Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 15, 2013

Pay Attention

You know like looking at the little things carefully…

It is a really important to pay attention sometimes.

Like a kid observing the ants in a playground.

Or an adult looking at the Sudoku pages in the subway.

Pay close attention as if you are going to solve a problem and meed to input all the facts.

Now I say this only because, people haven’t learned to pay attention in their busy 24/7/365 interconnected world….

Yeah, we scan a lot of things. We read a thousand emails a day and send a few hundreds too…

We think we pay attention to colleagues when we are all the time multitasking and FB glancing…

When was the last time you really paid attention to something serious outside of work and family?

I mean pay attention seriously to the small things…


Those inconsequential little minor things.

The creatures we step on when walking about.

The people we pretend to not look at because of their appearance: Maybe handicap, poverty, illness, misfortune, social station and beggarly look… all non conforming looks.

The events that are too horrific to consider glancing at the news for.


And the hate mail you receive because you try to do good…

Yet these things demand our attention too.

Even if they are unpleasant to look at.

Don’t shy away from the visual and sometimes visceral pain.

Look at things.

Better yet: Pay Attention to them and you’ll learn something new.

A new wisdom will arise out of your paying attention. Wisdom both inwards and outwards.

Know Thyself.

You cannot know yourself if you don’t ay attention.

Because Attention deficit is all around us.

We call America the Ritalin nation because almost a third of her children are on the drug for ADD…

And in my opinion many adults need to be on it too…

Because we lack the capacity to pay attention.

And chances are you haven’t learned to pay attention also.

And if you haven’t learned to pay attention — then chances are — you haven’t learned that there’s nothing that doesn’t need to happen.

In life and business.

There’s also nothing that you should say “that shouldn’t happen”.

Nothing at all.

Pay attention here:

Rather, it’s the most important thing to learn to pay attention to all of these things and more…

And if you learn to pay attention — well, there is freedom to be found in attention.

Because in paying attention, there is a way of doing it mind fully and living on purpose.

Being present i the moment you occupy and being in the way where you are not caught, trapped, oppressed, influenced, or driven by what’s going on, inside or outside yourself and in the world at large.


Remember it’s the little thing that matter.

pay Attention to them and the big things will take care of themselves.

And that gives you a tremendous power to go about your life.




Because if you have the ability not to be pushed around by your inner and outer compulsions, the Big scary thoughts or the fear du jour, or from the daily pressures of the world — well, then you are FREE.


FREE to dream….


FREE to create


FREE to live


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