Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 4, 2012

Green Energy Policy

The economy sucks.

The people are wearied and worried about their future.

Look around you and you see despondency.

Philanthropy is at it’s lowest ebb.

Support for the Millennium goals is non existent.

And any effort to address Climate Change via changes in our Energy menu are met with hate and rancour.

And with Christmas upon us and so many “asks” of us — you can’t fail to recognize that times are tough.

When the government in London announced its new energy plans last week to conform with the European Union’s 20-20-20 legally mandated Renewable Energy policy that was conceived and delivered by the ENvironmental Parliament and yours truly — the newspaper howled.

News headlines and TV shows screamed and raged about how much household bills would rise to pay for cleaner power generation — that nobody really needs nor wants… Even the BBC got in on the act.

Fleet Street screamed the loudest while pretending to be giving voice to a growing segment of the British public.

A public that is rightly wearied by the country’s prolonged economic doldrums and is disinclined to pay for anything frivolous.

Seems the Fleet Street yeloowists are calling green energy frivolous and the European Energy policy of 20-20-20 useless. And they would have you believe the British public feels the same way.

Yet that’s not entirely or even remotely true.

Ordinary Brits might understandably feel hard done by and squeezed by the crisis but they fully understand the future is treacherous unless we address Climate Change.

They also know that all the Energy & Power companies have prospered mightily in recent decades, with subsidies from the taxpayer adding the cherry on top of their rather large cake … and cannot stomach this any longer.

Because the wise public knows that the costs of green power – if and when enacted – they will be passed on. These costs are surely to be visited on the Power & Utilities’ customers, and will not impact their sacrosanct profits. So the taxpayer pays again…

Other Europeans, too, face a steep bill for climate change relief, and dire financial straits are hampering their effort but they persevere none the less.

Because while money is tight, so is time to act. ANd if we don’t act we are surely doomed to fail. People are wise and they know this regardless of Fleet Street’s yellow enhancements to the truth.

The climate talks in Doha, Qatar, are yielding too much towards an appeasement of the oil rich undemocratic states f the Gulf instead of an emissions reduction global deal. The UN caved in to the polluters wholesale and sold off their soul to the highest bidder.

That realization will increase the need for meaningful national and local climate change strategies.

Policy-makers though are becoming more open to climate change, as long as it is framed as a long-term risk and adaptation issue — as long as it is a local decision….




Of course we shouldn’t let governments and energy companies off the hook, because they need massive public pressure to budge and start acting.

Because there is no shortage of concern about climate change in London, or outright denial in the hinterlands. Landed squires, and their blonde wives and girlfriends or boyfriends – as the case might be – are all coming out of church and club to demand wisdom and no wind farms that spoil their views.

After all they  know that climate change is “a Marxist plot by the Hollywood mafia and Al Gore working in tandem with the Muslim terrorist Obama to impose one world government and sully their farms and manors.

Norfolk’s la-la land had never had so many wealthy residents… nor such great need of psychoanalysis by strict Freudians no less.

But do we have time for that?

After all lifelong analysis is a bit time consuming and the results uncertain…

Methinks we are cutting it far too close.

It’s time we all thought hard about the price we’re willing to pay for having a future.

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