Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 26, 2012

Hear the Call – EP says: Our Environment demands our citizenship

While we are all heading to Doha, Qatar for the COP18 conference of the parties to address climate change — we are also leaving behind any illusions we have had about the process. It is scheduled to be a failure and a murdering blunder at that. Still we’ve got to go trough the motions. This is the 18th time we do this since Kyoto… The 18th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and the 8th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol…

Hot Nothing S…

C’est La Vie…

The Environmental Parliament addresses the major threats to humanity’s future with Public Policy and now that has got to change and we shall deliver this Policy directly to the People instead of just advocating and distributing Policy to the governments, because we simply are running out of time…

We estimate that we are running out of time in the New Report detailing our fate in the scheme of things, in this Great Extinction Event we are coursing through.


That’s another thing you didn’t know about our unsustainable behaviour and consumptive pattern of economic well being, leading to our not being well at all…

Our Carbon and related greenhouse gas emissions are way too high and increasing thus making us unable to even think of arresting runaway climate change through normal channels and ways of doing business.

Now a new report from the Environmental Parliament comes to add it’s scientific consensus to the reports released last week from World Bank, UN, IPCC [preview], and from the UNEP — all spelling out in crystal clear messages the doomsday scenarios of our existence…..

For at least 13 million years, the Arctic Ocean has been covered by a thick, floating ice cap, the breadth of which fluctuates with the seasons and currents. Each summer, the cap shrinks to an annual minimum in mid-September before growing out again, fuelled by plummeting winter temperatures and long nights. Climate change has had more of an impact on the Arctic than anywhere else on Earth…

And that is haunting when you consider the importance of Arctic Sea ice on the Earth’s species and ecosystems. Yet most of us don’t know about this at all.

In the Southern Ocean, the shells of sea snails are dissolving. This scientific finding is the first recorded evidence that higher marine life is already suffering as a result of man-made ocean acidification. We have already lost upwards of 40% of the phytoplancton species due to Ocean Acidification and the process now kills animals in the higher ranges…

“This is actually happening now,” says Geraint Tarling of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK.

As well as warming the planet, the carbon dioxide we emit is changing the chemistry of the ocean. CO2 dissolves in water to form carbonic acid, making the water less alkaline. The pH is currently dropping at about 0.1 per century, faster than any time in the last 300 million years, and is projected to increase acid by leaps and bounds…

Read, see and listen to the Environmental Parliament report here.

And see the issue of CO2 combined with the release of methane from the Arctic and why The Sea Ice Matters so much.

Watch this interview with Dr Dr Peter Wadhams, Dr Natalia Shakhova, & Dr David Wasdell.  

Environmental Parliament says: Survival of our Species depends on arresting the potential of runaway Climate warming feedback loops due to Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere. This is the greatest threat Humanity faces:

To stop the Earth warming more than 2 °C above preindustrial levels, our total global emissions must peak at 44 gigatonnes in 2020 and then start falling. However, the report says that 2020 emissions are likely to be between 8 to 13 gigatonnes higher than the already dismal record high level. This range is calculated on how well or not countries deliver on their pledges to cut emissions. So in the best-case scenario, where everyone meets their targets, emissions are still 8 Gt – 12 Gt too high.

This “emissions gap” has grown with the first EP estimates for 2010 putting it at 7 to 9 Gt and now for 2011 estimates see it as having grown to 9-11 Gt with 2012 forecast to be about  12 Gt. And at the end of our decade in 2020 we see it as reaching well above 20 Gts. Fully knowing that a lot of it comes from the fedback loops released because of the global warming already underway… our responsibility for action grows.

Therefore we are seriously screwed and have to make amends before we go the way of the 40% of species saying Bye-bye as they quietly exit the scene and disappear from this blue green planet for ever. And unless drastic action is taken soon, we are likely to see a 5-7° Celsius temperature rises by 2050. The EP report concurs, with Simon Anderson at the International Institute for Environment and Development in Edinburgh, UK.

The report from the World Bank, also published this week, paints a stark picture of a 4 °C warmer world riven by severe heatwaves, floods and droughts. “It will be absolutely catastrophic for certain parts of the world,” Anderson says.

And so is with all other reports as we are readying to go to Doha, Quatar to discuss global emissions once again in a futile ritual akin to a tea party of believers and morose politicians.

Many of our people are not going due to visa restrictions the Qatar autocracy has placed on activists so our presence there in the most polluting nation per capita and per unit of GDP, is rather strained. And because I have to leave behind my people, I must be rather cautious about the whole sordid affair…

Still the science is clear.

Now I must say that all the scientists who belong to the Environmental Parliament paint a similar picture. All of them and often it’s much worse than what we are allowed to share with the public.

And I ask of You and all Political Leaders out there to forgo nationalistic interests and act in light of the imminent threat we are all facing. A credible threat to wipe us all out as Human Beings….

So let’s start acting like humans again.

Let’s do this at once.

And let’s be bold and courageous, because it all springs from the heart.

We’ve got no choice but to act.

Because otherwise…

By delaying emissions cuts, the world is simply deciding to play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun…

And we don’t like the odds of that.





Our Environment now demands our citizenship.

Hear the clarion call and act upon it.

Because although we are a smart and adaptable species,

this much Climate Change is beyond our capacity to adapt.

If we want to survive we must heed the call.

Because if we carry on as we are, global temperatures will rise by a lot more than 2 °C – the “dangerous level” of warming to be avoided at all costs – before expected. Given what we have seen so far, the potential impact, in terms of storms, floods and heatwaves, is frightening.

What’s needed is very clear: emissions cuts, and soon. The best way to do that is to change our economic systems to reflect the true long-term cost of fossil fuels. That means ending the $1 trillion of annual subsidies for fossil fuels and imposing carbon taxes instead.

And the United States is a great place to start this change…

With four more years in office and no need to worry about re-election, Mr Obama — You should make good on the climate promises made in 2008. “Now is the time to confront this challenge once and for all,” you said back then, when anything seemed possible.

Everything is still possible today.

To quote you: “Delay is no longer an option”

The Environmental and Climate Change Public Policies running for President Barack Obama promised should now be realized. You promised to cut CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 and invest $150 billion in renewable energy technologies. Let’s do this now…

The CO2 cuts are no longer sufficient, but the sentiment is still the right one and if you start us moving n the right direction with a stable platform we will do the rest…

Come on Mr President — nudge us back on track to survival…

Because Mr President, there is no third term….

You now have Fresh Hot Political Capital to use to accomplish CLimate Change Public Policy the world will be proud of and your children will Thank you for.

Political Capital is a rare commodity:


Spend it wisely.


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