Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 1, 2013

The American Dream

Traveling and teaching across the American mindscape is alway a vastly rewarding experience.

Observation alone will give you the most rational economic conclusions because this country is so transparent, democratically open, and free of economic ghosts.

Yet seeing as the current and projected results orient us — the economy is stagnating under the ideology of a defacto austerity.

And thankfully this austerity mentality is not embraced by the Administration — but nonetheless it exists.

It exists because of the general freeze in hiring from all Big businesses. A fear based ideology masquerading as proper business sense has seized the CEOs  across the land. Still the ones keen on the future understand that this herd assumption runs counter to our common interests for expansionary growth, new enterprises, and wealth creation and instead pushes back towards the cliff we just scaled out of. The same cliff that the old Blightey is now facing as a triple dip recession due to the misguided Tory led austerity policies there.

Yet this bunker mentality exists in America amongst the business elite due to the politically motivated, uncooperative nature of the Big Business bosses towards the expansionary policies of the Administration. So the bosses stop hiring… What next?

What next is that this ideological attitude is scaling amongst all companies and is causing massive unemployment and thus stymies this recovery that is paper thin. And then the people don’t have capital to invest or simply buy the goods and services these great companies produce. Then the profits start dipping and more people are laid off..  And then you can easily see where this is going. A vicious cycle…

Am seeing the huge paper profits rising for all of us in hedge and investment banking funds gladly and yet am saddened by the lack of understanding from my business leaders peers…

They all fail to understand that in order to sustain this recovery and make it REAL we should all gat to start hiring. Hire good people that are out of work and drive this expansionary wave  the economy at home. Bring back production like Apple is planning to do. Hire qualified skilled machinists to start hammering up the tools of production in making 3D printers to reclaim manufacturing in these United States…

We have so much opportunity to harvest right here at home… Why not start up a slew of great new business units from the majors that are now contemplating the Pioneer’s dilemma and stay idle at the sidelines?

And upon some basic reflection, I ask why can we not hire more people to share the prosperity?

Why can we not trust the continued tide of goodwill that high equity prices have brought to all of us?

Why don’t we share this year of great profitability from a buoyant Wall street and we allow for a depressed high street in America’s cities?

This got to change…

This is the opportunity to reinvest these paper profits and make real progress materialize. We can manufacture all the tools for renewable energy right here at home. Because we can literally excel in innovation and production technologies at low cost with the greatest new manufacturing innovation available now…

And remember the greatest advances in medicine, computer science and biotech are ahead of us still. We need to invest in all the manufacturing basis to bring the fruits to bear. All that’s required is a hiring thaw as a corporate policy from all the majors. It is not social policy — it is good business sense. Because it will grow the pie for all of us…

It’s a big job creating the future industries and sustainable economy and it takes many hands. Trained hands from employees that are keen to work and produce marvels of technology, entrepreneurship and commerce. This is why we are here for right? This is America: A great Mercantilist Union right?  So what is the reason for this hiring freeze spoken quietly amongst all the Big Businesses as a way to undermine the administration…

We have to stop the naysayers and start focusing on the positive again. The Recovery is upon us. Let’s make it REAL. And as it’s all made in America this recovery can be sustained and blossomed into a tsunami of gainful employment and economic growth.

But this will only happen, when we allow for our hiring to meet the aspirations of our business development.

So my message to the leaders is simple:

Remember — we are entering the 5th year of high unemployment… although the economy has turned around.

Profits are soaring.

Companies are doing better than ever…

And that’s great news.


Inequality is rising faster than ever too.

Social fabric is straining.

Polarization ensues..

Benevolence of society as a whole towards the wealthy minority is exhausted.

In America — All men are created equal…

And that means equality of opportunity is sacrosanct.

Accidents of birth and DNA aren’t as important in our biological and social Democracy.

Equality of opportunity is what grow the economy.

Aspirations met with hard work create wealth and progress..  for society as a whole.

