Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 24, 2013

Good morning New York and the Supremes…

Leaving Washington DC is always a heady fuzz because you can’t clearly prioritize what’s the most important thing to follow through with. No wonder they call it Foggy Bottom. Getting to the bottom of things … indeed.

What’s most important? An awesome inauguration and inspiring administration meetings, the many new friends and old colleagues that you leave behind, or the day to day business that Democracy generates?

But waking up in New York gives one the needed cadence to get down to brass knuckles business and distinguish easily the wheat from the chaff… The really important things from the great memories.

So it is with the New York lenses that I choose what’s most important. The 400 miles of distance from Washington also help put things in perspective.

So I’ll go with the third one. This Democracy rocks when the day after the Inauguration of the New President – because this Obama is brand spanking new –  the Supremes come out with a Cool surprise of themselves. It’s a gift to the people of these United States on the occasion of the new President….

And it’s a boon to the new Obama and the aspirations of the American people…

Because the Supreme Court issued a decision that they will not “hear” a corporate special interests challenge to a tough new clean air requirement limiting sulfur dioxide emissions…

The high court on Tuesday refused – flat out – to hear an appeal from businesses and industrial interests involving an Environmental Protection Agency regulation setting emission levels of sulfur dioxide, a colorless gas with the smell of rotting eggs. Sulfur dioxide from power plant smokestacks can be carried long distances by wind and weather and has been linked to various illnesses including asthma.

This is a far reaching signal from the Supremes that the EPA is not to be messed with. And that the Clean Air and Clean Water regulations are not to be trifled with…

Several corporations and industrial associations along with several states said that EPA’s required emission levels are lower than mandated by law to protect public health and should be reversed. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Washington DC,  refused to overturn the EPA’s decision. And now the Supremes delivered the final verdict…

The justices refused to reconsider that ruling. And having also refused to reverse EPA’s regs and rulings on CO2 emissions, they are setting the world on notice. We will deal with Climate Change with regulation if need be…

Climate Justice delivered from up high … the Supremes.

A great winsome decision. And what goodness it spreads by supporting long standing values that emerged at the height of the Environmental Movement a generation ago in the 1970’s.

What a good feeling this is…

In some ways – for me, this decision from the Supremes – trumps the Inauguration and the heart warming, democracy affirming, pomp and circumstance of the last few days…

Well Done ladies and men in black…

Well Done.

We Salute You




The Supremes…

They were all there smiling at the Inauguration having already decided what they will release the next day…

The Supremes unplugged make great music.

Justice Sotomayor rules…

Unleashed is more like it.

Major Kudos


Thank You

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