Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 10, 2013

Adversity Anyone?

I was reminded of this little story when I run across the most deserving bit of words the other day.


A couple of years ago…

It was a balmy Spring evening back in New York…

And after an honest day’s work and a good meal at the Amarynth, me and my date — we went walking…

It was a good date with a super girl and we enjoyed our erudite conversation, mind melt, and body chemistry.

We went walking to see ourselves in a better light – so to speak – and try our face sucking skills.

As we were walking onto the Chelsea pier to see the water, the city lights, and enjoy the peaceful views of the river and then ease ourselves towards the inevitable conclusion of all our New York dates: Sex and the City … a strange thing happened.

Truth be told this is New York, and getting laid in a New York minute is what’s all about with the fast crowd of models, actresses, and nubile debutantes.

Yet this was not what this evening promised to be…

Because this girl was serious and while we liked each other load and were already involved in kissing and making out, she asked me a serious curve-ball kinda question — straight out of the blue:

“What  would you ask if God was willing to give you anything You asked for ? “

She is a good woman – pretty girl and all – so I thought she deserves an honest answer.

Just told her my Truth not fearing that she will bolt in her insecurities and ruin a sexy evening, if she didn’t like the answer or the answer didn’t revolve around her. 

So – seriously – I had an about face from latin lover “Pepe la Pieu” cartoon kisser extraordinaire, to stoic Philosopher and King of wisdom and said: “I want to be kind. I want to have a bit more capacity for kindness in my heart. Or maybe a lot more…. That’s it.”

At that point I didn’t care what you can fit in a New York minute, and how to bed the broad, but felt strangely liberated from desire, and righteous, and all that stuff…

So I started staring off into the night … certain of the lonely outcome.

And what she did next surprised me.

Because she looked at me straight with deep felt eyes and asked me to go on… To explain things further…

Right then and there I knew this date was ruined.

And somehow I didn’t care.

I answered her. Yet at the same time I sincerely asked. I prayed in not so many words and not in a prayer fashion…

I asked to be given a Bigger Heart.

I prayed inside of me right then and there on the wooden pier… during my date with an extraordinarily beautiful woman, in the fastest and most secular city on Earth, and I asked the host of all – the Spirit – for a bigger heart.

I remember actually asking for a more Understanding Heart…

Felt utterly amazing. All alone in the world…

Asking for this small thing was a blessing. Little thing You see, but that’s what I wanted.

Because in my mind…

we can all do with a bit more kindness.

And even though I was going to be sleeping alone that night – I wanted her to know this:

My religion is kindness…

Because kindness rules. Kindness everywhere helps. Kindness in thought in talk, in action. Kindness in words and spoken deeds, it creates confidence in the goodness of all mankind.

Kindness in thought creates profound effects all around.

Just exhibit kindness towards yourself and others in thought alone and you’ll see the Diamond Sutra emanating from inside out to your whole being. You’ll be a living breathing diamond…

And then kindness is giving and giving creates love… Right? 

So I reckoned — I got it handled — why not Love the Love?

And then she asked me again:

“So how do you get to be so kind?”

I said that I really don’t know — but Life teaches us how…

And instead of a more serious depth to the conversation, I quoted from the old book of Khalil Gibran my favourite bit I remember when I had to patch my soul crossing the stream of earthly sorrows that visit me every once in a while same as all human beings who feel the tide of humanity and the bonds of love stressed to breaking with Loss:

“The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain…

When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

And in an New York minute everything changed…

And then we kept on walking

holding hands

in silence




And somehow that evening turned out to be OK too….


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