Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 18, 2012

Brain Software in China

Being in Beijing inspires whole lot of self examination on the average person…

And it augments the senses of the Leaders amongst us because the stories of the successive Kingdoms Rise and Collapse is evident all around us.

Especially so when one walks the eerie silence of the forbidden city and the Emperor’s palace with the vast courtyards and opulence of a benevolent empire, long gone.

And for me the foreboding unease of an imminent doom is in the air, as I walk the gardens and pass through successive gates of indifferent design and architecture.

Collapse of civilizations is nothing new and the mindset that allows for this or the tiredness and simple evolutionary principle has to be respected.  But not when we can help it and avert the course of human suffering that our mindless actions cause.

This current state of affairs is where we are going and with Climate Change already showing it’s ferocity against the species inhabiting this fast warming planet, there might not even be a museum to remember us by once we are gone. And if you think that you are gonna survive because you’ve got a strong passport, wealth, a Swiss account, a mountain home, or superman cape — think again. When the time comes we are all exiting stage left. All of us — No exceptions.

End of Story and no credit line…

Roll back a week ago near Paris and you’ll see where am coming from…

Because that is when I met with Peter Samuelson legendary filmmaker, and we talked in the old Chateau in Chantilly, as guests of my friend Jean Bernard Guerrée who puts together the amazing World Investment Conferences and the Premiere Innovation gathering called I7 in Chantilly, where I had the honour to participate and offer an Innovation Master Class style workshop.

Yet meeting here with Peter boosted our own innovation quotidient and we talked late hours about our much maligned world and how to shape it by design. No, not in a grandiose way to remake the future n some Ayn Rand fantasy, but how to help people see. Really See. And we didn’t talk absurdities about saving the world either, but we simply talked like old friends about the State of the World and what can be done to avoid collapse….

One seldom meets a famous Hollywood writer, director and screen dream creator, without making a few dreams of one’s own. And being near the city of Light and Love, me and the Master, talked, schemed and thought BIG.

Peter is a kind soul and after hearing my lament about our state of the Environment and the work the Environmental Parliament struggles with — he suggested to me that we should make a movie to challenge accepted reality and change the Psychology of humans towards Global warming if we are to effect changes in human behaviour… towards the Earth.

Yet instead of relying upon his old tools of trade, his friends and colleagues from Hollywood, he suggested to include the Psychology Department of the University of California in Los Angeles in our talks, to get the ball rolling… for the film.

Needless to say — I was intrigued.

So we talked and planned a thinking revolution and a film to chronicle this in a way other humans can relate and change based on the capacity their psychology affords them to adapt and even enjoy change.

And here is the Bridge to my thoughts.

Because a bridge s always necessary to cross the chasm. To bridge the divide of disbelief. To break through the barriers. To start a Revolution…

And that’s exactly what we set out to do.

My work with Brain Software is well known and the book Brain Software can be seen as a litmus test and a Catalyst for change.

Brain Software includes what we might call Ecological Psychology but I never focused on this aspect of it.

Read the Book and you’ll understand… And it’s a good read for those sleepless nights when you get bedeviled by the “Demons” causing havoc in your head. The little bugs running wild in your brains’ software and causing you to mistake dreams for reality and reality for view point.

Read the book because Brain Software is good for you.

Brain Software makes you smarter. REALLY SMART.

Brain Software makes you powerful. REALLY POWERFUL.

Brain Software makes you prettier. REALLY PRETTY

Really Handsome…

No — Not really, but it will surely makes you a Brainiac…

And just by reading the Book, you get a Brain Orgasm, and who knows what else might follow…

Because you suddenly understand things that never made all that much sense before, yet you accepted them on blind faith alone. And you never questioned them.

Or just read the book for the big O of your life. The big Brain Orgasm or simply read it for the time of your life.

After all where else can you get an instant Operating System Upgrade where it matters the most ?

Where else can you get a debugging of the brain software you’ve been carrying around for so long ?

And if you are lost in thought here it is where you can be found.  Because reading the Brain Software book gives you instant Power. After all knowledge is power, and the simple recognition of Brain Software – the fact that you recognize you are a thinking machine – means you are now the programmer…. You become the Master of your domain fully. All religion and ideology aside, you are the one who can imbue your powers as you see fit.

