Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 8, 2012

The living skin of our planet

Greenpeace and WWF as well as the United Nations and well meaning countries like Brazil and Indonesia are inadvertently stripping away the living skin of our planet in their efforts at sustainable economic development…

They are simply contributing to the deforestation by allowing primary forest and old growth rainforests as well as local old forests to be torn down and replaced with industry driven palm oil plantations and low earth value eucalyptus and other industrial pulp and paper product trees.  This s a crime in an of itself because the industry with the help of corrupt politicians and local administrators manages to get all the valuable old growth timbers clear cutting the forests and destroying the ecosystems and the mechanisms created to help maintain the forests are exploited for the opposite result… and they are also giving Carbon Credits to the forest destroyers.

What a convoluted world we live in when official United Nations policy and the well meaning good folks at Greenpeace and the WWF along with huge paper and pulp company executives, all unconsciously conspire and thus contribute along with the common slash and burn criminals to the deforestation of the Amazon and the Asian rainforests

The whole forest destruction is termed illegal logging and yet the official wood and pulp industry leaders are responsible for an illegal mission that has become very attractive to business and criminal organizations over the past decades.

Additionally to the exploitation caused by the shortsightedness of the United Nations COP conventions, the Kyoto protocol and the REDD agreements — we have the REDD+ and it’s sanctioned destruction of the primary old growth Rainforests. And all other forests worldwide are similarly harmed. So here comes a  new report to shed light on this disaster. This report finds that up to 90 per cent of tropical deforestation can be attributed to this officially sanctioned organised crime. And it’s no small potatoes either. Because this illicit trade controls up to 90 per cent of the global rainforest timber trade…

And because this went unseen for years, environmental regulators thought that illegal logging and the destruction of the rainforests was decreasing worldwide. But apparently they were just looking in the wrong places and discounting the satellite imagery. So says the lead author and editor of the new report on Rainforest destruction Christian Nelleman, on the October report from the Environment Program .

Logging industry’s import and export records don’t tell the whole truth, he says. When the report’s authors factored in the impact of sophisticated concealment techniques of the kind used by drug cartels, they discovered that rates of illegal logging have actually been rising. The criminals have become simply better at hiding their tracks. Common ploys include forging permits, hacking trade databases, bribing officials, concealing timber’s true origin, and hiding illegal timber amid legal stocks. International crime organisations that get involved in the timber trade bring considerable resources and expertise. They are attracted by both the profits and the low risk of being caught…

After all, shipping timber, unlike ivory or drugs, is not illegal — anywhere. If anything it’s seen as a development mechanism and a growth economy tool and therefore protected and promoted across the world.

Yet the reality is far darker.

Because as Nelleman says, “What we’re shocked about is the sheer scale of timber that goes unaccounted for.”




In 2008, for instance, Indonesia officially exported 18.6 million more cubic metres of wood than in 2000. This additional wood ostensibly came from legal plantations, but most of these plantations turned out to be bogus.

Loggers simply cut down forests instead.

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