Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 22, 2012

Mr Obama – It’s time.

Mr President – it’s time.

The time is NOW

Time to Cut Carbon Emissions.

With the vociferous US elections behind us and with a clear mandate for You – the President – we are now certain that You have to stabilize your wobbly table of Policy by adding that vaunted fourth leg….

You have promised us that the fourth leg of your Executive Agenda is Climate Change Policy. A Climate Change Policy that will make all Americans proud and protect ourselves and our children from the ravages of a fast warming planet and a chaotic climate that  causes recurring catastrophic storms and sea level rises…

Yet after spending an estimated $ 6 – SIX billion dollars on the House, Senate, and Presidential elections, Americans woke up on November 7 to find that the President is still You — Barack Obama — the Senate is still Democratic, and the House retained a Republican majority…

So you have a new mandate, yet the array of powers in Congress and Senate are very much like before. And thus the prospects for bipartisan cooperation with the “Bonner” clique, remain as elusive as ever.

This is judging by the post-election statement offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell calling on the President “to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing … and deliver in a way that he did not in his first four years in office” meaning: “We see no reason to cooperate with you, and therefore we plan NOT to”


Coming from a buch of old fuddy daddies who haven’t got any…

Since the cap-and-trade climate change and emissions Policy proposals of the Environmental Parliament, offered for legislation, failed twice, in Congress due to the Republican stonewalling, YOU – the President – still have several powerful tools at your disposal that would limit Greenhouse Gas emissions. The easiest one  would be to initiate a combined rule governing power plant emissions,which is the most concentrated source of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Therefore, we were in a quandary of how the President could solve this…

And this is what we came up with:

Because things are not always what they appear to be…

To countenance this stalemate a good chess player will seemingly offer the “board’s expanse” to the opponent, by making him think, You have no interest in a straight Check Royal.

This is a good strategy.

Relax your efforts at passing legislation to limit CO2 through the House and allow them to sleep drunk with hybris in their cups. We know this hurts because the Environmental Parliament first proposed this Cap & Trade legislative policy and offered Bipartisan solutions to both parties to effect passage… But now is time to rest, lay down those legislative tools and try something practical.

Because what the Republicans haven’t understood is that while they were having their gay tea party, a sea change occurred.

The winds of Change rose up again to fill the sails of Progress.

Circumstances, changed.

And the American Public has changed.

Superstorm and Hurricane Sandy have all matured us…

Seeing the carnage left in their wake has made us understand…

New York’s flooding and Jersey’s ripping to shreds, has crossed the EP reaction mark called “Berkeley line” in the minds of the American people. They now know that manhattan can easily become a submarine and that is a catalyst for change. Sandy seems to have been a Pearl Harbor moment for the United States. It the Climate Stupid was Bloomberg’s reaction… It was a 9/11 event. The people’s climate moment of reckoning if you will…

And this being a government By the People, For the People and From the People – we must ACT now. Strike while the iron is hot, and strike hard.

Don’t go do this quietly.

Do it hard. Do it with conviction. Prove that this will be the most important work you have done as a President of these United States.

And with the election behind You – as a two term President – you can now take all this bolder action on this issue without cooperation—or even input—from Congress.

And You can do this by going through the wide open window of opportunity the present moment carries. Use the regulatory agencies and enact official executive rules governing emissions and all other issues pertaining to climate change. Since truly controversial actions and policies will not pass the sleeping hollow House, let’s get them through the Executive and Regulatory Agencies.

Hammer these orders home.

And although in our minds none of these actions are controversial — that concern matters less now that You do not have to face voters again.

What the Public expects, are policies the executive branch can enact and can carry out on its own. This something You, Mr President, have to undertake immediately now that your mandate is fresh, strong and coming from a warm place in our hearts…

People are willing to place themselves on the line that President Obama should certainly act now on Climate Change…

As Mayor Bloomberg clearly stated, Hurricane Sandy lent urgency to the Obama administration’s stated goal of grappling with climate change… Now we must Man Up and do it.

