Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 18, 2012

A new moon over Canton – Pano’s China Speaking Tour

A new moon is a rather auspicious beginning for my new travels and my China speaking tour for EP policy engagement in the most populous and powerful Republic the world over….

Yes, yes these are not official facts and figures that make up the PRC the world’s power house, but it can be argued that it stands thus… Because when it falters and a billion Chinese jump the other way — you’ll see the effects.

And so it stands to reason that a new China Climate Change & Energy Policy, much like Europe’s 20 20 20 is needed. And since the 20-20-20 was invented by the Environmental Parliament it has a place under the sun here and now.

With the prophet’s moon rising, I shall be speaking in Canton on the 19th and 20th, in Beijing FSB on the 21st and in Shanghai on the 23rd.  Join me and let’s have a community diner afterwards too.




In Hong Kong and Yunnan we also plan the speaking tour, but details will be forthcoming later.


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