Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 24, 2012

18 years wasted just talking about Climate Change…

It’s time to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And as usual these days we look back to make an accounting of the past.

So here it goes:

A bit further back than the customary last year’s tally…

The United Nations sponsored international climate change talks turned 18 earlier this month, but there was little sign that their wasted youth is over. The 18th annual climate change summit in Doha, Qatar, might have ended with a PR greenwashing splurge of a mirage in the deserts of Qatar speaking of an apparent victory for developing nations …  but in reality the world is barely any nearer to facing up to climate reality and living to its responsibilities.

President Obama’s re-election to a second term had fueled hopes across the world of a concerted US effort to address global warming.

But so far even the devastation of Superstorm Sandy and other Climate catastrophes across the US and the globe, have not shifted the Obama administration’s stance opposing binding CO2 emission reduction targets.

In Doha, the US Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern indicated no change in the role of the United States in the global climate negotiations and refused to criticize the record per capita emissions of Qatar, the host of this year’s conference, nor for that matter the biggest world emitters or about the responsibility of the US to show leadership in the talks…

After the Doha COP18 conference ended Todd Stern, the US’s emissary of the secretary of state Clinton and the man responsible for the climate change negotiations on behalf of the American government, was asked by a young Environmental Parliament delegate:  “Why is the US of Obama, Change and Co, peddling such a terrible treaty?”

Stern responded that he would have liked to have done more for the People of this world, but he had to “live in the real world”

and that this was a slow moving diplomatic negotiation deigned to bring about consensus in the “Real World.”


Not a very coherent answer.

Seems like a real disambiguation of reality to me…

Or maybe…

Todd Stern’s Realpolitik demands low targets and fake outcomes to pacify the people and mask the fact that the real objective of these talks is to show busy work while achieving nothing. And if achieving NOTHING is the real diplomatic aim of these last 18 years of COP talks — it jives with what his answer seems to spell out.

Rich countries have conceded that they could help poor countries cope with the harm they will suffer as the world warms but don’t quite know how to just yet. With dangerous climate change now almost inevitable, developing countries need this lifeline.

Yet all the headlines about Doha summit launching climate damage aid etc, coming out of Qatar and the UN one is left to wonder:  Powerful Countries and the Power & Utility industry along with the industrial lobby and the great Energy companies that are so heavily invested in fossil fuels are “frightened.” And they do what controlling powers normally do in such circumstances:

They deceive…

Because  when Power and the Status Quo are threatened, their instinctive response is to cover up, to pretend, to dissemble, to disambiguate,  — in short — to deceive.

These are always the hallmarks of those in power ready and willing to deceive because thay do not want to lose their power…

The non existent Doha agreement could have had a useful knock-on effect — if real — only in pressuring developed and developing countries to take action on their own emissions.

And to share cash rewards for their positive actions.

Make it profitable to avoid the trap of short termism

Because if they do not make cuts, they could ultimately face a much larger bill for damages.

But for all the fanfare, Doha’s fine print was an agreement in principle only. The treaty signed at Doha did not establish a mechanism for compensation, or commit any money. Instead, it made a promise to set something up at next year’s conference.

The Doha text thus follows a well-worn and tiresome path of procrastination. A travesty of Climate justice and a caricature of Climate Realpolitik.

In Bali in 2007, nations agreed to establish a binding treaty by the end of 2009. That promise was broken when the 2009 Copenhagen summit collapsed.

Cancun 2010 agreed on virtually nothing except to meet again in 2011.

Durban 2011 agreed to agree on a new treaty by 2015.

Every year, delegates use the same tactic to give the appearance of action, but achieve nothing in practice.

In some respects, Doha was a step backwards.

Because the biggest breakthrough in Copenhagen came when developed countries promised to give money to poor countries to help them adapt.

Yet Doha saw this commitment placed on the back burner forever too.

Seems these talks are designed to be a diplomatic Non-starter.

They are designed to achieve nothing.




Todd Stern’s real world is more like a Paris Hilton parody sitcom — with Arab sheikhs and big industry reeling in the innocents for straight slaughter or just fun and games, to amuse the damn blondes…

Because the real real world we are facing, is not one of endless negotiations, diplomatic quibblings, and posturing to please our moneyed friends and powerful special lobby interests.

Our REAL WORLD is one of failing agriculture, oceanic acidification, land desertification, rising seas and deadly storms.

The UN sponsored COP climate change negotiations have long since lost touch with reality.

Methinks, it’s time to clean up their clocks…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.

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