This is the most powerful place to be in the Universe. The programmer of your own thoughts and of your own life. The Programmer and the Administrator of your head-on computer. The Master of your Mind. You be the man. That is what Brain Software is all about and that is what the book can do for you…

You can read the Brain Software book, here under Creative Commons licence – gratis – free of charge to my beloved readers, leaders and happy scoundrels at large:

Yet for all of my attachment to the Brain Science, the Cognitive workings of our minds and the feed loop mechanisms of Software and Operating systems for our head computer called Brain and the Mind within — I’ve included psychology which is another area through which we can attract intelligence, modify behaviour and foster change. All in my quest to alter and enhance the human behavioural response in order to solve the problems we created with our present day low level of thinking.

We need to take out thinking to a higher level.

Simple as that…

And we need leaders to take us to the promised land. Thinking Philosopher Democratic Leaders like Samuel and not “Kings” or mental deficits and retards masquerading as leaders because these oppressive machines called political parties throw up their vomit candidates.

Leadership is not animal and is not mental either.  It’s not even consciously obvious traits of eloquence or charisma.  It is a deep evolutionary, biological need to find a strong person to help, to lead, and to serve in order to get us through the difficult times and to help our tribe survive.  Simple as that. And that is why we get the best leaders in times of crises.

A strong leader is not someone who looks like Arnold Swartzenneger.  I don’t mean muscular strong, though that is often an attractive trait to women and gays, but mentally strong and resilient. An emotionally secure and stable person whose counsel you value in hours of need usually makes a good leader. A steady hand at the helm. A great steersman like Chairman Mao. An aloof General like George Washington. A seriously principled thinker like Abraham Lincoln. A Brainiac like Pericles. That is what a good head man is all about.

A NATURAL LEADER is one you can trust to provide a steady boon of life and resources for you and your family. A strong man that will offer you shelter from the storm. A woman that will be thoughtful enough to allow you to live peacefully and deliver you health, safety and prosperity. A leader who will give you clear vision of future rewards & prosperity, so you can continue passing on your genes for healthy children to fulfil your biological destiny and to meet the needs of the tribe. That is who will be likely to lead well in the future. And the goodness of the leader — the boon of his work and how he communicates this to the people for their benefit — is policy.

This is not only my empirical theory of leadership, based on long observation of the present as well as History and by reading Homer and Herodotus, but also from Lao Tse Tung and as expressed in the art of war of the Selfish Gene, when explained by Christ Church fellow Oxford Don, Richard Dawkins. Because a leader’s blend of strengths could be strength of wit with a flexible mind, strength of character through strong moral leadership, and strength of purpose through social leadership. But most importantly He has to deliver strong Policy for the People. This Policy bit and a show of will to influence his people in preserving this policy long past the leader’s days, out of their own self interest and for their own good will is what distinguishes a leaders from a bureaucrat. An Alexander from a Mr Brown. A George Washington from a King named George…

And the leader always knows how and where you stand on the important issues of the day, how you breathe in this polluted climate of ours, how you make do in this diminished economy and constrained resources planet, how you feed your family and the price of bread and milk. How you get your education and healthcare. How you make ends meet and exactly who and where is unemployed and keep a chart of this all in his head — day and night. He has to know all this and yet he still has to deliver the goods. He has to bring about the enlightened policy that serves people well, and he has to lean forward to address people on how you can live your life in plenty even though there is barely enough to get by.

That s why great Policy like the Clean Air and the Clean Water act have helped America become the leader of the Free world. And as this Policy celebrates 40 years today, it’s good to be reminded when we are breathing foul air and drink unclean water traveling n countries – like I find myself in China today – that don’t have this Policy and their environment is fouled…

Clean Air and Clean Water Act is urgently needed in the People’s Republic of China

Leaders bring policies that deliver bounty for their people. All of their people and the great leaders deliver policies that are good for all the Peoples of this Earth. That’s another thing to remember…

That’s a leader in my book and I likewise seek to disseminate my focus in all that matters to the Public. That’s my eye for a Leader. And in that eye I’ve developed the series of leadership Energy & Environment Policy initiatives like 10-10 and the 20-20 that became the law of the whole of European Union now known as 20-20-20 and more so the 30-30 and on in order to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels by the end of this century where 100-100 will be the end of this policy.  And that ‘s the other good thing about policy — it has to have a beginning a middle and an end. No open ended policy that is good for the people exists, and that’s why we need refreshing new Brain Software every few decades and in some cases daily in order to stay current to this fast moving and challenging world of ours.

Take a look at how well this 20-20 leadership policy that I invented and managed to spread within the Environmental parliament and then within the European Parliament and that we have made it now the Law of the whole European Union, and you’ll see how it affects your Life positively and how it can be emulated into China and the United States with favourable results.

