Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 5, 2013

My Religion is Kindness…

People often ask me…

And journalists in particular…

What is your religion?

As if it’s anybody’s freakin business what God I preach to…

Or what temple of worship I attend…

As if it’s not obvious from the books I write and the Life I live…

Or even from this blog…

He who has eyes can see.

Yet journalists being what they are seeking to uncover some hidden truth…


And some of them especially young nubile female reporters take umbrage with me because I don’t answer this question…

And then they go mess it all up by linking themselves to me in “complicated” ways

Carnal and otherwise.

Entanglements ensue…

So I’ve decided:

This New Year it’s time to make a few sublime changes…

Clear the Air.

My Religion is simple:


And you can join up too.

It’s darn simple.

There is no heaven and no hell besides whatever You create here on Earth and in your mind for yourself… and all others.

There is no second coming, first coming, saviour or end of the world ET arriving to lift you up in a shinny silver bullet, space ship…

There is No Opera at church. No Obedience, No Guilt and No Obeiance…

No Evangelizing. No Proselytizng. No tithing necessary.

No Temple. No Supreme Deity.

No Followers. And No Leaders…

Just You and Me.

Wanna Do It ?

Just Practice Kindness.

Do it by habit…

Follow my simple technique.

Experience it in your Life and then apply it to all others.

Baby Steps…

Invest in yourself.

Treat yourself like a Start Up Founder.

Here is another Panoism for You:

Do You want to get 100X return on your Life?

Then follow… and practice…

Pano’s simple Algorithm for a sublime Life

The Religion of KINDNESS in seven simple steps:

Start by offering some much needed Compassion to those around you and to yourself.

Love thyself truly and you just might get loved back in return…

Offer Compassion to those around you and you shall get loads in return.

Cultivate the following for your own well being:

Give to Charity + Act in Philanthropy + Be Benevolent

Observe and Fight for Justice + Make Amends + Offer Rectitude

Be Courteous + Polite behaviour sparks respect + Act Gently

Be Wise + Act instead of reacting + Share your knowledge

Sincerity + Trustworthiness + Fidelity

= Being Kind

All together move mountains.

That’s Kindness.




Have Courage, because above all else — You ought to be kind…

Be Courageous because it’s

the toughest thing in the world…

To Be Kind

That is…

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