total of 22 GigaWatts of Solar Electric Energy now powers the vaunted German industry, business and economy. This rather cheap form of energy – when compared to nuclear – is produced per day light hour from distributed solar thermal plants, solar panel farms and individual solar arrays, all aggregated from across the country….
 German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour ~ equal to 20 nuclear power stations running at full capacity. Yet solar does this without any side effects…
 Germany sets a world record for Solar electricity production this week in the world and in the not so sunny climate of Northern Europe with it’s production of 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour streaming to the grid from the sun’s rays…
This is the world’s leadership position and  America has lost both the opportunity and the pole position it occupied since the invention and the early day investments into solar technology…
China is the runner up after Germany with production of Solar Energy trailing at 17 Gigawatts per hour…

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