Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 23, 2012

State of the Atmosphere – Carbon Pollution

As we all are heading to Doha, the talks on a new climate change treaty in Qatar next week are already rubbished.

The BASIC countries stated quite clearly, like Pontius Pilate, that the COP talks will not advance unless rich countries promise more ambitious cuts to greenhouse gas emissions — thus preempting their responsibility for the imminent and terminal failure of the talks.

The four major developing nations, making up the BASIC group are Brazil, China, India and South Africa. They are known in climate talks as the Basic bloc, because of their very basic approach to the problem and also as an acronym. They now got together again and released a joint ministerial statement late on Tuesday saying responsibility for the outcome of the latest round of UN climate talks in Doha lay in the hands of rich countries.

Maybe right, maybe wrong and as always reality lies somewhere in the middle….

And this is what we think and advise the American President.

The Environmental PArliament clearly says: It’s time to ACT:

But the same holds true for all others as well…

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…

This should be a global effort to co-create the future we all want.

And what’s more, to co-create the future we all need….

Because we have no time for reactive thinking and failed steps.

The new report by the UN Environment Programme details the data that leads us to believe that the much vaunted global efforts to curb the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming are failing badly.

All measures to reduce the most dangerous greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions in particular are even more feeble than previously thought, is what the UN revealed today.

This is the third big study in two weeks to warn of the rising threat of runaway climate change due to our inaction…

And still despite the growth of fashionable green measures such as electric cars, carbon markets and wind farm subsidies, the world is on track to pump out the equivalent of 58 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide a year in eight years’ time, up from 49 gigatonnes emitted today, according to a new and precise scientific study by the UN Environment Programme.

That is why we urgently government intervention with wise behavioural change policy to address this most important issue for humanity.




This all means that governments’ ambitions to limit warming to 2°Celsius appear “highly unrealistic”, and the scale of the climate challenge will remain unmet at the climate talks in Qatar next week.

Seeing as the Gulf state is the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas and is also the highest per capita emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, but has yet to make even a voluntary commitment to the UN to cut its emissions as a country clearly calls to question the intelligence of the UN Environment Program chiefs and of the COP process for choosing this undemocratic locale to hold the talks.

Fully knowing that civil society demonstrations are not permitted there and the authorities are not answerable t the rule of Law.

WhY is the UN choosing such closed undemocratic venues to discuss the most important talks known to man?

What is there to hide?

Why are they afraid of our people demoing and putting pressure on errant politicians?

What is the challenge when trying to address our own emissions footprint in an undemocratic manner?

Some thoughts to ponder as you ready your plane transfers and visas to get there… and remember that all Environmental Parliament activists have been denied entry visa to the small oil and gas rich sheikhdom for the duration of the talks.

Goes without saying: The UN is intentionally complicit in this travesty of transparency and social responsibility.

There goes their authority and legitimacy evaporating fast like water spilled in the desert sand…

Sad really…


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