So go ahead read the Brain Software book because it will make you a better leader. And leaders exude natural power, whether in office or not. Whether part of a cabinet or part of a community. Whether part of a family or a tribe they are the go to guys and that’s all good for the maintenance of the species because “power” is an aphrodisiac as our old friend Niccolo Machiavelli might have told you had he been around. And the species’ females are drawn to this leader, in order to ensurethe best genes for their babies and thus mate successfully for the future. So read the book – become a better leader and guess what — you’ll get laid:

And this is all good news for brainy guys. After all China’s leaders are all engineering types for good reason. They just know how to solve problems. Big Problems. Attraction towards leaders is the litmus test for natural leadership. Richard Dawkins has a second fascinating theory about attraction in the human species at this stage of our evolution – that one of the prime “strength” attractions, is not musculature but intelligence. This, he says, explains the explosive and unparalleled growth of the human cerebral functions.  A species fit to survive is based on co-opting evolution in our favour. Because throughout human evolutionary history, human females sought good male brains to mate with, since good brains make for excellent survival skills. So perhaps reading Brain Software will not only make you smarter, but will put a smile on your face and offer you a chance for a longer fruitful Life. Because if you get laid, chances are you’ll be happily coupled as well. And empirical evidence suggests that married people live longer and have more offsprings, thus ensuring a better future — through better genes — for us all. It’s a full circle. Get it?  You can read the Brain Software book, here under Creative Commons licence – gratis – free of charge to my beloved readers, leaders and happy scoundrels at large:

 Brain Software, much like Behavioural Economics, Pop-psychology or current day Eco-psychology — a new genre — on the face of it seems daft, yet worthy of examination and thoughtful reading. Long story short, as one thing led to another and I started researching the subject — I came upon the whole literature of Ecopsychology. It is blossoming now everywhere, like Lit Erotica. Not exactly 50 shades of Gray, but the closest thing you’ll get to all the Freudian sex stuff and the Jungian all about my Mother shift… and Oedipus taking his eyes out and all the gory tantalizing stuff.

So here are some nuggets from the early practitioners in the field and the most famous auteurs seen through the lens of Brain Software and mindful development.

Ecological Psychology

Ecopsychology  is the subject of intense debate and in some ways an excuse used by the professional deniers in order to hide their sinister motives and to declare the issues of Global Warming somehow related to the unalterable psyche and not to the aberrant behaviour of our co-humans….


The scientific community’s consensus is that our warming world is a direct result of human activity. That much is clear.

The effects of continued warming on the planet are already tremendously negative and in the near term, will be unimaginably painful for humanity. That is also irrefutable.

On the long term it doesn’t matter because none of us will be here anymore and there will be nobody around to refute the evidence nor debate the issues. This is reality.

So how do we change this behaviour that leads us inexorably to an existential crisis that has only one outcome?

Extinction and Collapse of civilizations is nothing new… It happens all the time and much too often for my taste… but there it is.

Surely our software we carry around in our neck top computers is faulty after all the iterations of it that were invented in the deserts of Arabia and Palestine and were imposed upon a faltering operating system, but we are working fast to fix this…

However one has to question the cognitive sanity of our whole human race when we know the outcome of our actions and yet refuse to change. Maybe a mass suicide like the lemurs? Or following the pied piper to the brink…

We all talk about change and idolize leaders who use the words…

Yet, to date, little change in thought or behavior has occurred in order to address this issue. And as such, it is important to explore the deep psychological roots involved with this problem.

As any change must begin somewhere, it is the single individual who will experience it and carry it through. The change must indeed begin with an individual; it might be any one of us. Not necessarily a Leader outside of us, but us. You and me baby… nobody else.

Because nobody who has children at stake or a collapsing civilization, and can afford to look around and wait for somebody else to do what he is responsible to do himself. Yet she is loath to do anything herself for fear of being the disadvantaged. The early mover. The pioneer.  The one who will pay the price. Excuses ad Infinitum. And that is why countries and leaders fail to act and have allowed things to get this far. Because people don’t act.

But since nobody wants to act and none seems to know how and what to do, it might be worthwhile for each one of us to ask himself whether by any chance his or her unconscious may know something that will help us.

Right about now, humanity has reached a critical point in its evolution. Our insatiable desire for energy has led to increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and these gases are causing the planet to warm. If we continue on our current path of energy use, then within 90 years, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels will be where they were 40 million years ago.

In essence, we are returning Earth’s climate to that of the very warm deep past, one that our species and many others have never experienced.

