Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 3, 2013

Athens CO2 poisoning makes for a sluggish Oxygen Deprived City. Now the young Eliniko NGO has the solutions

Every society has topics it does not discuss.

These are the issues which challenge its comfortable assumptions about itself…

They are the ones that remind us of our deep-seated weaknesses and wake up all of our hidden nascent fears.

The big issues that make us powerless and rob us of our vitality. The real threats to our well being. The root causes of malaise, cancers, and worse. The real causes of national failure.

The things that break down society and make you morose enough to speed yourself off to meet your maker.

The ill omens that speak of the reasons why so many children suffer acute asthma, auto-immune deficiencies systemic failures, and increased mortality.

The deadly pathogens for the weakest amongst us — the kids and the elderly.

The grand things that scare the living daylights of the medical professionals, because they are too big to grasp your head around it, speak of — let alone handle.

The issues that are so non sensical that cause people to believe in Alien abductions, UFOs, sex with tentacles in spaceships, little green leprechauns, conspiracy theories everywhere, monsters hiding behind every curtain and under each bed, and generally things that threaten people’s mental health and assault the general sanity of the population.

And it is also these same issues that are so oppressive that make the populace powerless to address and thus threatens the quality & continuity of LIFE itself.

The problems so vast that people choose to believe in smoke screens and ludicrous beliefs that are basically mass delusions — all in order to avoid facing the real Demons.

We choose to accept mass Delusions and then we anticipate them as new found realities and in turn this acceptance breeds a degree of comfort.

Sad yet True…

This is the case today with Greece, where most people in the city of Athens [5.5 Million] believe that the contrails of the flying airplanes taking off and landing from the Airport hub, are in reality chem-trails spraying the population. People in all honesty believe that the planes flying above are spraying some chemical agents of some unknown substances that make people plain stupid.

This is the only thing they’ve got so far, and it is the only way they can explain their tiredness, their incapacity to compute and solve problems, and the series of failures, corruption, and the wrong decisions consistently taken by their political class.

People blame their lack of true leadership, and the constant corrosive effects of corruption that the Greek people have to put up with in their daily life — on unknown chemical agents sprayed from up above.

They can thus explain a series of unfortunate incidents, acting like a thousand little cuts that rendered the old heroic country of Greece, a patient in the hands of the cruel German Doctor StrangeLove — Mr Schoible.   Seems that the Greeks today believe that the German policy is to bleed Greece dry, and no amount of resistance is visible. This is or is not the German method and yet the modern Greek feels that their lack of resistance to this onslaught and inexorable death is due to the spraying from up above.

A cruel joke when considering the fate that has resulted in this devastation that the country currently suffers through. Yet this mass delusion of believing that someone is spraying the Athenians from up above — to keep them in a vegetative state — is accepted as reality by 90% of the people of Athens and beyond.

Is this a mass Delusion phenomenon fueled by propaganda?

Or a mass hysteria?

Is this an iimpressive case of mass hysteria running amok, or something else even more sinister?

So these questions got us thinking.

Crowdsourcing the correct answers is an ancient means of divining the truth. And perhaps in the way that this belief is so prevalent in society there is some basis of truth to it’s basic premise: People do not feel well. Essentially all the people of Athens – living in the bowl that constitutes Athens – are susceptible to this extreme malaise.

They do not feel 100% functional. They feel sluggish, incompetent, and a little like the drunk boxer syndrome, unable to take correct decisions. Angry and aggressive, and unable to concentrate on proper thinking. The people of Athens are somewhat out of sorts. making mistakes all day long and not having a good decision making instinct. Losing their bearings and their compass so to speak. Not being able to find true North and failing. Failing in a big way. That much can easily be observed by evaluating the consistently poor decisions of the ruling political classes…

So they believe “Mas Psekazoune” [meaning = They are spraying us]. An amazing assumption of powerlessness from a whole proud people. And maybe it hides some truth in it. People are feeling ill. That much is clear. But the errant belief that the reason for the malaise is aerosol spraying from the skies, like the “Raid” we use for the cockroaches, is an assumption too far…

