Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 17, 2012

Pano says: We will spend Three Trillion Dollars inTech next year — What’s your grab?

Pano says: A dramatic shift is taking place in Web Innovation, Software development and internet choices.

Market says: The great tide is turning away from computers running proprietary software to Open Source units and applications on the cloud.

Consumers say: We are escaping the closed garden Windows-powered machines and walled garden sites and closed environments in droves during the past few years, because we yearn to be free…

And although our good friend Steve led the charge with Apple driving a wedge into the Wintel monopoly — it was You and all the Brain Software developers who did it.

And then Google jumped on the bandwagon and enhanced it’s open source / crowd sourced & gift economy developed software named Android operating system, for all devises. This is what’s really killing Microsoft.

Take the next numbers as numerical proof. Since Q4 2010, combined shipments of tablets and smartphones enabled with open source software, have exceeded the number of all PCs shipped. Not just Wintel PCs but all computer boxes combined.

See it?

It’s the will of the masses yearning to be free. And that the quality of open source software is far greater and it’s debugging and resilience awesome. This constitutes the biggest trend for next year.

And this trend shows no sign of reversing. Instead it is accelerating massively with all the new tech enhancements and soft code iterations.

After all — all signs point to Rome…

“Rome” as in the people’s democratic republic of Innovative Software.

So here are Pano’s five top Internet & Mobile Smart Brain Trends for 2013:

  • Internet Rocks: User data shows there are 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide, a number that’s still growing 8% per annum.
  • Slow phones Rule: There are 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide. Representing just 17% of the global cellphone market.
  • Network end slow devises are all pervasive: All of 29% of adults in the USA now own either a tablet or an e-reader.
  • Mobile Internet Rises: Mobile devices now account for 13% of worldwide Internet traffic, up from 4% in 2010.
  • Mob-Ad and Mob-App Grows: Mobile advertising revenue has grown at an annual rate of 129% since 2008, and now tops $19 billion. Similarly Mobile Apps are rising faster than ever.

The trends go on to show that smart crowd sourced software and simply smart network end devices and seamless ubiquitous connectivity are the leading trends.

They in turn prove the old Panoism and Pano’s Internet Express theory, that the complete re-imagination of everything is done every seven years.

A Seven Year itch in the making…

So we need to Innovate frequently in order to not be left behind…

And just to prove this point — take as an example a mobile App called Waze. Mobile traffic app Waze has been adding users faster than all GPS makers combined have sold personal navigation units, and it’s been that way since the beginning of 2012.

And all new mobile Apps have grown by more than 300% per year and this is unprecedented….

Same as the growth of some new sites.

Everything is aquiver:

From your homehouse to office life.

Everything is atwitter:

From healthcare to governance.

Everything is subject to disruptive innovation:

From books to money itself.

Time to DREAM.

Time to INVENT.



Time to BUILT.

Built it now because it’s a great time to Innovate.

Be of Service.

Go ahead.

Built something new.

Go ahead and start in one of our Start Up weekends…

Take advantage of our Innovation Start Up Master Class offered throughout the world.

Dr Pano Kroko is offering again his famous Innovation Class in leading Universities across the Globe for the New Year. We are starting from China’s Tsinghua University in Beijing, this January and at the Imperial in London and then in Oxford and Cambridge — immediately following all within February. Then we are off to India, Africa, and Latin America before we circle back to the US and UK…

This is the world’s best Innovation Seminar and after the success of the more than 200 Start Up companies that were built following the process and spawned from within the Master Class of Dr Kroko over the last ten years – we know You can do it too. The Method has been developed through a grant from the Environmental Parliament to the Environmental University and it’s an ongoing Innovation for solving the Big problems Enterprise Solution. It’s software for the mind and for action.  The leading lights Environmental University Professors and Dr Kroko have been working the last few years in the seeding, venture and incubation of Innovation in our Clean Tech, Green Tech and Green Energy marketplace in Cambridge where we maintain an active incubator.