As a climate scientist who has worked on the problem of global warming for over 20 years, I am convinced that civilization now faces its greatest challenge. I came to this conclusion over time and after deep consideration of the scientific evidence on this issue. Some would like us to believe that this is not the case, but an overwhelming majority of scientists now agree that our planet is warming due to human activity and that this warming will continue into far the future, even if we are to stop burning fossil fuels right now completely…

So the incentive to act is further removed since the effects are already on the way regardless of our action. Or so it seems. And if you ask me what to do — I know exactly what needs to be done…

Yet the Pop- Psychologists want to tell us to ask the subconscious and wait for the sex drive to kick in. Or the Freudian, or the Oedipus complex and the Gaia- Mother complex and all such…

Personally, I hold the tension between knowing the scientific facts of global warming and feeling distress, despair, and anxiety surrounding this issue.

Over the past 10 years of giving public presentations on this issue, I have moved from just speaking about the scientific facts of global warming to asking people how they actually feel about these facts.

I ask people in my lectures to tell me what they want to do with their lives and how long they have to do these things… It’s always shocking to them, when I ask them to read their neighbours’ wish list, that they see all of us wanting the exact same things:

Because we all basically want these three things:

To Love and be Loved, to be Working and to find Meaning in Life through family, meaningful endeavours and meeting others by traveling.

Three simple things we all want…

Yet on a personal level, it has been a transformative experience for me to see people’s deep emotional concern over these issues, in which these all too human feelings and wants are coupled with a sense of helplessness and the full realization that they will not live long enough – under today’s climate conditions – to fulfill their dreams. And thus, I often hear people ask, “What can I do?”

Many of us find ourselves hard up, asking this question: “What can we do?

I have no ready answer to this question when it is genuinely asked in pain…

So I leave it unanswered because I know the answer lies within each and everyone of us. We all know good and evil and where the chips fall.

It’s just a matter of following your heart – I say.

There are many answers to this question and all of them right or wrong depending on your perspective.

Yet the professional psychologists among us believe that it might be worthwhile for each of us to ask… whether our unconscious may know something that will help us, because this brings a perspective that has been absent in looking for answers. Maybe it is now time to ask our unconscious for help in dealing with this problem.

The Socrates Cave Theory of Global Warming

Humans know that whatever is wrong in the world is because of himself and herself, and if we only learn to deal with our own shadow we can  then do something real for the world. We have succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day. How can anyone see straight when we do not even see ourself and the darkness we unconsciously carry with us into all our dealings and the fact we are chained into the walls of the cave of our belief systems and can only see the shadows of the real world?

Our personal shadows also reflect out onto the world at large. To become conscious of the shadow world, involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. So to address the “unsolved social problems of our day” requires each of us to own the darkness within. Our shadows are the very things within that we refuse to acknowledge. Neglecting the shadow always results in negative consequences for the individual and the outer world.

Or in a pure psychological profiling: Just as analysis often begins with a spell on the couch while looking into the dark recesses of the soul and the shadows of the mind, it is worthwhile to look at the shadow aspects of global warming.

On an individual level we find ourselves often unwilling to acknowledge our role in this problem. We blame others as the cause of the problem; for example, global warming exists because of large corporations who want to exploit the Earth and it’s resources, or the issue exists because world governments and politicians refuse to deal with the problem, or the aliens made us do it.. and the climate deniers and sceptics are responsible for our failure to act. Often the problem itself is unacknowledged, as evidenced in climate change deniers in leadership of our governments. Of course, it is easy to project the problem onto faceless bodies such as corporations and governments. But in reality, each of us is contributing to this primarily all too human problem.

Because of our love of consumption

In the United States, we love to drive automobiles, shop, and live in wasteful comfort. In China we love to be the factory to the world and to manufacture all sorts of good using cheap coal energy. In Europe we love to be harpies about what we do and claim moral credit for wanting to reduce our emissions, yet we are just as wasteful as Americans are only we outsource and hide our emissions better. In Africa we simply want development at any cost and thus coal is the way to go – same as in India. And increasingly Brazil and latin America are on the path to coal plenty…

Yet this is clearly our dark side. As individuals we must own our shadow side with regard to global warming because only looking at the negatives of our psyche we can evolve past the bend of innocence.

When I engage the public discussions around the issue of consumption, people often place much of the blame on the fossil fuel industry. These corporations become the evil cause of global warming. In these moments, I often ask: Where is the greed within us? Can we look at our own personal desires to own so much and live in a certain way?