Because a mass delusion causes us to embrace anti-science positions based on hastily assembled conspiracy theories and the consistent belief that we are being sprayed from Up above — therefore rendering us mentally powerless and conveniently irresponsible for our actions. It is easy then to blame all failures, misery and all manner of exposure to bad decisions, despair and despondency, to those forces outside of us.  You see this as a salvation of sort when you give up your Free Will to forces beyond the pale or the known. Unknowable and unseen these forces operate in the disturbed mentality of mass illusion as a deus ex machina, responsible for all on this earth.  Conveniently allowing us to go on and continue our lives as if nothing can be done. Powerless and full of Cognitive Dissonance we embrace this popular propaganda as a panacea for all that ails us and thus also address all of our various beliefs as simply, irreconcilable. And we can go on taking wrong decisions at will – for ever – and keep smoking to death, or drinking ourselves to oblivion, and whoring our country away… Who cares — It’s not our fault.

Primary among these issues is the mass assumption that we are sprayed on with chemicals from the aeroplanes that are in fact, mood altering and brain numbing substances to make the population docile and obedient.

When in fact all the characteristics the people of Athens describe are consistent with the slow CO2 poisoning. And like the slowly cooking frog, that doesn’t jump out of the pot, the modern day docile Athenians fail to notice the lack of Oxygen because the process became endemic slowly by burning all their forests one by one.

And this burning of the forests was done by Greek entrepreneurial citizens who wanted to built a house in the previously forested lands and enjoy the wasteland…. All this errant behaviour is proof which sinks the cosy assertion, that there need not be a tension between the green Commons of benefit to all, and real estate economic growth.

Because proper scientific measurements tell us that the air of Athens is so oxygen depleted as to be at 20% less than the existing measurements from other well oxygenated cities of similar latitude around the globe. And the key difference is the existence or lack of forests.

You have forests, you have oxygen. No forests – No Oxygen. The morphology of the Attica bowl surrounding the city, further exacerbates the Athens slow CO2 poisoning of the population because it doesn’t allow frequent cleaning of the pungent angry air from the sea breezes unless having been preceded by a Northerly wind to stir the mass of Co2 rich air out toward the sea.

Thus it is truly something wrong with the Greek population’s mentality and brain functioning:  A distinct lack of adequate oxygen in their bloodstream. Oxygen being the primary food for the brain, the mental tiredness and stupidity follow… this lack of the vital gas in the Athenian air.

At a reception in London recently I met an extremely beautiful and wealthy woman, who lives, as most people with similar levels of wealth do, in an almost comically unsustainable fashion: jetting between various homes and resorts in one long turbo-charged holiday. She is the heir of a Greek shipping dynasty whose forebears were rough and tumble shippers. pirates is more like it but after many generations of careful breeding she is a real princess…

When I told her our findings about Athens and what my work is, she responded, “oh I agree, the environment is so important. I’m crazy about recycling.” But the real problem, she explained, was “people breeding too much in poor places like Athens and then all of them using motorcycles and cheap automobiles and thus polluting the air”.

When I told her that birth rates are dropping almost everywhere, and that Athens much like the rest of the world is undergoing a slow demographic transition, she disagreed violently: she has seen, on her endless travels, how many children “all those people have”.

And as so many rich vacuous people in her position do, she was using population as a means of disavowing her own impacts. The issue allowed her to transfer responsibility to other people: people at the opposite end of the economic spectrum. It allowed her to pretend that her shopping and flying and endless refurbishment of multiple homes are not a problem. Recycling and population: these are the amulets people clasp in order not to see the clash between protecting the environment and rising consumption.

Her next question was what can she do about it to protect her home in Athens from the lack of oxygen? Obviously I told her about the oxygen pods where people sleep inside an oxygen rich curved coffin like enclosure where you can have a rich mixture of oxygenated air and thus sleep refreshed…

This seems to have solved her worries and she proceeded to note the name and manufacture of the oxygen sleeping pods so to acquire one for her home in Athens…

Somehow I felt deflated. Because we are always seeking private solutions that further degrade the commons. Because the lack of Oxygen in Athens is because all the forests have been burned down and there is no other way to generate oxygen in a city built inside a bowl surrounded by desertified walls where once forested mountains used to be.

In a similar way, we have managed, with the help of a misleading global accounting system, to overlook one of the gravest impacts of our consumption. This too has allowed us to blame foreigners – particularly poorer foreigners – for the problem.

Unsurprisingly, hardly anyone wants to talk about this, as the only meaningful response is to replant all the forests around Athens immediately as a National priority anda National Emergency response to this ultimate Tragedy of the Commons.

