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Green Tech Innovation in Beijing’s Tsinghua University – China Start Up Weekend: How China’s Tech Entrepreneurs meet the Green Tech & Clean Energy Challenge and conquer the Global Marketplace offered by Dr Pano Kroko January 12th & 13th of 2013

Green Tech Innovation in Beijing’s Tsinghua University – China Start Up Weekend: How China’s Tech Entrepreneurs meet the Green Tech & Clean Energy Challenge and conquer the Global Marketplace offered by Pano Kroko  January 12th & 13th of 2013

Network it and join up here:

Dr Pano Kroko, offers his famous Innovation Master Class offered at the world’s top Schools, now in Beijing’s Tsinghua [Xinghua] University Main Auditorium over the weekend of January 12th and 13th — January 2013.Tech & Green Innovation in China Start Up Weekend:
How China’s Tech Entrepreneurs meet the Green Tech & Clean Energy Challenge and conquer the Global Marketplace.

Because there is no more important issue for today’s leaders, for the problem solvers, for engineers, scientists, business people and entrepreneurs, than climate change and no more important country in the effort to control greenhouse gas emissions than China — Dr Pano Kroko’s intense Start Up weekend on Innovation at the most prestigious University of China, will focus on shifting the Power and Utility landscape in the PRC towards a sustainable and renewable future by scaling the solutions already used and innovating through science based applications.China is the greatest coal producing and consuming nation in the world, Therefore China is also the Top Carbon emitter and the number One polluter in the world. This follows being the world’s factory. CO2 emissions are an engineering and scientific issue, and the problem is solvable via the power of Innovation.The country already boasts a world-class Renewable Energy industry that promises to make low-carbon technology more affordable and available to all. Conducting a Master Class on solving the Big Problems via Innovation as an empirical application for China’s transition to a low carbon economy is the aim of this Weekend Seminar. And innovating in China is advancing the possibility of replicating other models successful elsewhere, same as we can add greater depth to a practical understanding of China’s technological innovation landscape, business and government systems and the country’s current and future role in a globalized Low Carbon economy.

Dr Kroko focuses on China’s specific methods of low carbon international technology transfer, its forms of international cooperation and competition in business, and its implementation of effective policies that promoted the development of a home-grown Tech Innovation, Green Tech, and Green Energy Industry via science based Tech Start Up development.

After all just a little more than a decade ago, China claimed only a handful of operating Solar plants, all imported from Europe and the United States. Today, the country is the largest solar cell maker and the greatest Solar Energy power market in the world, with photovoltaic cells of all types of technology, all made exclusively in its own factories.

Studying this shift reveals how China’s Political and Business leaders have responded to domestic energy challenges, environmental imperatives, and clean air concerns, and how they focused on Solar Energy generation in order to bring Grid parity to the system. Now having achieved GRID PARITY at 66 cents per kilowatt — the nation may confront climate change, more effectively.

Scaling up this manufacturing capacity and still making it cheaper following Moore’s Law effect on the manufacture, capacity, and marketing of semiconductors — is the greatest Innovation challenge going forward.

The nation’s ability to escalate its use of solar power also demonstrates China’s ability to leapfrog to clean energy technologies — a path equally viable for other developing countries hoping to bypass gradual industrialization and the “technological lock-in” of hydrocarbon-intensive energy infrastructure.

China has come to dominate global Solar Cell manufacturing and the Sales cycle for such Solar plants by becoming a hub of technological innovation and a major instigator of low-carbon economic change.

So come join us on this intensive Seminar so we can foster the second wave of Innovation to keep the momentum going forward.

What Do We Teach at the Innovation Start Up Master Class Weekend:

How to create a new Start Up to solve the big problems of the world today.


The talk is at the BEIJING TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY Auditorium

An INNOVATION of the Mind indeed … and we gather to attend the lecture of Dr Pano Kroko Chairman of the Environmental Parliament and his Master Class for Entrepreneurs.

Dr Kroko will be speaking and sharing the methodology of building companies for Clean Energy, Clean Tech, Green Tech and Green Innovation. Building companies that are keen on solving the Big Problems and tackling the serious issues pertaining to Climate Change, Biotechnology, BioMedicine, Biogenetics, Geoengineering and all things Green.

This Innovation Revolution will not be televised and all the Entrepreneurs along with the great Scientists wishing to build the businesses of the future and willing to participate in this New Revolution are invited.

Please Network this invitation to your circle of FB friends and email contacts and especially to the young people building Start Ups across China. Then come to this must attend Master Class that will be cosponsored through Tsinghua student Association and the EP university team.

We offer this Master Class at the Tsinghua University i Beijing, because innovative Start Ups are now urgently needed in order to amend our world, solve the Big Social Problems ahead, and help adaptation by creating a future worth living.

This is the only way. We must innovate in order to be able to adapt. And this along with solving Climate Change and the Resources dilemma might just allow us to create economic growth in the midst of a dismal economic crisis.

And we shall also make the financing case for these innovative Start Ups because there is a lot of money available from the European Union as well as from the Environmental Parliament and Green Capital to augment your chances of future success.

Come Join us….
It’s Your Future – You better care.

The Methodology starts here:
In order to create new innovative Start-Ups, we must first consider what exactly we mean by the term “innovation”.
Innovation is “the introduction of something new”. We differentiate innovation from both invention and improvement as follows:
Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different (Lat. innovare: “to change”) rather than doing the same thing better.”
These new and different things come about in varying degrees. There are different levels of innovation such as “core”, “adjacent” or “transformational” towards new Start-Ups and strategic enterprises, towards existing company’s current products and brand new assets.
Innovation needs collaboration, and feeds into three levels of innovation: “incremental“, “breakthrough”, and “transformational”. Meanwhile, the three levels of “incremental”, “substantial”, and “radical” can be easily transplanted with the three stages above
There are many more ways to depict these stages.

Innovation Excellence is what it’s all about for both Public and Business Administration.

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