On the collective level, the shadow of global warming can be understood as the dark side of a fundamental belief that guides much of our relating to the outer world. This most central belief system is in unending growth.

Limits to Growth

Growth is an inherent aspect of a vibrant life, in which we view growth and well-being as synonymous. The belief that national economies, personal capital, and material value must increase year after year is inherent to most Western cultures and has now become of central concern in non-Western societies, for example, China and India. The shadow side of this myth is that in order to unceasingly grow, we must forever consume. In relation to global warming, it is our incessant need for energy that leads to the massive consumption of fossil fuels, that is, oil and coal. This need to consume feeds our living myth of growth. Any challenge to the ideology of perpetual growth evokes a strong affective reaction on the national level (let alone the individual level). This strong feeling response to challenging growth tells us that the shadow of consumption feels threatened and that a complex is involved. Just reflect on the global anxiety around the current economic slowdown and you see a manifestation of this collective shadow. Thus to deal with global warming, we will need to face the shadow of consumption.

I believe that our civilization is, in effect, addicted to the consumption of the earth itself. This addictive relationship distracts us from the pain of what we have lost: a direct experience of our connection to the vividness, vibrancy, and aliveness of the rest of the natural world.

Here we see many of the central aspects of our desire to consume Earth. This negative archetypal force flows through us and manifests as our need to devour. It is important to note that the opposite of the negative mother archetype symbolically represents abundance, growth, and fecundity, that is, the goddess Demeter. Both positive and negative forms of the archetypes are active in each of us and also in the collective. A one-sided approach of wanting to embrace only the positive Good Mother (Growth) leads to an unconscious acting out of the archetypal shadow, that is, the Terrible Mother (Consumption).

On a very personal note, where is my shadow around the issue of global warming? This issue hit home recently when someone confronted me about my flying to give a presentation on global warming. Wasn’t I being hypocritical to fly to a faraway place—and hence burn fossil fuels—to talk about this issue? I admitted to the person that indeed I was contributing to the problem through my choice to fly. I often reflect on how I live and the things I consume that are contributing to the problem. Are there ways—like the Internet—that would allow me to reach out to people on this issue without consuming as much?

Complexes and Global Warming

We are not really masters in our house. We like to believe in our will-power and in our energy and in what we can do; but when it comes to a real show-down we find that we can do it only to a certain extent, because we are hampered by those little devils the complexes. Complexes are autonomous groups of associations that have a tendency to move by themselves, to live their own life apart from our intentions.

Complexes are coherent autonomous structures of the psyche that hold strong affective charge. The formation of a particular complex arises from either an early developmental trauma or from the collective unconscious. Once castellated, a complex can become sufficiently strong that it dominates the ego’s ability to make decisions. A complex can make us behave in ways that are completely foreign and at odds to our ego’s will. Jung felt that complexes appear in collective forms, as well. This concept of a cultural complex in which whole nations or groups can be caught up in a particular complex, for example, fundamentalism. It is important to note that complexes appear in both positive, creative forms and negative, destructive forms. They are a reality of life. We do not get rid of complexes but can become more conscious of their existence and learn when they are taking control of our lives.

What autonomous feeling-toned complexes occur around global warming? In addressing this question, it helps to look for strong emotional, often highly charged behaviors related to the issue of global warming. I have found very strong emotional reactions to this issue at both the individual and group level. At times the reaction is so intense that something is blocking the person’s or group’s ability to discuss the issue in a constructive manner. The phenomenon of being psychologically blocked is a definite sign of an active complex. People may become so agitated over the issue that they become full of rage.

Current personal attacks, including death threats against climate scientists, are indications of the strong feelings and poisonous “atmosphere” surrounding this issue. Much like the poison we spew into the air in the form of airborne carbon, CO2 and soot, we also seek to silence the Prophets of our generation by spewing our toxic poison at them. All the religious leaders always claim theirs was the last Prophet and his name is ….. and his words are engraved in gold for eternity. Yet when you’ve seen one – you’ve seen them all and thus can’t believe anyone of them. So I’ll take my chances with the Prophet Du Jour who speaks clearly and enunciates his words carefully about the dangers of climate change and this human caused fast warming Earth.

And it’s our fault too because most Environmentalists can also be filled with rage. A toxic rage that incapacitates their ability to act in public, in government and academia, and in civil disobedience, and thus makes them useless for constructively arguing for solutions to the global warming problem.

