Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 25, 2012

Love is the New Currency

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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Love is All goes the song…

Love is shared to make you strong.

Love is drunk to make you human

Love is thirst to fill your dreams.

Love is Dreams…

Love’s the stuff dreams made of

Love is clouds we sleep in…

Love is All.

Because Love’s the only thing worth having.

Love’s the only thing worth giving…

So here’s to You: “Love and Be Loved”

Give it easy and it will come to you…


Be patient with it’s wondrous ways.

It might make you lust — but wait…

It might make you sad — be authentic.

It will be yours – be certain.

Because you have it…

It will make you human.

Open, pliant, accepting whatever the world brings.

Take it – sense it – feel deep within. It’s Love…

And if the beauty of the world at this moment, overwhelms you;

And if the solitary existence or the beauty of the world, your loneliness and the majestic advances of time overwhelm you and fill the deepest essence of your being — see the feeling for what it is…

And you’ll find that much like the progress of the thoughts inside your head are filling you with one feeling or another — all turn into one thing called Love.

Love earned, love gamed, love lost, and love saved.

Love eternal and temporary.

Love resilient and love returned.

It all turns around Love.

And even when it seems so hopeless…

like the snowed passes you choose to guard — or the gates of your heart — Please Remember:

Love falters, fades, leaves, returns, it goes like a butterfly — yet it lasts…

Lasts Everafter.

And this Christmas whether alone or in the midst of comrades, mates and shelter.

Whether near or far from family and friends — Love is there with You.

Whether You are in the Peace lands or in the war lands — be certain, Love is there with You.

And whether anyone remembered you or none at all — trust that Love has.

And if your last Christmas was so joyous and certain of Love lost, know wherever your room is — Love is there along with You.

Love is All…




So don’t wait –  share this Love bug this Christmas and let all others catch it too…

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