Not tomorrow…


And the chess game is on.

This has to happen utilizing the regulatory powers of the EPA.

Last Spring, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new Clean Air Act regulations for carbon emissions from future power plants. Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for Future Power Plants: On March 27, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for carbon pollution from future power plants. The proposed standard is flexible and achievable for the next generation of power plants.

 Following a 2007 Supreme Court ruling, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for carbon pollution from new power plants. EPA’s proposed standard reflects the ongoing trend in the power sector to build cleaner plants that take advantage of American-made technologies, including new, clean-burning, efficient natural gas generation, which is already the technology of choice for new and planned power plants. At the same time, the rule creates a path forward for new technologies to be deployed at future facilities that will allow companies to burn coal, while emitting less carbon pollution. The rulemaking proposed today only concerns new generating units that will be built in the future, and does not apply to existing units already operating or units that will start construction over the next 12 months.

“Today we’re taking a common-sense step to reduce pollution in our air, protect the planet for our children, and move us into a new era of American energy,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Right now there are no limits to the amount of carbon pollution that future power plants will be able to put into our skies – and the health and economic threats of a changing climate continue to grow. We’re putting in place a standard that relies on the use of clean, American made technology to tackle a challenge that we can’t leave to our kids and grandkids.”

Currently, there is no uniform national limit on the amount of carbon pollution new power plants can emit. As a direct result of the Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling, EPA in 2009 determined that greenhouse gas pollution threatens Americans’ health and welfare by leading to long lasting changes in our climate that can have a range of negative effects on human health and the environment.

The proposed standard, which only applies to power plants built in the future, is flexible and would help minimize carbon pollution through the deployment of the same types of modern technologies and steps that power companies are already taking to build the next generation of power plants. EPA’s proposal is in line with these investments and will ensure that this progress toward a cleaner, safer and more modern power sector continues. The proposed standards can be met by a range of power facilities burning different fossil fuels, including natural gas technologies that are already widespread, as well as coal with technologies to reduce carbon emissions. Even without today’s action, the power plants that are currently projected to be built going forward would already comply with the standard. As a result, EPA does not project additional cost for industry to comply with this standard.

Prior to developing this standard, EPA engaged in an extensive and open public process to gather the latest information to aid in developing a carbon pollution standard for new power plants. The agency is seeking additional comment and information, including public hearings, and will take that input fully into account as it completes the rulemaking process. EPA’s comment period will be open for 60 days following publication in the Federal Register. For more information please see here:


We must act forcefully with quantified results in mind.

We thought all of that and we measured the effects of various regulatory policies and one thins is clear. We must apply the EPA emissions rules to all existing power generation plants  across the land.

Because it is our informed consent – amongst both the Environmental Parliament members and our elected officials – that now the EPA should link those regulations with a rule governing all existing power generation plants, too. And the rule should include efficiencies and scale improvements of all power generation units in America.

That will pretty much do the job You set out to do.

President Obama — You should also consider permanently canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, a project your Administration put on hold lathe dirtiest of resources – tar sands – that would release vast amounts of carbon and methane into the atmosphere. In addition, the creation of the pipeline would require extensive removal of ancient, carbon-absorbing forest that in turn will exacerbate the methane releases which constitute a far more damaging greenhouse gas that CO2 and thus accelerate global warming.




And then You’ll see Congress coming up with their own CO2 regulatory legislation to preempt the EPA’s rules and to not feel left behind…

Self Goal.

Check Mate.

That’s how it’s done.

And finally, the oil product of these aforementioned tar sands is, per unit of carbon released, “equivalent to burning coal in your automobile” which is a disgrace for all the technology we have and the great advances made in efficiencies with internal combustion engines.

The Canadians are true mooseheads where their Tar Sands are concerned and should be protected from harming themselves….

And another idea:

Why don’t you send errant Carribou Bambi, Sarah P. up there to sort out these Canadian “mounties” as an emissary of goodwill hunting?

Tar Sands Oil is the dirties fuel known to man and it should be stopped…

Any way possible

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