Some other people actually feel threatened by the natural environment. For them, controlling nature is imperative. God help them…

This need to control the environment can be rooted in a power complex that operates in an aggressive way to expand its dominion over people and environments. Often this complex is rooted in a negative Father archetype that wants to conquer the world, either literally or metaphorically. This complex can be strongly aligned with a money complex, for wealth and power often aid one another.

The desire to consume is related to the archetypal Terrible Mother, in which the shadow of the Devouring Mother archetype can be the core of a negative mother complex. This complex manifests in our irrational spending habits, in which we buy things that we do not need. After purchasing the object, we ask what possessed us to buy the object! Advertising agencies clearly recognize this tendency to want to consume, and they create effective images that trigger our desire to consume.

You Wanna Save the World?

People wanting to save the world from global warming can be taken over by an irrational force from within. This force may be so strong that they carry out destructive acts to accomplish their goals. This overwhelming feeling of wanting to save may indicate an active savior complex. The archetypal core of this complex can be either a positive Mother archetype or the archetype of the Self. The positive, creative aspect of this complex is the drive to address the issue of global warming head on. The negative aspect of the complex is that it can create so much feeling tone that conflicts arise around how to best save the world from global warming. For example, is it possible to find constructive ways to reduce carbon emissions through policy and technology without verbally and physically attacking oil corporations?

Another complex related to the savior figure is the hero complex. The archetypal core of this complex can be thought of in terms of the Greek hero Hercules. The Herculean approach to overcoming a problem is through sheer will and power, with a bit of intellectual fortitude. Those who advocate large investments in climate geo-engineering may be under the spell of the hero complex.

Finally, it is important to recognize that the ego is the central organizing complex of consciousness. This complex can experience mood shifts based on what unconscious complexes are vying for power or attention.

In my talks with the public, I have often found that fear plays a significant role in people’s reactions to global warming. The ego feels threatened by the very science of climate change.

Much of this fear is rooted in a sense of loss. Because people recognize the reality of a losing game deep within. They intimately know we are losing this hand and we should throw down the cards and yet we don’t act.

people have fears. Fears of loss of income, fears about job security, fears of actual loss of safety for themselves and family, loss of the future, loss of personal freedom, and perhaps even loss of faith is what keeps people frozen in the middle of the giant mountain of humanity in the Bell curve of our inability to act. Our inability to change…


People are frozen in the middle – resembling a slowly thawing iceberg in our graphs – because they feel that the issue of global warming could easily steal precious parts of their lives. And thus best not do anything about it. Remain frozen, immobile,  and the proverbial “Bear” of global warming will smell you, take you for dead and walk away leaving you unmolested… Yet that is a fairy tale because floods and extreme weather really turn you around and get you dead. Ask old Noah if you don’t believe me.

OOFF — Our Old Friend Fear

Fear is what makes people do or not do things. And change cause fear to all of us: For example, for the strongly independent person who wants the freedom to choose his or her lifestyle, the imposition of taxes on fossil fuel is quite threatening. It is as though a thief has appeared to steal away his or her most loved possession – the free use of the beloved automobile. This sexy symbol of individual freedom as seen in all the Hollywood movies – the automobile and associated mobility is something that provides him or her with a deep sense of self-identity. Freedom to drive alone in a car on the vast freeways in Beijing or Los Angeles or Shanghai and Bangkok and to be stuck in endless traffic for hours, is not exactly as advertised in the movies, but there you have it….

I am certainly not immune to falling into a complex with regard to the issue of global warming. When I get death threats, and personal attacks — I hate it — and yet have to bear it, gather my wits, and keep my Council and Cheer. And so when I get attacked or I see my colleagues being threatened with violence, the suffering we get from Ad Hominem attacks, the mud campaigns, the email break ins, and the PR attacks, the disinterest from Government leaders, the disgust from the public on these issues, and the misinformation being disseminated by special interest groups with vast pockets — at times is overwhelming. I can be overcome… Because a sense of helplessness — a feeling that there is no way to convey the certainty and urgency of this issue to people in power — can descend upon us all, and effectively silence us.

It is that in these dark moments, that sometimes I feel like “channeling” Cato the Roman Citizen, Senator, Soldier, of the Republic, sacrificing himself for Democracy, that I find that myself might have been possessed by a “complex.” Yet by becoming aware of this complex, I can bring this feeling under cognitive control and through conscious reflection, I examine this brain software and begin to recognize the source of the “complex.”

For it is through “Self Awareness” or Cognitive Questioning and Brain Software “bug fixes” — that is by consciously engaging the “complex” — that we can work to disempower its ability to take hold of our thoughts and behaviors.

