Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 12, 2012

The Future of Europe

Eleven EU countries have drawn up a plan to strengthen the 27-nation European Union and make it a real global player. Their Foreign Ministers — representing less than half of the 27 FMs comprising the EU member states — met up, analyzed, schemed, agreed upon, and then spoke of their “simple” plan: “Nationalize Europe.”

Evil Genius?

Or just plain stupid?

Your Call….

Not Bad though, for a bunch of Bureau-riders, thinking out loud over fancy lunch with posh table ware and privileged rehashed, half cooked ideas. It’s all al-dente these days across the political table of old Europe. Mistaking nouvelle cuisine for political innovation, the Euro-cooks are getting their cheap thrills in the kitchen without applying serious heat. They don’t understand that the searing heat of logic and political reason can only create the palatable and wholesome food Europe’s citizens are seeking to nourish their souls. From the pasta to the policy across Europe — it’s all al dente. Bad for the digestion — but there you have it.

Still these erstwhile Foreign ministers represent a new group of bureaucrats who claim to want to reinvent and reinvigorate Europe. And as usually they get it wrong – at least ninety per cent of the time…

For some reason European leaders can’t play ball. It’s not that they don’t know how, but they simply can’t play like an honest team. They suck at being a team because they have no real elected LEADER. Same as I saw this soccer game, between Benfica and Sporting over the weekend in Lisboa. The one team sucked so bad that they squandered the “Bella Fortuna” first goal advantage they got early on the first half, and were misled so badly that they ended in a complete rout. They were fucking annihilated with three successive goals by the notorious Benfica machine.

This reminded me of the contest between Europe and China for today’s economic supremacy and the second place in the world. It’s an unfair match because Europe is seriously squandering it’s “Bella Fortuna” advantage to the red team. The Chinese Red Team is made up of serious ball playing leaders, whereas the European leaders – if they can be called that – simply don’t know or don’t want to play ball. Same as in Portugal, where Benfica SC is the number two club and Sporting SC the number three i the premier league. The second best soccer club of the country is always the one to become the first with a  good fight against the incumbent. Sooner or later that is the nature of things… But in this soccer match, China is pulling a wedgie up the shorts of dilettante Europe and there is an ocean separating their performance. Europe and China are worlds apart. The Reds are eating our lunch…

No mean accident that Europe is the perennial GREEN team and China is always the RED team. Benfica is the RED team too and Sporting is the GREEN one losing any day of the week in the field of honour. Because if you see them playing, you can tell who plays Portuguese and who plays English football. Even though both clubs are reared in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, Benfica somehow plays English football with a German gunner’s precision and with the field domineering perseverance of a Nazi booted Dominatrix. The other team does not play ball – they just parade and strut and open up to be penetrated. They simply OBEY…

It was an educational experience for me. Watching this great un-match. Lesson in point: When you throw the Reds to eat the Greens — Mayhem ensues. Same as is with old Europe now pitted against China….

Still the Euro-bureaucrats are not conscious of any competition. They feel they exist in a vacuum. Some place in outer space with chandeliers, champagne and caviar. As if gravity doesn’t matter. The nuances of competition for the number two spot on the world’s stage has never entered their mind. They don’t understand the value of healthy competition amongst nations and the value of winning in the game of Life. Take for instance the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle who headed the “Future of Europe Group” which met in Warsaw and who opened with the remark that “political integration will pave the way for full economic integration and not the other way around.” He was speaking of the Sporting SC of Portugal apparently – because as it turns out Sporting SC is also broke…

The “Future of Europe” group, says the euro zone crisis has caused a “crisis of confidence” in the EU and they now want to reclaim the lost ground through advanced cooperation between the eleven Future of Europe group founding EU countries and have drawn up a plan to strengthen the whole of the 27-nation bloc and make it a bigger, stronger, and more agile global player..

Pure bollocks….

We’ve been saying something very simple for a long time here: GIVE THE PEOPLE THE VOTE.

