Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 10, 2012

INNOVATE OR DIE = Future Billionaires will come from Clean Energy and Green Tech according to FORBES magazine quoting Dr Pano Kroko

Future Billionaires will come from Clean Energy and Green Tech according to FORBES magazine quoting Dr Pano Kroko

In this well reasoned FORBES magazine article Brazilian writer — Ricardo Geromel – details how the new Billionaires will be created and which field of the economy their wealth shall come from.

And in an earlier discussion with FORBES, we surmised that the future Wealth Creators will come form the Green Tech arena and from the Clean Energy space. This space is now rife with Innovation and with new exchanges and fresh markets springing up all over the opportunities are easy to see.

China is a good barometer of this coming wave of technological Innovation with many new Billionaires coming from our Clean Tech and created by utilizing Green Capital and other forms of Financial boost rockets to make it happen.

Go on and have a Good Read, and a Great Future in Innovation:

Here are a couple of the latest articles about my work from a series that FORBES magazine ran on me and my technological Innovation work.



And I enjoy sharing my work with new entrepreneurs far afield. From America to Europe, Africa, China and beyond, I find that by sharing we enlarge the Green Field and the Pie gets larger for all of us….

I have offered my Innovation Master-Class at MIT, Imperial College, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and ESCP-Europe, as well as Sorbonne in Paris and next month in Xinhua University in Beijing. Tsinghua [Xinhua] University is the top University in China and where all the last five Presidents of the country have come from…
This is to name just a few of the leading academic institutions where I’ve shared my Innovation and Entrepreneurship insights as well as method practise, around the world. And since I’ve taught and shared this Innovation Master Class with the Executive MBA Professionals, in Business Schools as well as in Public Administration Graduate & Masters Schools, am willing to share with your graduate school — just for the asking…

Here is the latest Master-Class I offered at the Sorbonne — Sorbonne is the top University in Paris:

And this week am working in Palo Alto and also speaking at the Silicon Valley Venture Capital Summit. More info here:

Reach out if you feel like cooperating in an Innovation building project.

Go on:


Thank You



Human beings are adaptable because they are able to innovate wildly.

Yet we have lost our willingness to change.

Innovation without change does not exist.

Not in the political or economic arena and certainly not in Business and Entrepreneurship.

So here is the dilemma:

Either we innovate and survive and thrive through Change or we die out like so many other leading species before us.

Simple eh?



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