Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 15, 2013

The meaning of Life is … now

According to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 or 47 is the meaning of Life…

Some others myself included — peg it at 69…

Or was it 49, because that was the age of the writer, philosopher, Bon Vivant Douglas Adams when he set out for that big journey to the unknown.

Whatever it was it is a hell of a number come to think of it…

A Pythagorean number perhaps ladden with heavy stuff…

A Fibonachi sequence number full of expectation…

Yet still there was discord about what really was.

Which number meant Life’s Meaning.

One had to be found urgently…

And so our itinerant explorer Lord Carruthers set out across the Galaxy to find just that

Along with his trusted Cyborg, half dog half human and half meditator — all able to address the space radiation with his extra sensory perceptions…

May years or was it moments of deliberation later caused me to arrive at the new meaning of life.

A meaning found without benefit of human conversation with our old friend Douglas Adams who had first pegged it at… 42

Of course we converse with Douglas here and there but through reputable mediums and universal guidance hang outs at the infamous Parisian coffee shop Chez Paradise

Be that as it may…

My New Meaning for Life is

wait for this

drumroll please

The meaning of Life meant to say

the number of the New found Meaning of LIFE

no less








That’s all folks

From now on:

NOW it is.

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