Simple stuff and we’ve been harping at it here and the BEB and myself have been fighting for it. We lobbied through the Environmental Parliament and the European Democratic Party too for giving the Europeans the vote to elect their Union leaders.

You want to play ball?

Then get the European leader elected directly by the people of Europe.

Simple as that and it will solve most all that ails old Europe now.

A bunch of Euro-turds and bureaucrats appointing themselves, does not a Democracy make. Autocracies, Papal appointments or Bundesbank indulgences simply don’t work to any effective leadership. Nobody wants those leaders of Europe anymore than the Sporting public wants to cheer for their highly paid players thrown together doesn’t work for Sporting SC and it doesn’t work for Europe either.

And me personally have been lobbying for a Democratically elected President of Europe  over the last ten years. And it is the way that eventually will be, but the Euro bureaucrats want their chairs for life… Can you say Barroso? Yes?

Still it appears that now this concept has finally dawned on some wise heads around Brussels and beyond. Because for the first time some European thinkers, not leaders — at least the members of the “Future of Europe” group — say that the European Commission, EU’s executive arm, must be a hell of a lot stronger. And the way to do this is for its head to be directly elected by the Peoples of Europe. Or something like that… voiced in a “bureaucratic” doublespeak argot.

This action unfortunately has been pre-empted and the “chair” is already spoken for, because the European Commission has already acquired more practical strength by utilizing the econ-crisis, than it was ever meant to have as a non elected body. The EU powers of oversight during the economic crisis, are vastly increased. It’s Chancellery is now centralized and this is expressed by it’s capacity to plan, scrutinize and approve all member nations’ national budgets. “He who controls the purse strings controls the government” is what old Disraeli used to say… and Berlin listened.

And in Europe’s 27 petit-partners, this central control of economic policy in order to ensure compliance with European Union targets is not a bad thing on the face of it. Of course it peeves me that the new slate of financial and econ-policy controls are considered essential to prevent any future reckless accumulation of debt — when in fact it was Europe’s largesse that caused the problem in the first instance. But that’s somebody else’s bailiwick. And an unelected central Chancellor residing in Frankfurt and Berlin – peeves me a little too.

The “Future of Europe” group is a smug, self contained, and elitist group. And for now the eleven founding members and Germany lording it über Alles, seems to please them just fine. And besides Germany’s For-Ex Minister, Mr Westerwelle, the Warsaw meeting brought together the foreign ministers of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain. All good and to the point of gaining legitimacy. Except Democracy doesn’t work like that…

And they published all of their reports in a show of transparency and openness which says a lot about the new initiative and it’s positive impacts – even their hope to succeed. For instance the FoE group says that all EU treaties will have to be changed for some of the institutional reforms to take effect. Circuitous and solipsistic logic but there you have it. We said this was a meeting of Ministers and not master Minds…

Change is needed but not from above. Because in the past all treaties were changed through a thorny and time-consuming effort for the EU, as voters in several countries have rejected proposals agreed by a majority of EU leaders. Treaty change requires unanimity among all 27 member states, and that commodity is pretty impossible to find these days of division, rancor, and discontent.

The FoE report says such changes could be speeded up in future, when the EU has 28 or more members, by getting approval through a qualified majority, instead of unanimity. And that is tantamount to a constitutional reform. Of course that would apply only if Europe had a functional equivalent of a Constitution….

The FoE group also spoke about creating the European identity of it’s citizens. Duh…

You get people to vote for their leaders, and their allegiance becomes strong. You get democratically elected leaders and the people will fight for the Union.

Instead so far we’ve only  got political climbers, assorted bureaucrats and government marionettes to lead Europe and that’s why we got this piss of shite we have now. Because we got so called leaders assigned to us. And because these “leaders” have the validation of no one they act like French waiters…

Not good when you thirst for Freedom and are hungry for Democracy. This is a Democracy and when the machine made bureaucrats forget that, we all suffer. Because in Brussels Strassburg, Berlin and Paris, the assorted Bureau-turds are fouling Europe’s ideals and Ancien-Regime of thought and action.