As the author of the book WOOL points out in his dystopian Brave New World, The industrial civilization that befouled the air became possible when there was no self-denial of any kind of luxury. Self-indulgence up to the very limits imposed by hygiene and economics is what destroyed our Atmosphere. And we keep on doing this by burning all the remaining forests and making all lands open for development, fearing that otherwise the wheels of our economy will stop turning — whereas in point of fact, the opposite is true.

The wheels of the current economic system – which depends on perpetual growth for its survival – certainly will improve if the people are healthier and take smart decisions and are turned on sharply to their biological benefit. T

Smart people understand the impossibility of sustaining this system of endless, pointless consumption and of destroying nature at every turn. Because our destroying the Commons is not possible to be understood without the general context of our continued erosion of the living planet and the diminished future prospects of humankind.

Now this is the conversation we will not have, and like my pretty little friend, she would much rather jump in bed for a sport of sex than have this depressing discussion after dinner…

But in my book, considering only our territorial emissions, we make the impacts of our escalating consumption disappear in a puff of black smoke – same like our forests.

Ancient Athens was woodsy and full of healthy trees all the way to Acropolis. And the decline started when the forests were burned down..

And today we have exterminated the very last forests that gave the city the requisite oxygen for the population to survive and perhaps have a chance to thrive at some point in the future…

However by burning up the last forests around Athens, we have offshored the problem, the solutions, and our perceptions of it. It’s always somebody else’s fault.. let alone that our children are dying from asthma.

And now the people of Athens are stupid enough — due to lack of oxygen and the CO2 poisoning — that they believe they are being sprayed from up above…

Seems to me that’s how some major religions get started.

Time to consult my friend Hugh Howey, who wrote the book WOOL and ask his impression of it all.

He thinks it is a sleigh of hand and a magic trick to make a whole population stupid enough to believe this much crap. But they have done it to themselves. Same like the book: They are being sprayed alright – like cockroaches. The Fools…

But at least in a couple of places the Mass Hysteria, Cognitive Dissonance conjuring trick is beginning to attract some attention and the fabric of the magician is tearing apart affording those wishing to see — a clear view of reality…




As evolved humans we know how to claim responsibility and take leadership. To that end I founded an NGO named ELINIKO — — and we started solving the problem through a simple premise: Replace the lost OXYGEN by rebuilding the oxygen generating machines…

The only machine we know of that can produce oxygen for the Commons is the simple life giving tree. A clump of trees can produce oxygen sustainably and economically and it also has millions of other positive side effects leading to virtuous cycles. And how do we scale this up to the levels we need?

We can do this simply by building a forest…

And the NGO we set up is called ELINIKO and is now up and running in Athens Greece and the people are all Rockstars…

With my simple advise they can move mountains:

Think like a maverick, Fight like a gladiator, Love with a humble heart and Die for a cause worth dying for…
In short: Be a “game changer”.

On May 7th the ELINIKO team will hold an open house to share with the community their findings, and their solutions. Join them and hear the root causes of the things nobody wants to talk about in Athens and in the Greek society.

On May 12th, the ELINIKO site will launch a brilliant video animation, neatly sketching out the problem and the solutions. The hope is that by explaining the issue simply and engagingly, this video animation will reach a much bigger audience than articles like the one you are reading can achieve.

On May 24th, the same ELINIKO  organization and the Environmental Parliament – a body that advises governments – will publish a scientific report on how the destroyed forests, the burned out Green Commons, the agricultural grass seasonal burning, the Oxygen depletion within the morphology of the Athens bowl, and the devastating CO2 slow poisoning of the population – due to emissions – are all likely to rise, and how government policy should respond to the issue.

I hope this is the beginning of a conversation we have been avoiding for much too long.

Because after all, how many of us are prepared fully to consider the implications?

Yet am confident that once you understand the implications — You are bound to join up and act.

And here is the old man saying:

Look not to faults of others,
Nor to their omissions and commissions.
But rather look to your own acts,
To what you have done and left undone.

When one looks down on another’s faults,
And is always full of envy,
One’s defilements continually grow;
Far is one from their destruction.

If only you would do what you teach others,
Then, being yourself controlled,
You could control others well.
Truly, self-control is difficult.

You yourself must watch yourself.
You yourself must examine yourself,
And so, self-guarded and mindful,
you will live in happiness.


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