Then again I soon remember, that we have no time, nor space for dark moods in our struggle to liberate the Earth and it’s people. And I soldier on — barefoot, like Cato would have done in his best of moments. Yet I cherish this Life and enjoy it’s fruits as many others can’t. Because unlike Cato I don’t wish to have more than one lives to give for this struggle — instead — I only have this one and I aim to keep.

YOLO, the Self and Global Warming

The Self…is the “uniting symbol” which epitomizes the total union of opposites.…Hence, properly understood, the Self is not a doctrine or theory but an image born of nature’s own workings, a natural symbol far removed from all conscious intention.

Yes, You Only Live Once…

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Jungian psychology—in comparison to other depth psychologies—is its recognition of the archetypal transpersonal Self. Jung developed the idea of the Self very early in his work, in which he describes the Self as an archetype of wholeness that unites opposites. Of all the archetypes, the Self is tremendously numinous and, as such, often its image appears in the forms of religious symbols. Jung states that “the Self is the principle archetype of orientation and meaning.” The Self provides a transpersonal meaning to our lives. Whereas the ego is the center of consciousness, the Self is the center of the whole psyche. Experience is all. And as Jung notes: “the experience of the Self is always a defeat for the ego.” Given this situation, the ego often resists the analytic work leading to an awareness of the Self. The wisdom of the Self transcends the ego’s perspective of our purpose in the world.

The archetype of the Self and its role in the issue of global warming challenges our rational, logical, and linear view of problem solving. For many, bringing the concept of the Self to bear on the problem of global warming may elicit outright dismissal and cynicism. Nevertheless, for psychologists, the Self has perhaps more to offer in understanding the problem of global warming than any other aspect of the psyche.

As a climate scientist rooted in reason, I have struggled with how to incorporate the Self into any public dialogue on global warming. I have seen the power of this archetype in how it provides guidance and a sense of meaning and fulfillment in people’s lives. I have personally experienced the Self and hence take it is an empirical fact of the psyche.  The current debate of it’s too late to fix the climate, or we cannot cut CO2 pollution and maintain economic growth, is all really hogwash… SEE THIS:  OR: EUClimateAction Climate Action means changing negative narratives into positives that get people involved.

Because we know that we can shift the selfish debate to a positive mode. And we have proven this with the 20-20-20 campaign the Environmental Parliament invented that has now become legislated as the Energy and Environment Law of the whole of Europe. And is the European Law to be observed and the 20-20-20 goals as stated are to be met by all member countries for a positive future. And we believe  the time China to adopt such a strong Climate Change Action. China’s time is now.

One way to understand the role of the Self in the issue of global warming is to focus on the relationship between ego and Self. The goal of psychoanalytic work is to develop a fluid communication between the ego and the Self, in which the ego recognizes that it is not the center of the psyche. Global warming is a result of an uncontrolled desire for energy and the consumption of Earth’s natural resources to meet this desire. As noted, the complexes and archetypes most associated with this behavior are never-ending consumption, symbolically represented in an act of devouring. This unceasing desire to devour can be viewed as a need to fill a felt inner emptiness. An inflated ego believes that accumulating more and more material objects will provide meaning and fulfillment to its existence. As the ego acquires more things, it needs more energy to keep these things functioning, which in turn requires the consumption of more fossil fuels. The outer world manifestation of this vicious cycle is global warming. Ultimately, this cycle to consume arises from the ego’s disconnection from the Self. It is the disconnection from the Self that creates the sense of inner emptiness. If the ego could establish a healthy, working relationship with the Self, then it would experience a sense of wholeness and meaning from within. In this experience of wholeness there would be no reason for the ego to seek fulfillment by consuming the outer world. Without such a conscious connection, the Self is projected out into the world onto religious or corporate objects, ideological beliefs, and all kinds of truisms that only exist to provide “meaning” to life.

Yet this is all very old Brain Software and fairly useless.

Even today’s pop-psychology says that by finding the Self within, the projection is withdrawn, and the ego recognizes that fulfillment lies within one’s psyche. The process of connecting the ego to the Self is called individuation and offers a “new” approach to dealing with the problem of global warming.

