Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 11, 2012

A man who likes to kill small dogs

There was a party where a merry time was had by all…

There were some nice women and a couple of sexy babes, but the cutest thing out there by far was a small white maltese dog.

A white ball of Love. A furry tease by any definition of the word Mal-tease and a lap humping smart eyed pup.

And there was also a sole unhappy man in the party.

A fashion victim man – a himbo. A boy-man who sought the approval of women not having gained the attentions of a distant mother and maybe never having gotten over the loss of breastfeeding privileges.

So not having been entirely de-breasted nor toilet trained, he focused his attention on the small white Maltese puppy – seeing it as a competitor in cuteness – a furry ball who occupied girls laps more fully

Maybe because he is a vicious soul or a demented psychopath or a critically immature attention seeking man-child…

Or maybe because the women there were not really paying any attention to his metrosexual ways…

Or who knows the motives of a strained mind…

He sniffed the dog, he pretended to play with, and then swiftly raised it up high — tossed and dropped.

To the untrained eye, it might look like a playful toss up in the air and a failed catch…

Yet he dropped it forcefully and suddenly, with vengeance on the concrete floor.


Why ?




The dog isn’t with us anymore…

So if you see this man – please hide your pets, your children and your girls.

It’s going to be murder.

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