Yet how can you achieve any of that if the individual is not given the chance to work?

We need all hands n board to pull our economy to a stellar future

It must be understood by one and all that together we grow and prosper.

Growing the economy by producing high outputs of good services and great products that people can afford to buy is the way out of the econo-crisis.

And in order for people to be able to afford to buy goods and services is to have well paying jobs.

No other recipe works.

This is understood explicitly by all the people in America.

All the people, regardless of their level of education, occupation or political affiliation.

It is ingrained in something unwritten and yet spoken – perhaps spoken too much about…

The American Dream.

This Hollywood serialized dream – exists.

Clearly in the hearts and minds of all the people.

It exists implicitly in the Constitution…

And it is a real document – signed by all… in our collective unconscious.

The American Dream is indeed a contract.

This is what Thomas Hobbes would have called a binding Social Contract.

And as such it rules the human matter and it spells out pretty clearly the gives and the gets.

The responsibilities and commitments — the motions of society — from both sides.

Those of the governing and those of the governed.

Those who are succesful and those who are striving to succeed.

Those with wealth and those wanting to create wealth.

Those with the responsibility of leadership as well as those seemingly powerless.

We live in a representative Democracy and Society’s Social Contract is king and country alike.

Never forget…

It is a full fledged contract.

A binding document.

And it includes the responsibilities of Corporate Leaders to society…

No one living in this great land is exempt from it.

Citizen, legislator, party boss, corporate C-level exec, factory worker, Senator, cop, priest, teacher, fisherman, working alien, resident, migrant worker, illegal resident, immigrant, grandson and grand daughter of Mayflower colonist, Silicon Valley tycoon or Oakland ghetto dweller, astronaut, union worker, even the resident of the White House or of the outhouse…

This American dream social contract, includes all of us.

And yet we GET what we want from it — and as we climb further and further up the rungs of the ladder of success — we forget the part about the GIVES.

Cause human nature being forgetful — we seem to err on the side of selfish…

Yet it is when we become leaders that this social contract is even more important for us…

Because that is the time we cannot honestly say “I know Not” of my responsibilities…

Because this is the time that we should remember most the Contract with America that is embodied in this “dream” we call the American Dream…

Cause as it stands, article number one says: “To those that a lot is given – a lot is expected from…”

That is what American Exceptionalism is all about…

So all you big bosses, CEOs, and entrepreneurs start hiring. Because it’s in your own self interest and because you can also see the law of unintended consequences playing out here in the dynamics of Game Theory. You Chiefs of industry, Commerce and Banking — you have to start hiring for your own selfish interests alone. As rational economic agents you are — you can clearly see the American Dream’s playing out options unfolding based on our common actions…

Young leaders and start uppers — you go out and start some new businesses and hire workers freely because the signs of the recovery and economic growth are all still here.

It’s a Great Big Awesome Dream…

The American Dream — and we can meet it’s potential.

But like Manifest Destiny — it’s upon us to fulfill the dream.




And just remember my words: Cherish the American Dream.

Cause Dreams are stronger than Contracts.

And this recovery we are coursing on — is still fragile.

Follow this simple Cartesian logic with me:

We need good jobs to blossom…

Because we cannot have recovery through a growing economy without creating new well paying jobs.

Nor can we have well paying jobs without economic recovery.

So do your part: Hire and employ good people to help your selfish interests first and foremost.

That bit about the Social Contract — I forgot to tell:

It’s a rather selfish contract…

It benefits best those who adhere completely to the letter of the word…

You knew that already though…

And the reason why we uphold contracts is clear…

We have a Common Dream – called the American dream….

And we keep it safe from harm.

We protect it from being broken…

Else when we break it…

All hell breaks loose.

Cause when this social contract is torn asunder it become a nightmare.

Same nightmare as when only a tiny minority grows wealthier and wealthier whereas the great majority grows steadily poorer, hopeless and unemployed…

Then our common destiny is fouled… and the future becomes uncertain for all of us.

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