Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 29, 2012

Aim for the Moon

Or as the old English Archer says:

“Aim for the Moon — to hit the next field…”

So I often have to tell my friends and colleagues, followers and activists, Start Up leaders and CEOs, students and old men alike:


Because whatever You do in Life — Begin It.

Begin with Happiness and Celebration.

Begin with Love in your heart and Joy in your gut…

But always AIM HIGH.

Shoot for the Moon and pull back the string with all your heart.

Put your back into it.

Aim and Release…

Let the energy recoil and spring forth.

Let it be and just look up to the stars.

And that’s where you’ll be.

Don’t be afraid of consequences.

Bold Choices make for a Bold Life.

A Life lived to the full.

After all, success is never doled out i small measures.

And Life is but an endeavour.
This is your Start Up.
Got It?

First Choose Your Game.
Then You play it.
Play it Well…
And You go for a Big Win.
Iterate – iterate…
 Feel bold – act strong and put all your fears, worries and uncertainties aside
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real…
Don’t let this monkey hold you back

  As for all resource, strategic, logistics beliefs, and all other outcome related concerns – never mind – just allow for us to cross that bridge together when we get there.
The future isn’t here yet. The past doesn’t matter. We’ve only got  TODAY
And we have it only when we act….
The serendipity that we’ve experienced thus far will also take care of what we need, and if anything provide a clear incentive for all of us to get out shit together and play to win. Forage on your way. Listen to Lao Che and Ho Chi Minh alike… Be more like a guerilla than an office drone.  Be more like a pirate than a Queen’s chamber pot attendant in a posh retinue. BE HUMAN AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOW IT…
 Resources, People, Money, Permissions, Acceptance — all that don’t matter and have never been a problem anyway and they are not going to be one now. THEY ALL FOLOW YOU when you act forcefully and rightfully
 Trust Randomness or whatever you choose to call the Universal Energy we are all drawing from….
to lead you to the good


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