Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 15, 2012

Enter Mr Xi

Mr Xi famous Shanghai boss and ruthless operative, is the new leader of the Politburo Standing Committee and the top dog of China’s ruling Communist Party. In effect He is the new BOSS of a billion and a half people and of the world’s factory.

— Respect.

His acceptance speech was both colloquial and informed: “The party faces great challenges but will work to meet them as well as to meet the expectations of both history and the people.”

Later and perhaps echoing Mitt Romney’s anesthesia, he said: “The people’s desire for a better life is what we shall fight for”  and he never mentioned Climate Change, nor the rising seas, and advancing temperatures, as serious environmental challenges that face China — Not once…

Mr Xi Jinping consolidated his Officer in Chief position, as he assumed command of the Central Military Commission, where he replaced President Hu Jintao early. President Hu Jintao, under whose administration China has seen a decade of extraordinary growth, stability and political moderation, at a time when most leaders saw as very challenging for our world,  will step down gradually, leaving all of the other Presidential duties as of March 2013. President Hu Jintao, was and is a reformist and he saw the need to address Climate Change  – albeit late in his term. However President Jintao, has said to me that He wanted to do something serious about addressing the Climate Change issue — even if it was the last thing on his agenda. We offered Policy ideas and we now wait. We shall see…
 Still President Jintao shall be missed as the great ship of China takes on a Conservative turn via someone likened to the infamous Cheney’s bush – Bush Junior – of the NeoCon oil empire that run the US for a while. At it turns out President Jntao lost to the conservatives the power struggle for succession rule. Now President Hu Jintao’s proffered successor will have to settle for second – and very distant – best and a ceremonial post at that, as  Li Keqiang, the man set to succeed “Premier” Wen Jiabao. All is well that ends well…
Well – Not Really….

Back in China transitions are seriously bloody affairs and as expected there was great drama this go round, but was kept underfoot. So much of it was covered up and hushed up that the lack of visible drama throughout the long succession  jostling and during the preparations of springing forth the next candidate for the week-long session of the Politburo — disappointed all China watchers and Sino sensation seekers…

The Sino gawkers will have enough conspiracy and romantic drama out of the “fallen hero” Bo Xilai who was as powerful as they come and was seen as a strong contender for the top leadership spot. Now his wife has been jailed for long time because of murdering a bloody British “businessman” with whom she had a long & rocky love affair. And Bo himself – not to be outdone by his errant and wayward pretty wife — faces trial on abuse of authority, corruption charges and even murder(s). Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll — ah and plenty of blood & gore too. Who says that China is boring… ?

The non ejaculatory Petraeus scandal is nothing when compared to this…

Chinese Opera is so much better than the American version of it. The Opera singers are so pretty and the whole Opera, the drama, the music, the action, so much more melodious and mellifluous – it makes you wanna cry.

Sadly we’ll miss Bo and his operatic lady from the scene. Yet am sure other dramatic queens will rise. … How the mighty have fallen…

Still the mainland Chinese see all this as nothing new, nothing serious… and certainly it doesn’t occupy much media space because more interesting stuff is sure to come out soonest. And please don’t rush to despair over the missing drama queens, because – by the way – the new President’s wife is a very beautiful Chinese folk and opera singer as well as film actress, Peng Liyuan….

So … that “little drama” notwithstanding, and with the serious contentious struggles all done in secret, the power transition process has been smooth & orderly. Maybe for the first time in over Six decades of Communist Party rule over China’s many Peoples and the odd Billion and a half of people.

A very civilized affair, like jostling for position in the queue to board the train. China style. All elbows and knees…

A bit like Australian rules football.

There aren’t any.

Rules that is.

Not bad for a contender to the Empire…




China’s elders see the future as tremulous, but their confidence in the new Leader is a vote on continuity and in the hardening of the Status Quo.

This is their choice: Stay quiet and iterate steady same in a linear transition, hoping that it works in our asymmetrical future. This instead of following the revolutionary ideas that brought them to power and trying dramatic approaches to Climate Change or leading at the World’s stage.

It’s their call after all.

And maybe this means a better tomorrow is attainable for many more of China’s poor people…

Or the opposite.

And if they have miscalculated on the Climate Change issue — an extreme devastation might occur…

Time will tell.

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