The hero’s journey is what each one of us has to undertake symbolically along the lines of adulthood and maturity. Or at the time the right of passage hits upon us in our modern day televised life of apathy. True some people never mature and the lifestyle is their responsibility but for the rest of us, adulthood has some sort of hero rising aspect to it.
And for more complex stories of leadership at the beginning of this journey, we find an ailing or dying king. A young hero is called to venture out into a forest, cave, or sea. After slaying a dragon (or other threatening being), the hero returns with a treasure to become the new king. In terms of global warming, the ailing king is our current collective belief in never-ending economic growth. Given today’s global economic crisis, we can see that the old king is ailing. The Self as hero seeks to become the new king that holds the perspective of opposites. It alone can create new meaning for our ailing situation. To reach conscious recognition, the Self must overcome many obstacles: fear of change and defiance by those invested in the old king. Symbolically this is represented in the hero’s journey as overcoming the dragon.As the treasure gained through the journey is Life itself, the rebirth of the Self into consciousness is the ultimate end.And that is what we aim to achieve with this little enterprise of ours.And if the Self becomes the new king in our current situation of global warming, then the solutions to this problem arise not just from the old paradigm of linear reasoning but through the marriage of the masculine and feminine. Thus, the individualism process opens us to a new way of addressing the issue of global warming, one that is created between ego and Self, rather than ego alone.And there are many good news to look at. Just think f the great story f the reclamation of China’s Loess plateau. A spongy desert coming back to Life as a vibrant ecosystem is the story of the collapsed Loess plateau where it was the traditional home of the Han Chinese who had overused and overburdened the system for a thousand years and intensively in the last sixty years until it collapsed completely and became a practical desert…This China’s Han ancestral home. The ruling people’s home territory has now come back to Life roaring, after a decade of hard work, impressive reliance on old sustainable reclamation efforts and Green Economy jobs. And today the first green shoots of recovery are blessing this area the size of France and the low countries combined. Most of the know how to do this was lent from Europe to China because the Europeans still lead the world on methods of reclamation of natural habitats…And old Europe has many more such examples that China can reuse, recycle and engage with: See some examples here: lest we forget that China is number One where it matters the most – here are the statistics:China is number One in the production of Green Energy, in the production of the “tools” of producing Green Energy and in the investment for all new renewable Green Energy fields combined…

How is that for Leadership in the Age of Climate Change?

And in China the young people are changing fast, because we all see this shift from searching for wealth to searching for meaning. People are using technology to connect with others not just around work or wealth creation and success but also around similar passions and interests, and perhaps most importantly, around the causes that most resonate with them. And the shift isn’t confined to young Chinese individuals alone, but it engages older well off practitioners of business and industry too. And accordingly, more and more, brands are identifying with a certain cause, and making that identification a central part of their ethos in the story they tell. The  instinct that takes us beyond our basic impulses for survival, sex, and power — and drives us to expand the boundaries of our caring to include our communities and the world around us is what makes us good leaders.
 That instinct is now driving more and more of our choices — in terms of what we do, what we value, what we read, and what we buy. And technology has given us the ability to widen the circle of our concern and nowhere is this more evident than in China’s ruling class children and their generation. They are getting out of the ego trip all together and not from an idealistic perspective or a Buddhist one, but out of a deep seated concern for humanity, for the climate and for the Earth

Because they understand that if we continue to approach the issue of global warming solely from an ego perspective, then we remain fixed in the old paradigm of the dying king, which is the business-as-usual perspective leading to a future of global Civilization failure and Collapse. Living this way, we continue to consume the Earth to fill the emptiness within, living a life without deep meaning. We are forearmed and sternly warned of what happens if we turn away from a meaningful life, for “if we no longer see the meaning of our life in its fulfillment…then we have betrayed and lost our soul, substituting for it a madness which leads to destruction.” Thus spoke Zarathustra.

A comment often made concerning psychology is that it has limited application in addressing collective issues, for it is only suited for individual development. From a Jungian perspective, our psyches are grounded in the collective unconscious, which transcends the individual. Jung observed that “the unconscious produces contents which are valid not only for the person concerned but for others as well, in fact for a great many people and possibly for all.”

The transcendent nature of the collective unconscious opens the door for collective transformation. The individuation work that each of us carries out benefits all.

The idea of balancing traditional masculine approaches with feminine ones can be implemented within groups working on the issue of global warming. For example, would it be possible to begin to bring ideas from psychology into the international processes to limit fossil fuel emissions?

Psychology has much to offer in terms of creatively addressing the problem of global warming. All the essential elements of individual, Community, Collective Unconscious and the Self can play an important role in finding creative solutions to this issue.

Yet without Hero Leadership and Collective Democratic Will to ACT for Change, all that will remain from humanity, will be a stain on the proverbial “Analyst’s couch.”


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