Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 7, 2012

Climate Hope Rekindled – V for Victory 2012 – Obama carries the day – Environmental Parliament congratulates the President

Congratulations, Barack Obama:

Well Done.

You have prevailed in the hardest fought election in the history of the American Republic.

For this, We Salute You.

And we Greet You as a New Light and a New Dawn – again…

Good Luck and God speed.

We wish you all the best.

And we ask you to remember…

We worked hard alongside and stood with You — and now we share this Victory with You — and expect much of You in return.

We Thank You and want to work together for arresting Climate Change.

We want to stop the rising seas.

We want to stop the temperatures rising.

We want to make agriculture sustainable again.

And we want to protect our precious fresh waters.

Make no mistake we need these things not only for our children, but we need them in order to survive as a human species.

And we promise to work together to achieve these goals.

Because only by working together — We Can.

We Can and together — We Will.

It’s also important to remember that on our end we are becoming more enlightened and realistic as well.

People understand the repercussions of this pivotal and hard won elections for the Leader of the Free World.

We all know the score, and because of your hard fought victory, we are reminded how hard we need to work to win the fight for Climate Change…

With your Victory we are also reminded how difficult it is to wage this fight and how uncertain the results until the fat lady of Ohio has sung. Nothing can be taken for granted. No quarter given…

And with your difficult Victory we also become keenly aware how precious and precarious the balance we live in is.

Lastly, we are reminded of how hard we need to work, lobby, advocate and deliver policy with meaningful results, in order to protect our existence from becoming something that has been…

And we need to share with people our truth…

President Obama, you promised me, and all of us, that you will deliver on the Climate Challenge on this second term, and you will enact  the Climate Policy we all pray for.

And in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the cost of America’s complacency on Climate Protection and the resultant sea level rises and flooding have become apparent. This storm had a catalytic effect on the American psyche and the consciousness of the nation.

The American People are now ready to accept the need for Climate Change protection legislation. What more – they now ask for it and question government’s inaction so far. Mayor Bloomberg of New York, is but a Prime example of this sea change…

And it’s not only that storms like Sandy cost the nation, the city, the state, and the people of New York, tens of lives and many tens of billions of dollars, but the prospect of similarly catastrophic Climate Change related events – scare the wits of Americans and beyond.

It’s important to remember that the Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo said: “these “hundred year” storms now happen regularly every couple of years.”  More precisely three major “100 year” storms ripped NYC, back to back in the last three years. Because having had three of the top ten New York City floods of the past 100 years happen in the past 30 months… is not a weather anomaly.

That sinks in too.

It sinks not inside New York’s deep harbour — along with the millions of house pieces & automobiles and human goods and even human beings all as so much debris and detritus carried out by the flood waters — but it sinks deep inside the minds of the people. Reality set in New York’s jaded and highly vocal people’s minds. And they now know that Climate Change hurts — and this feeling is a catalyst for change too.

The message gets inside the conversation and sinks deep in the soul of the nation. It sinks because it makes sense – horse sense. And that makes people ready to act.

And it also makes Americans accept that extensive & extremely expensive flood-protection might be a good idea but it’s worth nothing without robust Climate Change Policy to solve the problem at the root.

This is the sentiment that You — President Obama — understand all too well.

And your Victory proves that this sentiment is shared by the majority of Americans.

Now let’s work together to build Great Policy upon this willing and able people platform.




Thank You President Obama.

Thank You because You just spoke about this eagerly awaited reality to dawn:

“We want our children to live in a world without the destructive power of a warmng planet”

You said…

We believe you…

We promise to hold you hard on this promise.


“Together with your help and God’s grace, we will continue this journey forward.”














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