People want the VOTE. And when they don’t have it — they rebel and fight for it. Because when they are not enjoying Full Suffrage and are simply getting stuck with perpetual “waiters” like the assorted Van-Rompuys and Barrosos of the EU — w/out people’s validation charisma gained via popular vote  — You get open rebellion.

Nobody wants to built a strong Union based on undemocratic methods. And the DNA of Europe is representative democracy as in the Ancien-Regime of Athens and Rome. Your Call.

As I say: Am sure there is a less dysfunctional way to do this, There’s got to be an easier way than what we’ve been doing so far.

Let’s give all Europeans the suffrage. Let us give them the full right to vote for their leaders. This is not some high fallutin INNOVATION. This is democratically aspired and inspired governance in use for two and a half Millennia. Do you get it?

Do this one thing and Democracy will blossom all over Europe as the European identity will be strengthened and the Union will be enhanced towards a real Unification.

Don’t do this and you’ll be continuing an evil and damn stupid treaty making machine with little relative value in the world at large and in the hearts of the various Peoples of Europe. Because only when each and every citizen of Europe has at heart the will to support the Union as it’s core constituency — the EU will make it. And how do you get the people to love the Union? By giving them ownership. One man – One Vote is what made America powerful. And so it was for Athens and Rome and they had fabulous and long lasting success and validation as the shining beacons and the city on the hill…

So let’s be smart. Give Europe a government by the people, for the people and from the people.

Still the FoE group report says, that the European Parliament – the only directly elected EU institution – should boost its democratic visibility by the nomination of a European top candidate by each political group for the next European Parliament elections in 2014. Still the FMs getting it wrong: They say that by making European elections more EU-focused – instead of concentrating on national issues – could lead to a directly elected Commission President “who appoints the members of his ‘European Government’ himself”, according to the FoE report.

For example, the EU Commission President, Jose Barroso is now in his second term in office and has no named successor and is in no hurry to leave. Sounds like Julius Caesar to me without the capacity to lead. A wet squib of an EU president with less appeal than an octopus lacking the intelligence of it’s species. That’s what Barosso’s leadership skills are as proven through the Econ-Crisis we dwell now within. Because we do not navigate through it. We live in it. Congratulations Mr President. You’ve made Europe look a lot like Portugal — in it’s benevolent Dictator Salazar days.

Still even the FoE group members usually drunk of their Cool-Aid, all of them Foreign Ministers, didn’t agree on the long term goals, which will be studied by the other unelected “French Waiter” — Sorry Belgian waiter — otherwise known as European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and his aides.

One such goal is “a European Parliament with the powers to initiate legislation and a second chamber for the member states”. Currently only the Commission can initiate legislation – it is then discussed and amended by the EU governments (the Council) and European Parliament.

A further alienation of the Peoples of Europe planned through this stupid step, but there you have it…

Lastly the FoE group report also calls for more involvement of national parliaments in the work of the EU, saying this could help boost the EU’s democratic legitimacy.

An Nobel prize worthy oxymoron in a couple of sentences.

And this is the bureau-turds’ solipsistic logic.

Or it is their oxy-moronic reason.

Can’t decide….




For Christmas sake…


Help me out here because the bureaucrats’ logic is killing me.

Still I believe a small piece of advise is necessary for those bureau dwellers who read this blog:

Coming from the great soldier of old and first democratically elected President of the United States — GEORGE WASHINGTON — who thus spoke in his Farewell Address to the people of the United States, on Sep. 17, 1796:

“It is at all times more easy to make enemies than friends. Especially where the Union is concerned.”

My personal piece of advise to the European leaders and the Euro-bureaucrats of today, reading this blog is this:

“Try harder and do it better next time.

Yet observe at all times, good faith and justice, without malice towards any nation of the Union and the Democratic principle.

Only this will lead us towards the Great Democratic Republic of Europe”

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