Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 13, 2012

Big Money meets Big Ideas – Silicon Valley Venture Summit

Having arrived to speak about the intersection of Innovation and Venture Capital at the best yet Venture Capital Summit of Silicon Valley  this week, am thrilled to see innovative entrepreneurs, old VC friends, and happy faces all around.

Silicon Valley Venture Summit is a two day gathering with a two day after deal making and booking companies event, where 500 cutting-edge Internet CEOs in Digital Media, Web technologies, Mobile, Cloud, Internet 2.0, or 3.0 computing, and all other cool disciplines of Innovation, meet the top Angels, and Venture Capital investors of the valley. Along the way they meet with Strategic and Corporate partners, Institutional investors, and even Big Government and Academia or University top dogs in the world.

Walking and talking here makes it fairly evident that the chasm that separates Europe’s failure to Innovate, with the USA’s success in the Innovation arena is because of culture and psychology. In Silicon Valley in California of the US, venture Capital assists the creation of new Tech companies and because the process is sacrosanct, the results are phenomenal. All elements where Innovation and Entrepreneurship are concerned are respected and the process is true blue. That is certainly not the case in Europe… despite the lip service provided by Academia, State and young entrepreneurs themselves. They simply don’t get it…

Because here in Silicon Valley – if you are a young entrepreneur with technical skills and know how – the world is your oyster. In old Europe, you might be the world’s best programmer and you’ll always feel like you have to steal somebody else’s oyster to succeed. It just feels that way. Europeans and even young entrepreneurs feel like it’s a cheating game to engage in honest entrepreneurship and they don’t understand that thinking big is all it takes to enlarge the pizza-pie to include everybody. They don’t understand the power of scaling with numbers and sharing with the valuable players that serendipity throws their way… Europe’s young entrepreneurs are afraid and resemble people holding on to their baby for dear life and never letting it grow.  They hold on the plank f wood as if they are drowning in the choppy oceans of life and drifting along like a piece of flotsam. They sure talk a lot but they don’t really live the life of an entrepreneur, let alone walk the talk. So the streets are littered with Start-Up failures and still births, all across the capitals of Europe and the young people forget their dreams and instead go on to get “normal jobs” as managers of state owned concerns, low level execs of transnationals, accountants, marketing maidens, PR cheerleaders, and tax men.

Whereas in Silicon Valley all the young Start Ups have their moment in the sun. Win or Lose – at least they try for the moonshot…

San Fran = Coolest place on Earth.

ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF ENTREPRENEURS MIXING IT UP WITH THE BEST VCs and specifically the top internet entrepreneurs and their innovations that are transforming, disrupting, and decentralizing large industries.

Industry focus this year is entertainment, commerce, finance, advertising, and media.

At the Silicon Valley Venture Summit, where I speak to the next generation of “breakout” company CEOs and Founders driving the next wave of innovation in a series of industry trend debates, and in CEO Showcase presentations, the mood is jubilant.

A hand chosen set of other powerful investors and corporate insiders will be also on hand to present and debate the top technology and business trends and the strategies are driving success in today’s competitive innovation-driven markets.




The same thing I experienced in Europe and i paris last week and the mood was morbid…

The Entrepreneurs uncertain and unwilling to follow their dreams.

The depressive feeling of failure before trying out for success hang in the air even in the Le Web event in Paris…

Fear of Success…



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