 But the Master Class has been a supplement offered at the Harvard Business School, at MIT as a seminar, at Stanford as a regular sumer weekend offering, and at the University of Washington in Seattle. In Europe it has been offered at the Sofia Antipolis University en Provence, at the ESCP and at the Web-University in Paris, and also at the Sorbonne – Paris.  Dr Kroko offers the Master Class gratis to the enrolled students and this of course makes the weekend Start Up concept very popular with the Academic leaders and the public company CEOs. They in turn come back again and again to greet and meet the new seedling ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them, and also to judge and secure deals that provide bountiful exits. Especially in the UK where the innovation environment is strong and the Master Class has been offered at the Imperial, at Oxford, and in Cambridge. The big companies partnering up, investing, or acquiring early on, these young healthy and innovative enterprises benefit mightily because the process indoctrinates innovation within the big stable companies that they in turn introduce these to the markets effectively.Time to INVENT.Time to RE-IMAGINE.Time to INNOVATE.
During our Master Class weekend, the new entrepreneurs take the risk, and if they have something that “sticks” the CEO or C-level executive attending the Master Class on behalf of the larger company can seize on it and take a cut with a small investment and become a co-conspirator. Of course it’s hard to predict in advance what serendipity will throw your way, but that’s the opportunity, the beauty and facility of a great innovative platform and why we see so many businesses built on this Master Class platform.
Several more leading schools have requested the Method of Innovation Start Up weekend Master Class, and we offer it judiciously across the world in an equitable basis, believing that Innovation knows no borders and solutions are coming from everywhere — since the Human Brain Trust is greatly distributed around the globe.
We are an emergent organic network of start ups and innovation for big solutions. This is Emergence at it’s greatest. Because this emergent process gets more dynamic every day we offer the Seminar because of the Complexity built into it. The more Innovation we create — the more we are “given” to create. In essence the law of increasing returns is in full swing here. Thus the more we do the more we get to do. And the more we selflessly give — the more we got to give…
 Whether you choose to call it Quantum Action at a distance or Karma and good will hunting, it works well for all of us. And most of the learnings come from You – the students, the practitioners, the leaders – the constant flow of ideas to the seed level and on to the Business building or Public Policy Innovation. We then help fostering applications, and built outs, scale and eventual exit towards a strategic corporate able and willing to embrace this innovation by buying into it. And that’s how we inoculate with the seeds of Innovation the large Companies too. We get the largest of corporates and trans-national & global companies and financial players to buy these companies and embrace the positive changes within. Because by getting them to buy the seeds of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – they also buy into the philosophy and Investment in solving the great Big Problems the world faces — through Technology and not through obstinacy and procrastination…
Additionally, Dr Kroko’s own experience as a serial successful entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, and VC over the last 20 plus years helps hone the message. He delivers the emotion and the passion for science based solutions with an engineering smart attitude and adherence to the basic rules of Innovation for economic growth and useful products. Cool Stuff is discussed, matters of great importance are handled and great companies are spawned. This taking place in each and every country and University where we start the fire … of innovation.

Just from Dr Kroko’s Master Class on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, for the Big Problem solutions, you can have your chance to create your dreams and put the seeds in the ground for a better tomorrow. It is no accident that more than 50 exits were initiated from these companies and this ratio beats all the VC records in the world. One in four companies spawned through Dr Kroko’s Master Start Up Weekend Class experienced a positive financial exit towards a Strategic, Investor Syndicate, or Public Offering…

So join us this coming New Year for all the Green Tech and traditional Tech Innovation you can stomach, in one of Dr Kroko’s seminars in the US or Europe, in China or India, and in Africa or Latin America.

This Master Class might be your ticket for a space ride.

Pano Delivers….

Find a way to claim your space.

Make the best of it.

Because you should definitely get a piece of it.




The rise of the Gift Economy is upon us.

Whether you like the shared economic aspect of it or the crowd sourced value of quality, you already enjoy the gifts of the Gift Economy — even though You might not know it.

Realization — That’s your real Noel gift this year….

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